11 Worst First Date Ideas: How to Avoid a Romantic Failure?

worst dating ideas

First dates are weird, no doubt! They are clumsy and nervous, and of course, both men and women are always worrying about how things will go. Read on how to stop anxiety if you can not do it by yourself. The first date is always accompanied by some discomfort. Being embarrassed, the couple may not know how to fill in the gaps and how to behave. So if you are going on your first date, we’ve got some tips on how not to mess it up and avoid the first date worst ideas.

The best way to avoid bad dates is to come up with an idea that really shows your personality and provides a comfortable state for you and your partner.

Planning a first date can be a real headache. Everyone wants to find a neutral environment and impress their partner. In addition, the place for a date should not cause discomfort for both.

Getting too creative with a first date is a way to make someone feel uncomfortable. We hope that after reading our article, all your future dates from the dating site will go as smoothly as possible! The main thing is positive thinking.

Best and Worst First Date Ideas

When planning a date (especially if it is the first one), we usually rely on only the most romantic ideas and want to make this date perfect. This is a great opportunity to get to know the person you like better and present yourself only in the most favorable light. Depending on where you’re going to go, your date can either get very romantic or very boring. Read on to make your first date as successful as possible.

1. Fast food restaurant

If you still haven’t decided where to meet on your first date, don’t even think about fast-food restaurants. Despite the fact that the food in your favorite cafe is always excellent, you should not do this just by getting to know each other. If everything goes well, you will have many opportunities to visit this place. Now your task is to make your partner feel special. It is not necessary to combine the first date and the meal. Love is not the case when you need to use every second effectively.

Whats the worst place for a first date?

2. Speed ​​date at the coffee shop

What is a bad first date? A coffee date is not actually a good option. Such hasty dates rarely end well. You will learn almost nothing about each other, and this will definitely not be a romantic meeting. Busy people sometimes choose this option, but it’s still better to forget about business or work for a while and spend the whole evening with someone you are interested in.

3. Bar which you regularly visit

What are the worst date ideas? If you’re seriously considering a local bar where you often hang out, mind – it is a bad idea. Everyone knows you there: from the bartender to casual visitors. If the partner is familiar with the basics of psychology, they will immediately figure out everything. You call them there because you don’t feel like leaving your comfort zone. There you feel at ease. But will they feel the same way, being under the gun of dozens of eyes? Think about whether they will like it every time you become distracted by conversations with your acquaintances or simple greetings.

4. Meeting with relatives

Another bad idea calls a meeting with relatives. Think about how your partner can get tired of the intrusive questions of a nosy aunt. Don’t force your potential soulmate to be in the crosshairs of your parents. Surely they will not be able to hide their judging views. The first date is just for the two of you.

best and worst first date ideas

5. Fitness room or dance class

What’s the worst place for a first date? You should not invite your partner to the gym on the first date. Some people are so passionate about sports or dancing that they can’t have a day without going to the gym or dance class. Think about the fact that there you will have to get to know each other better in the sports gym where other people could be. Also, we dare to assure you that your partner will definitely appreciate your physical form, even if you are wearing clothes.

first date worst ideas

6. Your birthday party

What should you not do on a first date? Don’t invite someone you barely know to your birthday party and play it up as a first date. There will be too many friends, relatives, and good acquaintances around you this evening. Each of them will want to talk with you, so your partner will not have much time and effort left. It is inappropriate to leave them surrounded by unfamiliar people. In addition, some of your former passions who will want to present you in an unfavorable light may be present during the holiday.

7. A walk to the cinema

For some reason, many people think that going to the movies on a first date is a great idea. But it’s not! That’s why:

  • You will not talk to each other for at least two hours (unless, of course, you are one of those people who like to chat during a movie show);
  • You don’t know yet what kind of films your partner likes, and therefore you are unlikely to guess the choice of a movie.

You will also have to solve some delicate issues. Is it possible to take a partner by the hand? Should you kiss them? And so on. It is better to arrange a romantic evening watching movies on the fifth or sixth date. Then it will definitely be interesting for the two of you when you get to know each other better.

Here are some of the best first date ideas for you.

1. One-day trip

Not the most popular, but, in our opinion, a noteworthy option. There are small excursions without an overnight stay in every city, so choosing the most interesting route for two is not difficult. It is informative, interesting, and relieves stress. A date on an excursion will help you see how your partner behaves with other people, whether they know how to support you in unforeseen situations, and what they are interested in.

2. Adventure in the quest room

It only at first glance seems that such a date is suitable only for young people. But this is not the right opinion. After all, quests are on a variety of topics, intellectual, gaming, and theatrical. A conditional bank robbery, for example, can be carried out at any age. Plus, you will have a lot of time to chat and hug while taking various labyrinths and riddles.

3. Mini picnic in the park

This choice of date connects with nature, but also with good weather. It is suitable only for the warm season. A mini picnic in a city park is a good way to “get away from the crowd” and chat about everything. Gather a basket of different foods and don’t forget dessert. Buy a kit and put it together.

best and worst first date ideas

4. Walk around the city

Hiking is the safest choice, ideal for young people and couples looking to get out of loneliness in retirement. Such a date is convenient because it is easy to scale it up: go to a coffee shop or cafe along the way. By making an appointment in a crowded park, on the embankment, or at the fountain, you risk nothing and can leave at any convenient moment if something goes wrong.

Final Word

The first date is an important meeting for a possible future love couple. Before it, people have some excitement. For a date to go well, you need to plan ahead and prepare for the meeting. As you can see, there can be many ideas for dates, but not all of them are suitable for a first meeting. We hope this article helped you choose the right idea for this important occasion. Be sure it will be successful!

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3 thoughts on “11 Worst First Date Ideas: How to Avoid a Romantic Failure?

  1. Nice post, guys) I also remember one of such worst dates when a man invited me to his birthday party. We hardly even knew each other and I felt terrible when everybody who passed me by that evening asked “Are you Tom’s new girlfriend?” or “Where is Anna?” I am sure such parties are the worst idea for the first date. Some men should apply more effort to impress the girl.

  2. I have a few funny stories about the first date but it is now when I laugh, at that time it was not funny at all. Just imagine how the girl who I knew poorly, introduced me to her parents as a future husband. It was crazy, I swear. I think that meeting with relatives is the worst idea for the first date.

  3. Wow))) perhaps I am the “luckiest person” in the whole world as I had all the worst dates you listed here. Fortunately, now I have a cool boyfriend and he arranges just awesome dates that every girl is dreaming about. I wish every woman meet such a superhero!

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