Russian Girls for Marriage: What is Russian Bride Cost and Where to Find Them? 

Russian brides

Lately we have been observing a new wave and manifestation of increased interest in mail order bride Russian. Their popularity among Western men has increased again. There are many reasons for this, because Russian girls have always been famous for their natural beauty, passion, and ability to seduce any man, as well as their culinary abilities. What else you need to know about them if you have made your choice in favor of Russian girls, read in my full-fledged guide. 

What Is a Russian Woman: Statistics

❤️ Success Rate85%
🌏 Cities to find Russian womenMoscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk
✅ Best dating
👩 Average marriage age 24–29 y.o.
💰 Average Russian order bride prices$3,000 -$15000

Clear evidence that Russian brides for sale are ideal for marriage to foreigners. That is proven with statistical data and some of the following facts:

⚡️The divorce rate

If we are talking about marriage with Russian men, the divorce rate increases significantly and averages 3.5% per 1,000 people. This is all because many of them betray their wives, find mistresses, abuse alcohol and stop paying attention to girls. The divorce rate of Russian bride order marriage with Western men is much lower. The figure is 1.7% per 1,000 people. 

😍 Age for marriage

According to Russian marriage traditions, these women are early birds. Unlike Western women, the average age of marriage in Russia is 22-25. By this period, girls have already finished their studies at university and are thinking about finding a partner and creating a strong family. This age threshold is much lower than in the U.S., where the average age of women ready to put a wedding ring on her finger is 30. 

💁‍♀️ The rate of marriages with Western men

According to the immigration office and Russian bride website, over 1,000 Russian girls received a visa to marry in the United States in 2021. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, this figure has almost halved. But now there is a chance to correct this situation, because, once again, we can fly to other countries without being banned. 

Russian women for marriage are serious about their intentions to create strong families with Western men. Figures confirm their interest. Now all that is left is to take destiny into your own hands and find just the right girl who will be your support and backbone. And here’s how to do it; I’ll tell you next. Continue reading my guide. I will reveal all the secrets very soon. 

russian brides

Russian Mail Bride: The Secret of Popularity

Russian brides know how to surprise Western men. Their inner world and appearance will not let you sleep at night. You will dream about them, invent what will be your first meeting, and your fantasies will absorb you completely. And there really is a reason and justification for this.

👩‍👧‍👧 Kindness and lightheartedness 

Relationships are not always easy. Every family has moments of conflict, arguments, and frustrations with their partner, and that is normal. Only in this way will people learn to forgive each other and build relationships. Slavic brides are no exception. They are very emotional in their statements because they are dependent on their relationship to their partner. 

They believe that their significant other should understand them from the word go, feel their mood and desire. And if this does not happen, they are ready for scandal and claims. But at the same time, they very quickly cool down, and the first to go to a reconciliation. This connection with the partner and understanding of their inner world and state of mind is important for them. 

👩‍❤️‍👨 Family and children – a conscious priority 

Russian brides from childhood dream about family, about being loved, desired and valuable for their partner. By the age of 22, they are ready to start a family and have their first child. A Russian bride is ready for marriage like no other. The percentage of divorces is minimal, but if this happens, the Russian girl will consider it her failure, because she has not coped with her main task – to keep a strong family. 

Natural beauty 

Many European and Western girls are self-sufficient, have a sense of dignity, and do not worry too much about their appearance. For them, the most important thing that clothing is practical and comfortable, they do not like to wear heels and sometimes do not buy new clothes for a few seasons. Russian girls are the opposite of Western women. They are not intimidated by grooming their long hair and shopping for hours in search of a new dress. They do all this so that their partner will admire them. 

Russian Brides in USA: Why They Want to Marry Western Men?

Of course, Russian girls have certain reasons for marrying foreigners. I have studied the information, analyzed the standard of living in Russia, the opportunities for self-realization and the facts about how Russian men treat their wives, and now I can tell you about the reasons. This is why Russian brides are so interested in Western men:

Sincere belief in the idea of the “American Dream”

Many girls from early childhood created in their heads the illusion of a perfect fairy tale and a beautiful love story. They watched American melodramas and believed that there is love like on the screen, and you can find it only with American men. 

Western men are better 

Unfortunately, Russian men are far from ideal spouses. Most often they abuse alcohol, are very lazy and rude. They do not know how to be romantic, do not know how to properly court girls to win their heart. As a result, Russian girls start registering on Russian brides app hoping to meet their perfect husband. They believe so much that they can find true love here, that they will finally be appreciated, that they spend all their free time searching for it. 

