14 Married Couples Dating Ideas. Awesome dating ideas for married couples

Married Couples Dating Ideas

For how many years are you married? Do you remember when the last time you had a date night with your spouse was? Unfortunately, many couples stop dating after marriage. However, married couples need regular date nights more than anyone else. Often, spouses get too busy with the routine tasks that they forget about the need to strengthen their connection and focus on one another. With the help of the dating ideas for married couples that we have gathered together in this article, you can make wonderful memories together.

Couples Dating Ideas

Have a second “first date”

Your first date should be one of the most romantic memories that you have ever had. So, why don’t you repeat it once again? Go to the place where you met for the first time, order the same drinks, and you can even put on the same or similar clothes that you wore back then. You may even try some roleplaying and pretend to be strangers who meet for the first time in their life.

By the way, check this article for how long between the first and second date.

Relive your wedding

Your wedding is a special event that you will always remember. It’s one of the happiest moments in your life together. One of the sweetest dating ideas for married couples is spending some time together reminiscing about your wedding and what your marriage has grown to become. You can watch your wedding video, pull out the wedding photo album, listen to the song associated with your couple, and dance to it. 

Create a list of goals 

Creating such lists can do wonders for marriages. It can include everything – from something very simple to the big dreams that you and your spouse have. This may not be the funniest activity to do together but it gets you thinking more deeply about your relationship. 

Plan an AirBnb staycation

You can have an amazing date outside your home even if you don’t travel the world. There are plenty of AirBnb locations that you can find in your hometown. However, sometimes it’s necessary to change the scenery and renting a different space to stay for a couple of days is vital. 

Married couples know there is a special vibe between spouses when you are on vacation. If you relocate for some time, you can breathe new life into your relationship. 

Coffee & conversation

coffee dating

Sometimes the simplest activities are the best. Going out to a coffee shop can be an amazing activity for a married couple. It’s the best date night idea when you can put your focus on the beloved person and simply sit, talk, and sip your favorite drink. There are plenty of other benefits of going out to a cafe with your spouse. You may feel like you are dating again.

Have a midnight picnic

Planning a midnight picnic is one of the preferred dating ideas for married couples. You can invite your spouse for a picnic in the backyard, pick some wine if it’s chilly out, bring a blanket and your favorite treats. Then, if it’s winter and snowing outside, you can have a fun date inside your space. The time you spend together and the memories you share are the most valuable things a married couple can share. 

Get a couples massage

Get a couples massage whenever you leave for a trip with your spouse. Even if you do not go anywhere, you can get a couples massage in your hometown. See the options local to you. It’s likely that spa and wellness centers nearby are also offering this service. It’s incredibly relaxing and sets the tone for a laidback, happy date night to come. 

Get your favorite music and liquors

wine date

Here comes another dating idea for married couples that you can enjoy without leaving your space. Simply make sure that you have everything that you need before the date night begins. Pick your favorite liquors, find your preferred romantic playlist, and take care of including songs that are meaningful to your couple. Grab some snacks that both of you enjoy. Then, when the night comes, light the candles. Pour the drinks. Turn on the tunes. Hold each other close.

Watch movies together

It’s one of the most classic dating ideas for married couples. Still, it’s what many of us enjoy doing.


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There are lots of movies that are best suited for being viewed in a couple with your beloved person. So get some popcorn and get straight to watching. Put your smartphone aside and enjoy every moment you spend together. 

Go to the fanciest local restaurant 

If you want to spend a really special evening together with your spouse, consider enjoying a nice dinner out together. Instead of going to some usual dinner spots, opt for one of the fanciest restaurants in your area. Choose the most popular place where you need to make reservations in advance. Then, turn it into your little adventure. 

Try something absolutely new for both of you 

There are likely plenty of things that you and your spouse haven’t tried yet. So, why don’t you try something new? Choose something that appeals to both of you. If you are adventurous, pick a bike and roll off into the sunset. Some other ideas that you can try include hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, geocaching, etc. 

Enjoy takeout 

If going out to the restaurant is not what you want to do on the night date, you can order food from your favorite restaurant and have dinner in a romantic atmosphere at home. Light candles, turn on your favorite music and stay close to each other. You will likely enjoy the meal more than you would in your favorite restaurant. 

Play board games

Do you remember the last time when you had a game night with your spouse? Grab your favorite board game, open your favorite bottle of wine, and let the competition begin. You will have a lot of laughs together. It’s the evening that both of you will remember. 

Stay in bed all weekend

Even the busiest couples should find time to actually be with each other. So leave kids with babysitters, stop thinking about the tasks you left at work, and spend some time simply playing with your spouse. It may be one of the best dates that you have had over the last few years. 

Don’t leave the bed all weekend long. Instead, get creative with your stay-in-bed activity. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy romance and intimacy. It’s also a great chance to be lazy, relax, laugh, and play.

Bottom Line

Сouples shouldn’t stop dating after they get married.  There are plenty of dating ideas that spouses will enjoy while simply staying next to each other. You may go out or find something cool to do at home. You can make a tasty dinner or order a takeaway. Do not forget about doing the things you enjoyed when you only started to date. Also, invite your spouse to try something new. It may be a new activity, kind of sport, etc. Surprisingly, you may have the best late-night date when you simply go to the coffee shop or turn on a classic movie at home.

Try some married couples dating activities from the list above. Then, enjoy the time you spend with your love!

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