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how to french kiss

French kiss: what is it? The most characteristic designation for it is unforgettable. In particular, if you perform it competently, then it will completely turn into a real extravaganza. The French kiss is very specific. It can cause a lot of misunderstandings and at the same time kindle the fire of passion as much as possible, bringing two people in love closer together. If you’re wondering how to french kiss a girl or a boy, our article is exactly for you. Here you will find useful instructions and tips to learn how to french kiss.

What are the Benefits of French Kissing? 

The emotional benefits are the most obvious: to express love, to calm down, to relax in your favorite hugs … A kiss triggers biochemical reactions that reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) and at the same time increase the production of oxytocin. So if you are sad, tired, or nervous, kiss urgently.

Kissing lowers blood pressure and relieves headaches. The heart contracts more often, blood vessels expand, and blood flow and blood supply to all organs and systems improve.

It is also a way to prolong youth. An energetic kiss works a lot of facial muscles, as a result, the neck and chin are tightened and 8 to 16 calories are burned. How to french kiss someone? Read the article to master your skills.

How to Prepare for a French Kiss to Make It Perfect?

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a kiss before you read our “how to french kiss tutorial”:

  • Soft lips
  • Fresh breath
  • Choose the right moment
  • Eye contact
  • Smile
  • Touch is important
how to french kiss a woman well

Soft lips

Soft, fresh, full-blooded lips are much more attractive and sexy than dry and chapped ones. Use hygienic lipstick (you can taste it!) half an hour before the kiss, drink plenty of fluids, especially water, and in case of emergency – quickly lick your lips! You probably know about the last trick.

Fresh breath

Before kissing, rinse your mouth with water or use mint gum to keep your breath fresh and pleasant. Avoid foods that leave “strong traces of smell and taste”: garlic, coffee, onions, and milk. You know how it muffles the passion.

Choose the right moment

How to french kiss someone for the first time? The right kiss is always timely. Make sure you are alone with your partner and both are in the mood for intimacy. For example, it could be when you are watching a movie together. Read our article with the top 7 movies to choose for a romantic date. It will help you with choosing the best film.

Eye contact

Look deeply into your partner’s eyes, then slowly move your gaze to the lips, expressing interest in them. The man will feel it! But directly during the kiss, it will be more pleasant to close your eyes and completely surrender to the experience.


How to french kiss like a professional? The most important rule is to remove gloominess and seriousness! A kiss is not an exam or a strict interview. Add flirting, lightness, and charm to what is happening. You can start kissing without penetration so that no one resists.

Touch is important

To remove the likely awkwardness, lightly touch the person: gently touch the shoulder, casually touch the hip or arm. Show your indifference. Then the path to the lips is not far! The main thing is not to freeze. Keep moving towards each other, closing the distance, but remember about your personal space!

By the way, how do you think, should you kiss on the first date even if you feel like doing this? It depends on many factors. Still, if you decide to do it, then follow simple instructions from experts. 

how to french kiss a girl for first time

How to Kiss Properly: How to French Kiss Instructions

You can watch how to french kiss step by step video, but also mind a few tips from experts.  In the art of kissing, as in other matters of love, there can be no hard and fast rules. But if you still need a step-by-step instruction from which you can push off, then here it is. How to french kiss a girl or a boy for the first time?

  1. Close your eyes, open your lips a little, and, to begin with, lightly touch the lips of your partner or partner.
  2. Enjoy this first moment of intimacy by lightly sucking on each other’s lips. Gently but firmly increase the pressure.
  3. How to french kiss a guy well? If you are a girl, you can use this piece of advice. When you realize that your partner already got the taste of a kiss you can use your tongue. First, slip a little into your mouth, tease with the tip of your tongue, and touch the palate. If the reaction is positive, continue more confidently.
  4. Pass on the initiative. In the process of kissing, move your tongue back a little and let the other person do what they like. And then attack again.
  5. Don’t go too far. It is undesirable to stick the tongue up to the throat. And why? The oral cavity is a continuous erogenous zone, and therefore a fertile field for experiments.
  6. How to french kiss better? Use your hands. A kiss is not only touching lips and penetrating tongues. Romantic touches are a sin to underestimate. When kissing, stroke your partner’s body, for example, by placing your hands on your hips and hair. This will enhance the pleasant sensations!

How to French Kiss With Tongue? 

We’ll tell you about this in more detail here. Be confident. First, touch your partner’s lips, and then stretch your tongue towards the partner’s tongue. As soon as they meet, you can feel your blood pressure jump, your heart starts pounding, and your palms sweat. Playing with each other with the tips of your tongues, you will certainly have the feeling that your souls merge into one. This is the magic of the French kiss!

How ​​to french kiss step by step with pictures?

How to french kiss a girl or boy with a tongue? Despite how overwhelming the euphoria is, do not forget about delicacy and caution. Statistically, most people french kiss badly and cause their partner immense discomfort. For example, some stick their tongue out so far that it makes it difficult for their partner to breathe. Remember, many are too shy to point out such mistakes to their soulmate, and try to silently endure all the inconveniences. Therefore, it is better to control yourself and try not to overdo it.

How intensively should you use your tongue? How to french kiss a woman or man well? Intensity is best kept to a minimum, especially in the beginning. You should start with short tender kisses, very smoothly and gradually move on to passionate and deep French ones. Do not try to stick your tongue deep into your partner’s throat, because this will cause them nothing but a lack of air and gag reflexes. Be gentle and careful, then you will succeed at the highest level!

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