Best wives in the world

Best wives in the world

Who are best wives in the world? The Internet blurs the boundaries between countries. Now you can find a companion or friend on the other part of the world. You can even find love from any country in the world. Therefore, today, we will find out where best wives are found in the world.

Best wives in the world by country


Serbia is a kind of thread connecting Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. For about 500 years, the country was part of the Ottoman Empire. Perhaps that is why Serbian girls are so attractive. The classic European data is combined with exotic notes of Asia is noticeable not only with respect to appearance but also in character.

Girls of Serbia have delicate, fragile beauty, for which their appearance is often called angelic. Possessing subtle features and proportional figures, distinguished by the roundness of forms and soft curves, Serbians skillfully emphasize their virtues with the help of clothing and makeup.

Spectacular appearance complements the character. Emotional Serbian women often show independence and courage, which makes them more unique.

South Korea

South Korea is a prosperous original country, proud of its mineral springs, historical monuments of ancient dynasties, and women, whose beauty has literally conquered the world in recent years. Korean actresses are so popular that only Hollywood stars can compete with them.

Koreans are women of short stature, frail physique, and a melodious voice. When looking at photos of popular personalities, it is difficult to say how old they are.

There is an unusual concept of female beauty. Girls put a minimum amount of decorative cosmetics on their faces, or do not use it at all.  But they use famous services of plastic surgeons, adjusting the shape of the face, lips, and nose in accordance with the standards of beauty adopted in the country. Therefore, most of their beauties look like twins.


The Scandinavian countries are associated with blocks of ice, snow, and spectacular landscapes, while women appear to be snow queens. In reality, Danes are notable for restraint and the absence of excessive emotionality.

If you look at the history of beauty contests or look at collections of famous models, you can be sure that the girls from Denmark have fragile facial features, elegant figures, and a typical European appearance. They are cheerful and funny, and they love outdoor activities, sports, holidays and dancing.

Comparing with other European countries, the women of this country are not as timid about their appearance. They have self-development, education, and career in the first place. Independence and self-confidence make their charm even greater.


If you want to know who makes the best wives in the world, then you should know that Australia is not only about kangaroos and unique nature. This is the country that gave the world incredibly beautiful actresses and models. Australians have a typical European appearance, but there is something special about them that distinguishes them from Europeans. Some they that spontaneity make them special.


Italy is the country of love, beauty, and sun, which occupies a peninsula in the south-central part of Europe. Everything is beautiful there: nature, history, architecture, people, cuisine, and wine. Therefore, every year it is visited by over 50 million tourists. The country is famous for its beaches, pizza, pasta, the atmosphere of ancient streets and beautiful women of all ages. The Italians, even in their 40s, look toned and elegant.

Many years ago, Italy earned the title of the country with the sexiest women. We should remember the unsurpassed Sophia Loren or Monica Bellucci, thanks to whom the fame of the Italian beauties spread throughout the world. By the way, Monica Bellucci still has not lost her rank as an international sex symbol. It’s one of the best country to find a wife.

Italians have a classic European appearance, and they devote a lot of time to sports. They especially like fitness and swimming pool. They love and know how to dress elegantly, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. The standard of beauty in Italy is the hourglass figure, so the streets are full of the fair sex with a very thin waist.


Brazil is the leader in the number of world supermodels. It is unlikely that at least one prestigious model agency could do without a Brazilian girl. Brazilians are a multi-ethnic nation. The blood of different nations flows in their veins. Such a cocktail allowed modern Brazilian women to acquire perfect features, deep skin color, and spectacular body shapes.

A distinctive feature of the country is the diversity of female beauty. For example, it is easy to meet there both a woman with a typically European appearance, and with a typically African. A bright, positive, sexy girl who is not afraid to seem defiant or immodest is a definition of a real Brazilian lady.


Russia has long won the glory of the country where the most beautiful women live. The combination of beautiful appearance, deep inner peace, and femininity made Russians among the most attractive in the eyes of men all over the world. It made Russian dating sites like VictoriyaClub absolutely popular among the men from the USA. An important role is played by the mystery, which was firmly entrenched in Russian beauties many centuries ago. Therefore, the modern fair sex pays a lot of attention to eye makeup in order to be very mystery and charm.


The Philippines is a state located in the vast western part of the Pacific Ocean. Maritime climate, rich flora and fauna, unsurpassed national cuisine and a huge cultural heritage can be found in the Philippines, which occupy about 8 thousand islands.

But the special pride of the Pacific state is beautiful women. The representatives of this country won the five largest international beauty contests. And in 2013, they won three prestigious contests at once.

The secret of this success lies in the combination of signs of several races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Australoid, which makes their appearance not only expressive but attractive in the eyes of a wide circle of people. The exotic appearance of these women emphasizes the classic look, which is familiar to Europeans. Also, a woman from the Philippines is considered by many men as the best wife in the world. Moreover, it is the best country to find a loyal wife. Filipina – a very patient and dedicated wife.

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