Girls are looking for freedom 

Men in Russia are used to being dominant in relationships. They can humiliate their wives, and it is no wonder that the phrase “Hey woman, shut your mouth, no one asked for your opinion” is constantly heard in their houses. This attitude lowers their self-esteem and they feel unwanted. They believe that Western men will give them more freedom, that they will respect their opinions and value their presence, advice, and help. 

They want to escape from the country of restrictions 

Yes, Russia is a country with certain beliefs and a lot of restrictions. Russian girls try to escape, and marriage to a foreigner gives them a chance for a happy and free life. 

Russian brides want stability 

Russia is a country where not every girl can self-realize and get a well-paid job. For many, it is really a problem. Girls want stability; they want care and love. Ladies believe they can find this with Western men. 

As you can see, not everything is about money. Money is not the first reason to look for a husband abroad. Mutual understanding, love and respect are more important for them. That’s why they use Russian bride app in search of their soul mate and reliable partner.

russian brides online

Mail Order Russian Brides: Online & Offline Options For Finding

Russian girls are not only beautiful but also quite adventurous. Every meeting with them will be interesting in its own way. Therefore, it is not surprising that Western men are so eager to get to know them. To win their attention and favor, work hard.

Where to look for her?

Most often, Russian bride order can be found in large Russian cities. Visit local clubs and restaurants in cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk. In most cities, Russians have their own Facebook pages telling about upcoming events – subscribe to them and try your luck at one of these meetings. Dating sites should not be neglected either. Russians are proud of their nationality and do not hide it in their profiles, and their photos there are always gorgeous. 

Still, many men favor online dating. The main reason for using dating apps and sites is their cost. But even though you can save money on buying a bride if you have already found Russian brides for sale, you also get such benefits from online dating.

  • It saves time. If you go to Russia, you will spend a lot of effort and time searching. There is no guarantee that you will be able to find the right girl in a couple of weeks. Online dating gives you the gift of time. 
  • It’s efficient. I found hundreds of happy stories in which Russian brides married foreigners thanks to online dating sites. You can chat with more than one girl at a time. This will help you realize if you are right for each other and if you are ready for a serious relationship together. 
  • It’s cheaper. Of course, you save your money. You only pay for a subscription, which opens up more opportunities for you. But even this financial investment will be much less if you pay for a trip to Russia. 
  • It helps you find a perfect date. Dating sites are ideal for those who want to match a bride mail order Russian according to their preferences. You use a filter and choose certain criteria of looks, preferences, education, age, and more.

💵 Russian Male Order Bride Cost: Offline & Online

Right away, I want to say that if you want to find a Russian bride, realize that you find her, you win her heart, but you do not buy her. You can choose online dating or turn to the second way and try to meet her in Russia. You should realize that the cost of the first and the second ways will be different because of the following points:

  • Buying tickets. The average cost of a two-week trip to Russia, which includes buying tickets and transfer to the hotel, will be about 2 thousand dollars.
  • Accommodation. You should think in advance about where you will live and book a hotel room, rent an apartment or a room in a hostel. Your housing costs will directly depend on the area of the city and on the quality. The average cost of accommodation is $500-$1500. 
  • Meals and entertainment. To meet a girl, you need to visit cafes, restaurants, and clubs. Here, we cannot calculate the full cost. It all depends on your preferences, but you should save at least $1000 for this. 

K1 visa for your fiancée

If you are lucky enough to meet the girl of your dreams who agrees to come to America, you must include the cost of a K-1 visa. The total cost of such a visa is 2200 dollars. This cost includes fees such as: medical examination, fixed fees, Green Card fees. 

Despite this, getting a visa depends on a lot of other facts and this amount may also increase slightly. The requirements include aspects such as:

  • The visa applicant must be a US citizen, unmarried, or officially divorced.
  • The applicant must fall into the minimum income category. This threshold is 125% of the poverty line.
  • The applicant must be dating the girl for a period of up to two years. Therefore, your costs will increase. You need photo proof of your meetings, tickets, and passport stamps from joint trips. 
  • The bride must not have a criminal record, must not be married, must not have severe infectious diseases. To confirm this, you pay a fee for a medical examination. 

If we talk about online dating, your expenses for finding a Russian wife will be much less. 

Russian Bride
Online Cost

Russian Brides Photos, Profiles & Features

How can foreign men meet their love? There is nothing easier than to register on a dating site and start chatting with charming Russian brides. Here are some profiles of these beauties. Just look at how beautiful and hot they are.

Russian bride

Julia, 34

Russian wife

Veronica, 32

Russian baby

Lisa, 30

⭐️ Mail Order Russian Bride: 5 Steps to Win Her 

There are hundreds of dating sites and the result will depend on how you prove yourself on this site. I have selected a useful video for you where you can find more information about it and meet a hot Russian order bride.

