Signs your marriage is over for men

Signs your marriage is over for men

It is possible to determine that the beloved wife lost interest in you, and therefore the relations in a couple are close to the parting. Therefore, it is very important to observe women’s behavior and body language, which can say much more than words.

Many believe that the representatives of the fair sex are more committed to their partner. However, women can fall out of love. You should think about divorce in such cases:

  • she has ceased to delight with delicious dishes, does not try to look attractive, dresses up only for walks and meetings with friends;
  • she has no desire to talk to you; she does not call you at work, does not send SMS-messages and is no longer interested in your affairs;
  • the slightest mistake from you causes a storm of negative emotions in her, when talking to you she becomes merely unbearable.

Reduction of care and attention from the partner

If earlier, the girl constantly hugged, kissed, showed concern to the man in a variety of things, and now she tries to avoid close contacts, indifference appears to the partner, then it is a sign that she wants to end the marriage. She starts paying less attention to you. The girl begins to avoid spending time together. She loses interest in joint walks, conversations, and movies watching. She no longer wants to be close to her man.

Male habits begin to annoy her

The daily habits of men that had not been noticed before become an annoying factor. Even trivial things, such as his food intake, or the way he dresses, can become very irritating and disliking. The number of annoying traits in the character of men will only increase over time. The girl will notice his faults in everything, especially without choosing the right words and expressions in her statements, which will cause quarrels and conflicts. A wife may not show interest in the life of her husband; moreover, she can behave rudely and selfishly. Psychologists warn men that in this case, a woman is not afraid of losing her spouse.

Respect disappears

Respect is essential in the relationship between a man and a woman. If a woman stops respecting her man, then this is a clear sign that he is not important and valuable for her anymore. She has no desire to consult with a man and to take any decisions together.

She loses sexual desire

Sexual attraction to someone is one of the main signs of interest in a person. If a partner is trying with all her might to avoid intimacy, looking for ridiculous pretexts every time, then this is a very significant signal that she no longer wants sex with her man. His touch will cause rejection and removal. After all, there is no desire for intimacy with a man with whom she has already broken up in her thoughts.

Lack of interest in her appearance

The next sign is that a girl may stop paying attention to her appearance. She may not want to look beautiful in front of her man, look after herself and take care of herself. Some apathy may appear. Moreover, the desire to put some impact in your relationships may disappear.

Reluctance to respond to messages

The girl may experience discomfort and emotions in cases of messages and calls from the once beloved man. She may not want to answer them. Even such words: “How are you doing?” may be irritating to her. The initiative to make some calls or write some messages almost completely disappears, and she will call only if something extraordinary happens.

Moreover, if a girlfriend flirts openly with other men, comparing her partner with them, then this is a clear signal about cooling her feelings towards him.

Should I return my spouse?

There are situations when the most important thing in a person’s life can be lost forever. The reason for this can be a betrayal that hurts and hurts the heart so much that it closes merely itself from all feelings. Let’s hope that this is not your case.

It is not so easy to decide what to do in this situation as it may seem at first glance. It depends on many reasons. First of all, you need to calm down and take time out. Just weigh all the pros and cons to understand the feelings to your wife. If you think that you can afford to return the former love and the game is worth the trouble, then you will have to be patient and resort to many ways to diversify your family life.

Again, explore the preferences of the spouse, try to learn to anticipate her desires. One side is the microclimate in the family, which was formed against the background of your constant scandals. All people have habits and features that they cannot change. However, do not be afraid to show your beloved woman that you can take responsibility for solving life problems. Do not blame her for making mistakes. Learn to forgive each other, because only in this case you can re-deserve the love of your wife. If the wife gets rid of past offenses, then you will wake up the love in her again.

It is clear that children suffer from this even more than you do. In some cases, it is better to break the relationship so that the children live in a relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, everyone has the right to choose. It happens that time itself puts everything in its place.

Letting the wife decide how to get out of the situation is a step worthy of a strong man. Maybe after some time, she will return to the family, realizing that she was wrong about you or will be happy in other respects, and you will only benefit from it. There is no definite answer. The best way out of this situation is to try to calmly discuss together what happened and make a final decision that will suit both of you.