How to break up with a girl?

How to break up with a girl?

If a young man is not happy in a relationship, the question of how to break up with a girl nicely arises. You can break up without causing pain if you act sincerely.

In which case it is necessary to break the relationship with a girl?

To determine that the relationship has ceased to bring joy and has no future, find at least one match among the items on the list:

  1. A different vision of a joint future, life, lifestyle. Men and women grow up in families, where an understanding of the norms of behavior is different. For example, for some, it is acceptable not to express feelings and behave coldly. The same goes for understanding further development. For example, a man insists on moving to another city to look for a well-paid job, and a woman will not agree with this or vice versa. Therefore, if there are disagreements when discussing domestic issues, and no one is ready to compromise, it is worth thinking about breaking up.
  2. Disrespect, provocation, blackmail. When one representative of the couple expresses the opinion that some aspects do not suit, and the other ignores it, then this is a sign of disrespect. The union will not receive further development. People with immature psyche are more often engaged in provocations and blackmail. Try to convince a partner that this behavior is wrong. But if nothing changes, you will have to admit that have no common future.
  3. The aggression of one representative of the couple. The same applies to similar attitudes towards children, elderly parents, and other close people.

If there is at least one sign, think about how to break up with a girl without hurting her.

The sequence of how to properly break up with a girl depends on mutual feelings. If the relationship lasts 2-3 weeks or 3-4 months, the separation will not be difficult, as the partners have not had time to get used to mutual habits. In the case of a long relationship, pay attention to the feelings.

How to break up with a crazy girl?

It is common when a crazy girl has strong feelings for a young man. This is due to increased emotionality and a tendency to idealize a partner.

To do this, follow the sequence:

  • Identify and clearly state the cause. It is better to prepare a complete plan for conducting a dialogue.
  • Choose the right place. It can be a calm and quiet establishment, like a park or square. It is undesirable to choose an apartment, as this will lead to increased aggressiveness. It is easier to restrain the flow of negativity in the presence of other people.
  • Consistently state the points, leaving time for responses.
  • Do not focus on the negative aspects. Talk about the positive qualities of the former lady of the heart. Say that it is your fault.

In order to beautifully part with a nice girl, provide a useful service at last. For example, you can give a ticket to a rock band concert or a certificate to a beauty salon. When making a gift, specify that this is a gesture of friendliness, but not a hint of the possibility of continuation.

How to break up with a girl you love?

There are situations in which a man has strong feelings, but does not receive reciprocity for a girl. This brings disappointment to each side. The representative of the stronger sex feels his own weakness, which depresses him. And a fragile woman may feel an onslaught she cannot resist.

As a result, one is depressed and persistent, and the other is frightened. Therefore, you need to know how to part with your beloved without causing harm:

  • First, try to put yourself in her place. A wise man understands that it is impossible to achieve a girl by constantly pressing her.
  • Secondly, think about the torment of a girl who agrees to spend time with an uninteresting person out of generosity.
  • Finally, think about yourself. Humiliation and condescension are not those feelings that are worthy of the representative of the stronger sex.

How to break up with a girl over text?

Modern society is imbued with the threads of electronic social networks, mobile phones, and communication at any distance is not a problem. Online correspondence sometimes exceeds real because of availability and convenience. Contactless information exchange facilitates many tasks that required personal presence before.

Breaking up over text is the easiest, but not always the effective way. If you know each other for a small amount of time and have not had time to get used to each other, then there will be no problems. But you will look like a coward in the eyes of the girl.

You should write a single, large, comprehensive, and competent message. It has to be deprived of grammatical errors, verbal inaccuracies, and omissions. After reading this, the girl should not have any questions.

You will not be able to change the sent message. Therefore, carefully select words and calculate possible questions by answering them in advance. Accuracy and clarity are what you need.

What not to do when parting?

To understand how to part with your girlfriend after a long relationship, without causing additional suffering, you should avoid situations that will aggravate the depressed state:

  • Do not interfere with parents and relatives. Do not try to talk about situations where close people confirmed the negative qualities of the young person behind her back. Speaking badly about them in her presence is also wrong.
  • Accusations are not the best way to talk about breaking up. This will provoke her and turn the conversation into a scandal because surely there will be mutual reproaches and insults.
  • Do not give hope for a return. Sometimes situations when the conversation about parting turns into a passion occur. But they are perceived by men and women differently. The first ones are sure that this way will help to finish everything. And the second ones are convinced that this is a sign that a story may continue. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, stay within the limits of decency, and do not move to a closer level of relations.