But you can also use my tips to make online dating more promising. Just familiarize yourself with them to increase your chances of successfully finding a girl, and not to look like a frivolous daredevil in her eyes.

Post a quality photo

When registering on a dating site, be sure to post a photo. Many users are embarrassed because they came to a dating site. They are afraid that they may be recognized and do not add real photos. Remember that this approach is practically zero opportunity to meet someone.

Use real pics

Only put up photos of yourself. If you are serious about finding Russia brides on a dating site, don’t start by cheating. You shouldn’t retouch your photo beyond recognition. This can lead to a girl falling in love with you fake. 

Fill in your profile

Fill in the information about yourself. You may think that you will tell about yourself during the first dialog. But information about your religion, favorite food or animal is the first step to understanding your partner. 

Be yourself 

You don’t have to make up a new person. Don’t make up extra stuff, but be you. Write the whole truth, where and who you work, what you like to do in your free time. Even if you are unemployed and sing in the evenings in the shower, there will always be someone who will be interested in this. 

Be proactive 

Don’t wait for someone to find you and write to you. Take the initiative. Filter the profiles of Russian mail brides according to your priorities and write to each one. 

This is what dating sites are good for. You have a better chance of meeting true love if you are active, yourself and show attention and care to girls. 

tips to win a Russian Bride

❤️ Real Russian Brides Love Stories

Masha and Steve

Russian marriage

I guess, like everyone else, I thought that dating sites couldn’t lead to a real relationship. I signed up there just for fun. How do I feel now? I am very happy that my desire to have fun led to this result. I found there a Russian bride whom I loved with all my heart. 

Masha is not like everyone else, she is sensitive, caring, reliable. We were married half a year later. It’s the best thing I could have gotten in my life. I feel her, understand her, see how much she loves me and how devoted she is to me. 

Julia and Kevin

couple with Russian bride

Surprisingly, I have nothing bad to say about dating sites. Perhaps my girlfriend Julia is to blame for that. I knew that there are a lot of girls on the sites, but I didn’t believe that post communication would lead to the fact that I would take a vacation and fly to Russia to meet Julia. And then she did the same thing and so we repeated every 2 months. 

This is true love with a person I expect nothing bad from. I believe it is for a long time, that we sincerely love each other. My girlfriend is stunning, she is sexy, she can cook good food. I can see that she will be a good wife and a caring mom. 

Russian Brides Online: Best Dating Sites

If you are looking for love online, but you do not want to be deceived and spend all your free time on correspondence, then you need to register on trusted dating sites. Of course, on the Internet you can find sites for every taste. If you are in search of a Russian bride, you can register on Russian sites. But I recommend you get acquainted with such sites as, and

In the selection, such criteria guided me:

  • Reliability. When registering, the candidate undergoes full verification, which eliminates the likelihood of falling for scammers.
  • Affordability. The minimum number of credits for emailing is 20 credits. If you are interested in live chat, you will pay 2 credits per minute. You need 25 credits to watch a video of the girls.
  • Lots of options. These sites have over 500 profiles of Russian brides who are ready to chat with you. All these girls are real and want to find true love.

🔔 What to Know to Avoid Scam While Order Russian Brides

Of course, many Western men miss their opportunity to meet Russian brides online only because they are afraid of being deceived by scammers. I understand how great your fear and concerns are, so I will share some useful tips with you.

  • Before registering on a dating site, create a new account. This way, you will protect yourself from the possibility that scammers will use your e-mail address to get hold of your data. 
  • Get an additional phone number. If you decide to exchange contact information, but then get disappointed in the person you’re talking to, you can always throw away the phone card. 
  • Communicate and meet only with those who have a real photo in their profile. Add your own personal photos to your profile. Do not start dating with deception.

📌 Expert Opinion

Over 10 years I have been helping men and women to build harmonious relationships and this is not empty words. I am an expert in the field of dating, and my knowledge of female psychology is also based on real experience. If you are in search of love, pay attention to Russian brides. They are sincere, caring, wonderful hostesses and tender wives.


What percentage of mail-order brides stay married?
In fact, the divorce rate is only 30%. This is not a high rate, because more than half of marriages do not break up and couples live happily for many years.
What dating app do Russian girls use?
Many girls create profiles on Tinder, but also do not neglect the services of dating sites. The most popular ones are, and
Can you still get a Russian mail-order bride?
Sure. All you need is to register a profile on a dating site, add your photos, and write a few sentences about yourself. Use the filter, pick a bride, and start communicating.
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