Signs your marriage is over for women

Signs your marriage is over for women

How beautiful is the relationship at the beginning! Two people start seeking not only to know each other but also to give all the good things that they have to each other. Bright feelings, fireworks of emotions, love for each other follow their relationship. Many couples, on the background of a relationship that has begun, strive to get married as quickly as possible, not realizing that family life is a huge everyday work. And just putting a lot of effort to ensure that the relationship between the spouses remained as strong as at the beginning of the relationship, you can live for many years together.

Sometimes in marriage, you have to give in to each other, to sacrifice yourself for the sake of a loved one. Only a few couples cope with this task. It is only important to be able to predict the development of relations, so that family happiness is not endangered.

The break in the marriage is rarely planned and premeditated. However, when it comes to the actual termination of a relationship with a loved one, many women experience a real shock. For the men themselves, as a rule, the separation is natural, and several signs precede it.

But women often do not pay enough attention to the changed behavior of their partner and consider it to be temporary. A woman does not want to believe that a man has fallen out of love with her and does not want to communicate with her anymore. Therefore, when a break in relations has occurred, many women think that this happened at the behest of suddenly arisen circumstances. However, they just need to pay attention to the behavior of men.

Moreover, almost no man declares to his wife the intention to leave her but simply leaves. A number of signs will show you that a man wants to part with you. These signs will differ in some way, depending on whether you are a lawful wife or just a girlfriend.

Signs of break up

In a situation where a woman is a wife, she should analyze such changes in her husband’s behavior in more detail. Usually, a man begins to talk regularly about the need for a woman to change. He expresses dissatisfaction with her character, and with what she does.

Too picky

The second sign that the husband wants to get away from you is too picky and clear emphasis even on the slightest problem. Naturally, a woman wonders at the same time how it was possible to find solutions to even more significant issues in the family earlier.

But the man is enraged even by such things that he had never paid any attention to before. A man will try to make a real catastrophe out of every problem as if explicitly looking for a convenient reason for parting. If at the same time, you become aware that the husband has a mistress, then the situation will almost wholly end with a break.

Even if you knew about the husband’s connection with other women before, and he still continued to live with you, then usually in such situations, the man ceases to hide the fact of cheating and frankly neglects you. If a man does not seek to keep his cheating in secret, then consider that the break has already occurred.

If you do not have evidence of cheating and cannot blame your husband for communicating with other women, then systematic accusations can say about the imminent end of relationships. In this case, the husband wants to make you guilty of all his troubles and misfortunes. You can hear such accusations from him that it was your fault that he couldn’t make a career as he would have liked.


A husband can make claims about your appearance. He is no longer satisfied with the image that he had seen before in front of him. At the same time, he may focus your attention on the fact that you allegedly overeat. In other words, you and what you are doing do not suit him.

He can also say that he is anxious that he cannot give you what you would like. Many women in such situations begin to console a man, meaning that they love their chosen one by anyone.

But the point here is not in the good intentions and high moral qualities of such a man. He is looking for a reason to break up with you, but he does not want to feel the guilt that he hurt you.

Nothing new happens

Sex becomes habitual, and real passion and impatience disappear from it. In this case, the man is not in a hurry to somehow save the situation and is not concerned about this. Also, a man may begin to talk about other women. You can hear from him that new, beautiful, young and slim employees have appeared at work. And he recommends you to go to the gym or visit the hairdresser.

He does not admit that his mistakes

If he categorically denies his guilt, then he simply evades responsibility. And he tries to find and emphasize your shortcomings.

He blames you

If you ask him anything, he literally explodes and shouts at you. In a happy marriage, people do not behave this way. The failure of small problems leads to the fact that the negative inevitably accumulate, and at one point, there is a quarrel, which can be compared with a catastrophe. As a rule, partners in such conflicts do not hear each other and never find solutions to problems.

He is negative

He gives up everything you offer. When a negative pervades a relationship, he sees everything in the wrong way. Even the most positive of your actions will be understood as something terrible.

He does not want to change anything

If he no longer wants to correct the problems that your relationship has encountered, this indicates that he is tired of them and no longer hopes to bring them back to their former course.

The poor state of health during quarrels

As a rule, it manifests itself directly during conflicts. In particular, the pulse may increase, he may feel headaches, and pressure will change. All these indicate that the physical forces of a person are running out, and the negative things are ready to leave the person at any moment.

Fixing on negative memories leads to the fact that the insult to a partner who does not suspect anything accumulates and then develops into a terrible reaction to the actions of the spouse. In this case, it is always better to talk with your partner and discuss the issues that torment you.