Polish Dating App  – Is It Safe to Meet Girls There?

Polish Dating App

Meeting a beautiful Polish lady without leaving your comfort zone is so easy and real in our modern world. Poland has millions of the most beautiful women in the world and you deserve to be partnered with one of them. Their perfect appearance fascinates, and their kind nature pulls men from all over the world into their web of love. Do you want to start dating a Polish girl but don’t plan a trip to Poland? Then read this guide right now.

Polish discrimintion dating app

The modern world of online dating can provide a happy relationship for those who are hungry for love. Have you ever imagined that you could plunge into romantic adventures without even leaving your home? Where to find a Polish bride? How to succeed in dating and be successful while avoiding scams? You came here precisely because fate is preparing a wonderful gift for you – soon you will become the owner of the heart of a beautiful Polish princess! And I, as a dating coach and a love psychologist, will tell you how to take the path of finding your happiness and falling in love once and for all.

Polish Dating Apps: Top of Effective Love-Making Services

The most common way to find love is through online dating apps and dating sites. This option is suitable for those who want to find the perfect bride according to their parameters easily, quickly, and most importantly – on a budget. Modern matchmaking services offer many different features and functions that will make your communication with girls unforgettable. For starters, you should choose the site where you want to start a romantic date. I have prepared for you top six popular dating sites and applications that will not leave you indifferent and will give you love.

🧡 Victoriyaclub.com

Victoriyaclub is a loving platform that starts our top list of the best dating services for a reason. It is a matchmaking site that is also available in its mobile version, which is not far behind the applications. This multifunctional service has been running for 10+ years and has become almost an ideal tool for those who are looking for a serious relationship. Convenient functionality, a lot of opportunities for modern dating, customer support system – these are only a few good advantages of the site. You should try it if you want to be successful with Polish women for marriage.


Loveinchat.com completes our top services, as this site has already helped thousands of men and women find a happy marriage. It has been working on the Internet for 11 years. I will not stop recommending this site to my clients, as it is a professional dating service that offers a real opportunity to find a partner. In addition, this website stands out among others for its security system, concise interface, interesting features, and advanced search. Low costs but effective results are the main features of loveinchat.

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🧡 Badoo

Badoo is probably the most popular and best Polish dating app, where millions of single people are looking for communication and new acquaintances. Just imagine – every day Badoo meets about 300 thousand new users. Registration is open to anyone over the age of 18. After authorization, you will be shown several sections: “People nearby”, “Search”, and “Meeting”. You flip through the photos of the brides and like or reject them, with mutual sympathy it is recommended to start a chat. The application is available in a free version.

🧡 Tinder

This is a mega-popular online marketplace where you can also find a Polish bride. Tinder is available in over 190 countries and is offered in 40 languages. Therefore, here, you can forget about the complexity of the language barrier. This application is an analog of Badu; the principle of use is similar. You register, add a photo and basic information about yourself. Swipe Right – like the girl, if the interest is mutual, then – “It’s a Match!”. Then you start a correspondence with a girl and you start a relationship.


According to statistics, Kismia is included in the list of the top most-used dating apps in Poland. To use the service, you do not need to pay for registration. It is very attractive that the application itself selects options for a suitable partner for you based on the results of a psychological test. There are also paid services, which, for example, allow you to see who likes your profile, who is online, and so on.

🧡 Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss is an unusual dating app for singles all over the world. The service offers chats and communication through the game Spin the Bottle. Just spin the bottle and try your luck! For those who want to have a fun and exciting time and plunge into the world of dating – Kiss Kiss will be an ideal option. You can even play with friends, get to know those who are close and on the other side of the world from you. It’s a great idea to find love in a casual game format!

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How to Get Sympathy on a Free Polish Dating App?

Choosing a dating app or site is only half the battle on the road to building a relationship. Having found a good platform for love, you should think about how to find the right approach to girls and win their sympathy and trust. There are some rules for successful online dating that I am ready to share with you right now.

