Romantic night ideas

Ideas for romantic night

Romantic night: ideas

Do you want to effectively confess your love? Do you have to make a marriage proposal to your soulmate? Or do you want to come up with an unforgettable surprise? Then our article “Romantic night: ideas” is especially for you. We will tell you how to plan your date, where it is better to hold it and what atmosphere to create, so that the declaration of love leaves an indelible mark on the soul of your partner.

A lot of people wonder: what to do on date night? Even if you are not romantic in your soul, but you want to pleasantly surprise your chosen one, then you will have to approach this event as thoughtfully as possible and focus on her tastes and preferences.  However, not only men can arrange a pleasant evening, also girls can do it, so we offer general advice for both sexes.

How to prepare the perfect date?

Romantic night for two is a great opportunity to demonstrate your feelings and show how deep your feelings are. To prepare a date for a dream, you need to start from the subject of the event. This could be a spectacular birthday greeting, a marriage proposal, an apology, or simply a desire to show that the person is dear to you.

Then  we need to choose a venue. The most popular are:

  • hotels;
  • date in the open air in nature;
  • recognition at home;
  • extreme events (if your partner is not devoid of the spirit of adventurism).

It all depends on how long you know each other. For couples whose love relationships are still at the mark “Start!”, it is better not to experiment with hotel rooms and even more, you should not invite the girl to your home right away. This may scare the darling because, perhaps, she is not yet ready to move to more intimate communication. For couples whose relationships have moved to a new stage, the first night of love can begin in a restaurant and smoothly move to a secluded place with a more intimate atmosphere.

Planning a romantic night is better to start with a careful study of the tastes of the partner. Not everyone likes a lot of candles, and someone is allergic to roses, so before the event it is better to conduct a careful survey of your soul mate. It is easier for spouses or couples whose relationship has been going on for a long period, because you have already studied your partner and know what he likes and what is clearly not for him.

We will give you general tips, that can help you to properly organize your evening and not to turn it into a disaster:

  1. Never be late for a date. If it is, of course, not included in the plan of the script. This is an important rule for both partners. Even if you are convinced that the girl can be late, but if you are the initiator of a surprise date, it is better to leave this rule for another evening.
  2. You need to think over the route. If you have planned going to a restaurant or you have booked a hotel room, then you should clearly know how to get there. The impression of a surprise can spoil if the soul mate freezes, gets wet to the skin or melts from the summer heat.
  3. You should remember that you are making an evening for both, so the partner’s expectations must be in the first place. For example, if your partner does not like picnics, then you don’t need to make a date in nature, even if the place is wonderful and the celestial vault is strewn with stars, this beauty will not be appreciated, and your efforts will be ruined.
  4. Remember to keep up the conversation! This is very important if you met recently. An awkward silence can “kill” even the most romantic atmosphere.
  5. Turn off smartphones and refuse to work. It is very ugly when an annoying call is heard during a toast or a pleasant conversation, or one of the partners declares that he has come only for an hour, as colleagues in the office are waiting for him or he needs to reconsider a bunch of documents.
  6. Be prepared for the unexpected and prepare a fallback. For example, your table was not reserved by mistake, but you know a cozy cafe nearby or a quiet pub.

Remember that the perfect romantic night is an event that should remain in the memory, evoke pleasant emotions and memories in the future.

Romance tips

If you know each other for a long time, then you can arrange a date at home.  This is an excellent option to spend an unforgettable night privately, and at the same time guaranteed there will be no unpleasant surprises.  So, you need to create an appropriate atmosphere.  An intimate date is favored by a muffled light, so it is better to turn on the sconce or purchase a night sky projector in advance.  Use scented candles, but be careful, because a strong smell can cause allergies or migraines, besides, it is quite dangerous.  It is better to purchase safe fixtures.

