What to wear on a first date

What to wear on a first date

An old proverb suggests us not to judge the book by its cover. Well, there is a grain of truth in it because we must pay attention to the actions of the person as very often real rascals look perfect. But let’s be honest, nobody will be eager to discover your inner world if you look like a homeless untidy person. Good looks matter a lot. And you will never get a second chance to produce a first impression.  That’s why everything must be beautiful about you: thoughts, actions, words, and outfit.

We cannot make your mind beautiful but we will teach you how to make a positive first impression and what to wear on a first date. You will find all the answers in our article. Go ahead!

What to wear on a first date for guys?

Despite the fact that the word of high fashion is full of man designers, in everyday life there are not so many guys who can say the difference between Derby and Oxford shoes or choose a proper matching tie to his shirt. Dressing well is an art that you must learn. Surely, you may have an inborn feeling of a good taste, though you still need to practice and study fashion trends.

Here are some useful tips on what to wear on a first date for men:

  1. Always remember that the main thing is to look stylish instead of looking just fashionable. Indeed, if you are a bit overweight, you should never ever wear even the most fashionable tight slim-cut t-shirt unless you want to show your beer belly.
  2. Be well-groomed and neat. Such things as a good haircut, well-groomed beard or clean-shaved face, manicure, fresh look, clean ironed things are obligatory!
  3. You should think about the place of the meeting in advance because your outfit depends on it. If it’s a walk, you need to dress for the elements. Choose sport or casual style and wear comfortable matching shoes. If it is a restaurant or theater, the outfit must be a bit more elegant, classic or smart casual style.

The most common place for a date is an inexpensive café. There are a lot of different people here, so it will not be difficult to stand out in a good way. But you should not overdo it either. You will look ridiculous in an expensive suit of a famous brand. It is better to wear dark jeans and a light jumper. Special attention should be paid to shoes. Regardless of the price, the shoes must be clean, so, it will be good to have a sponge with you.

  1. As for the perfume, it is not necessary to pour on you a half of the bottle. The aroma must be very slight and pleasant. And remember that perfume must be applied only on a clean body and clothes. You should smell with cleanliness and freshness. It is important.

Other tips:

  1. Do not wear black clothes or too bright ones, there mustn’t be anything extravagant.  After all, you have a first date, so do not wear mourning black, okay? Bright colors, for example, red or bright orange, will distract your interlocutor or even worse, irritate her. Recommended colors are dark blue, beige, brown, and white. Not recommended: black, radiant orange, bright green, red. Colors for bold and confident are: dark green, burgundy, dark purple.
  2. Just remember, it’s not what you are wearing but how you are wearing it. If you have never worn a classic business suit, you should not wear it on a first date. Believe me, it is obvious at a first glance if the man wears a suit and formal shoes or not. The first date is not a field for experiments in clothes, so you should follow these tips for a man who is going to meet with a lady.

But not only men need some help in choosing a proper outfit for a date. Girls often have their issues when they prepare for a first date, trying to look stunning.

What to wear on a first date for girls?

To understand what to wear on a first date consider what the guy will think about you if you wear this or that. Wear something that is not vulgar but at the same time not too modest. Let he has a chance to think what is under the clothes instead of showing everything at once. You have to look attractive, but at the same time a little elusive as a really decent girl. Pick up also such clothes which will be pleasant for you and which will not distract you from communication with the guy.

What to wear on a first date women tips are the following:

  1. Don’t overdo. You should not wear anything that can be seen as “too much”! Your outfit should not be too short or floor-length, too tight or too shapeless, too provocative or too modest. No extremes! This rule also relates to the makeup and perfume. Note! Men like natural looks (but we all know how much it costs us to be this “natural”).
  2. Win-win option is a nude makeup. You should be careful with bright, shimmering black eye shadows and eyeliners. It is better not to try something extraordinary new, especially with a new make-up artist. The same rule must be applied to the hairdresser: your first date is not a platform for experiments.
  3. Wear tested items of clothes. It is necessary to choose for a date the outfit that will add you confidence and make you feel beautiful. Remember that a first date is always exciting. And since a true woman will always find a lot of reasons for anxiety, then at least the clothes should not cause worries. On a date, you need to listen carefully to your chosen one and enjoy communication, and not to think about how the new dress looks. You never know how recently bought and not tested thing will work in the real life, how comfortable a new pair of shoes will be. Such things as sore feet, wounded or “creating a restless creak” gait, a grimace of suffering on the face may not prevent a great pure love, but the evening will be spoiled for sure.

The main advice that should be given to both men and women is that regardless of what you wear, remember to be yourself. A nice outfit will never change you forever, so do not create a fake impression of your personality.