1️⃣ Register on several dating services

Choose 2-3 popular reliable resources. This way you will increase the chances of a successful acquaintance because in this case, the choice of applicants will expand. Before registering on the site, look at the profiles of girls who are in the top positions there. Pay attention to how and what is written in the profiles of popular young people, and what photos they post.

2️⃣ Study profiles of girls

You should start communication with the girls you like only after a detailed reading of their information about yourself, and viewing photos. So you will know whether a girl suits you or not, and knowing everything about her, you will have more ideas on what topic to start a dialogue with the lady. By profile, you can find out what she likes, what her hobby is, her goals in life, and what she wants to find on a dating site.

how to get a sympathy on Polish dating app?

3️⃣ Take the first steps

This is perhaps one of the most important rules for men who want to get the attention of brides on a dating site. Polish ladies love men who know how to take the initiative and take matters into their own hands. Write to girls first, show reactions that you like them; just don’t overdo it.

4️⃣ Compliment her

Don’t know where to start chatting with a girl? Compliment her, and I’m sure she can’t refuse you. Just let it not be banal words, come up with something special. To do this, carefully consider her photo, maybe she will hook you with interesting things. And besides, there are a lot of examples of beautiful original compliments on the Internet.

5️⃣ Have a sense of humor

Don’t take the situation too seriously, let online dating be a fun romantic adventure or game for you. You can safely joke while talking with girls, this will defuse the situation and make you closer. The girl will see that you are sincere, and you can relax with her. Just keep in mind that jokes are different, and you should think about it so that it does not offend your partner.

Safety Dating: 5 Rules to Avoid Scam On Polish Girl Dating App

Dating online provides all the opportunities to find a soul mate, but it also puts you at risk. Many people have already become victims of scammers. To stay safe when dating online, follow these simple rules.

date safely

✅Do not disclose your geolocation data in correspondence

Do not give out information about where your home or work is located, and do not give out the addresses of friends and relatives.

Why it’s dangerous? If you start a correspondence with a stalker, he can follow you, getting information about your location and the addresses of loved ones.

✅Do not share personal information

Under no circumstances give out your phone number in combination with the card number where your finances are stored.

Why ⁉️ Fraudsters can use this data to steal money from your account.

✅Be careful when sending photos

If you decide to exchange photos with your interlocutor, take them against a neutral background or in a public place. So another user will not be able to calculate your address.

Why ⁉️ Having learned the details about your place of residence, an attacker can fix them. As soon as you mention a vacation or a long business trip in a conversation, a criminal can take advantage of your absence to rob an apartment or cottage.

✅ Do not share your social networks

Do not link to your social media accounts. Keep correspondence on the site where you registered and found an interlocutor, as in this case you can easily interrupt communication and remain incognito.

Why ⁉️ If you provide a link to your accounts, the interlocutor may find out more information than you are ready to provide him, for example, about relatives, place of work or study, and family income level.

✅ Do not use personal or work email

Better get a separate mail – only for the dating site. So you will be calm and will not be in danger.

Why ⁉️ Many users have social media accounts, and virtual offices on public service websites linked to their mail. Having gained access to these resources, fraudsters can steal personal correspondence, financial data, and scanned copies of important documents.


As you can see, without much effort and expense, you can meet a beautiful Polish lady and become her partner for a serious relationship. Dating online is available both on dating sites and in applications. You have an idea about the most popular Polish dating services, so choose what you like best and start your effective and safe search for love.


Which dating app is used in Poland?
As statistics say, the most famous Polish app for dating is Badoo. But it has many doubts from my side. I recommend you use a trusted dating site like, for example, Victoriyaclub or Loveinchat. It has a convenient safety system and rich functionality.
Does Poland use Tinder?
Yes, Tinder takes second place at the top of the most popular apps for dating in Poland. It has millions of users and attracts people from all over the world.
What is the app like fotka?
Fotka is also one of the Polish dating apps, that gives you a chance to find love online. The principle of using it is simple – just register and start meeting girls.
What is the best dating app for Polish people in the UK?
If we talk about the best dating app for people who don’t live in Poland but want to try meeting Polish ladies, it is Badoo. It has great popularity and the possibility of free dating. But a better way to find love effectively and safely is to use a dating site.
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