Prepare a romantic dinner. Nothing brings together more closely than homemade food. Romantic meals to cook, you can independently by the video on YouTube, ask for the advice of your mother, or a friend. This is more applies to men, because cooking does not cause difficulties for women. Oysters and any other seafood, basil and, oddly, garlic are considered natural aphrodisiacs. If you add a couple of garlic cloves for taste and aroma in a dish, then your breath will stay fresh. Prepare the usual pasta, even pizza, using quick recipes on the Internet, steaks or baked meat with herbs also can bring you a great success. However, if your partner is a vegetarian, you need to explore this cuisine and excel in preparing salads or cream soups. Do not forget about drinks. They must be in harmony with cooked dishes. Do not take beer for the pizza! It is better to pay attention to Chianti, and to eat seafood only with white wine. Most of the recommendations on table setting you will find with the help of the world wide web.

Do not forget about the musical arrangement of the evening. If you have different tastes for performers,  you can put a neutral background in the form of sounds of nature, which calms and relaxes. Try to transform your home, using decorative “chips”, for example, soft pillows, rose petals and other accessories that can be easily found in stores. Even if you are not a specialist in all sorts of “cute things”, then female consultants will help you to choose the most suitable options.

Romantic night in hotel is suitable for couples with children who want to retire, and finally spend time only together. In addition, a lot of first nights together are held in a beautiful room. You can rent an apartment for the newlyweds. As a rule, the room is beautifully decorated and disposes to intimate communication.  Order dinner right in the room or before that reserve a table at a restaurant.  You can ask the maid to decorate the room beautifully: bring fresh flowers, and lay out a heart on the bedspread of rose petals. Your imagination can not be limited to this, it all depends on the preferences of your partner! Include  “your” song, which is associated with the memories of your first dance, date, acquaintance, and so on.  Let the date be with a lot of pleasant memories to excite feelings and refresh emotions.

Do not forget that romance can be with a touch of extreme sports. You can book a balloon ride to surprise your soulmate. This idea will appeal to  men and women. In the clouds, you can drink a glass of champagne, say words of love and hug each other, enjoy the beautiful view. A walk on the yacht will also be a pleasant surprise.  But here it is important to take into account the risk that your soul mate may have a fear of heights or seasickness, therefore before planning an event, it is necessary to carefully find out such subtleties.

A night under the open sky on the seashore or the river will also make you feel romantic. Choose summer time in order to use blankets and warm yourself with a sip of aromatic coffee or wine. Bright stars, beautiful nature and soft breeze will help you to get in the mood. This is the least expensive way to spend a romantic night together.  In addition, communication with nature will help relieve stress and relax.

You should not pass up the ride in a limousine, where you can drink champagne with great music. Also, your partner will appreciate the retro car, especially if it is a convertible. But in this case, it is better to warn the girl  not to make intricate hairstyles and wear scarves or necktie. Then continue the romantic evening, smoothly turning into the night of love in a good restaurant, and then go to a hotel room or home.

In any case, you should hint your soul mate for the dress code. Because your woman can wear a dress and heels, and you will go to the beach, not to a hotel room. Do it unobtrusively, not to spoil the future surprise.

A few words about restaurants

Going to a good  establishment is 80% of a successful romantic evening. If you want to make a surprise for you soul mate, you can order musicians, or the waitress will present a beautiful bouquet in the midst of the evening. There a lot of ideas, for example, ask the users of popular social networks to organize a flash mob during your dinner.

Choose the cuisine, guided by the tastes of your partner.  If he does not like spicy dishes, then you should not reserve a table in a Chinese restaurant.  And in the event of an allergy, ordered seafood can be a great disappointment and wasted money. The best option would be if you do not make an order in advance.

A special “trick” will be a trip to a contact restaurant.  There may be animals, more often cats, they will place the soul mate to you and give her a lot of unforgettable impressions.  But you need to choose places where there are several rooms: with an area for eating and a room where you can spend time  with animals.  Otherwise, the wool will be seasoning to many dishes or drinks.

So, romantic night for two should be an unforgettable event.  As a rule, such surprises remain in the memory, as the most pleasant event and it is very important to make an effort to make it like this. We have offered you the most popular ideas that will bring you a success, but do not limit yourself to our recommendations, make a dream date yourself. The main thing is not to forget about the tastes and preferences of your partner, and then you will succeed at the highest level. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and come up with your own scenarios. Such efforts will be pleasant, and the result will exceed your expectations and bring a lot of good emotions.

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