How to meet women offline

How to meet women offline

Spontaneous acquaintance in everyday life looks a bit archaic nowadays. Nevertheless, this is one of the most romantic situations, which can become a story to tell to the grandchildren. It has a number of other undeniable advantages. First, you always see a real person, not her edited photo that was made 10 years ago. Secondly, you can use the maximum of your charm: alas, virtual communication still does not convey all the nuances of live talks. Let’s be honest, online dating is often a big scam. So, maybe it is better to try meeting single women offline?

What to do if you feel awkward when meeting a woman? You build conversation in your head, but when the things come to a real meeting, you are numb. Don’t worry! If you follow certain rules, the acquaintance with any single beauty will be bound to succeed.

Guidance to finding women offline:

  • Pull the girl into the dialogue with a question

It is the best way to start an acquaintance. This allows you to pull the girl into the dialogue immediately. After all, we are accustomed to hear questions from strangers, so nobody gets scared, when hearing them. For example, everyone is often asked how to go somewhere, where to find the right place, etc. But it is better to choose more original question. Ask how to get to the university or something of the kind. Why is it a good question? It attracts the attention of the ladies and they sincerely want to help! You can also ask a question in any foreign language. For example, ask her in Italian. When a girl is surprised, tell her that you thought she is Italian thanks to her amazing dark hair.

  • Use any available information about the stranger

Is she in the subway, reading Dostoevsky? Or is she wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Darth Vader on it? This is your theme for the first conversations. But here you should remember about good manners. Do not comment on what the girl is reading in her phone, even if she does not cover the screen with her hand. It borders on the invasion of her privacy.

  • Use the setting

If you are at a concert or exhibition, then your tastes are likely to coincide with the tastes of a charming stranger, and a topic for conversation will be easier to find. But the most common places can be used as well: a shop, a café or a gym. Why not? Use the environment as a cause to start a conversation. Ask, for example, what product or dish is better to choose, noting that the girl looks like a person you could trust. If you are in the gym, discuss the ideas of healthy life style, etc. In general, use all the resources of everyday life to achieve your goal.

The main thing is to be confident

If you are unsure of yourself, none of the above tips will work. This is the minimum that should be available to everyone who hopes for a successful acquaintance. You have to be sure that you need this acquaintance and that you like this girl. And this confidence should be shown in every word and even gesture. You should not hide your eyes or pull your nose, or cross your arms. Use open poses. Also you should not mumble, hesitate to ask questions, delay with the answer. Remember that the girl is also nervous. So, she wants confidence from you. Be sure, your attention really flatters her.

By the way, if the girl agreed to meet, you need to invite her for a first date as soon as possible. As they say, make hay while the sun is still shining! The reason is that right now a new friend feels interest in you, and a little later she may begin to doubt.

  • Set right priorities

Choose a place of acquaintance considering the aim of meeting. It is clear that to get a young lady of the family type, you should not hunt in the club, and to get a girl for a one night stand, you should not go to the museum.  Although things happen in life, and still waters run deep. But today we are talking about places with high efficiency and first-order probabilities.

So, where to find women offline for a serious relationship?

  1. Library (exhibition, museum, concert hall, etc.)

 Here come psychologically mature girls who are ready for both a serious relationship and to flirt without obligation. The main thing is that such girls due to their brains can easily understand what you want. Just be sure of your own IQ.

  1. Language courses, groups of interests.

Here come people with common interests, so you can find a like-minded person. That is definitely the best place to meet women offline. Even if your acquaintance will not grow into romantic relations, you can get a great friend, “buddy” to discuss your hobbies. Isn’t it a good option?

  1. Unusual dating events

The best way to meet women offline is to try something new. If you lack fantasy or still feel shy to start a conversation on the street, then you can entrust this matter to the professionals. Why don’t you try any of the modern dating parties?

  • Eye Gazing

Michael Ellsberg invented a singles event called Eye Gazing. The format of the evening is reminiscent of speed dating. The idea is to find a person with whom it will be comfortable not only to talk, but also to be silent. Men and women are in different rooms, and only at the very beginning of dates for the first time they see each other.

Professional hosts give advice and explain the rules, the main thing of which is to look into each other’s eyes without saying a word.

You will have 1.5-2 minutes of eye contact. After each date, there is a short break, during which you can make notes about your interlocutor and relax, because the exchange of emotions and energy often requires much more effort than in a normal conversation.

  • Date in the dark

The first Dans le Noir restaurant opened in Paris in the late 1990s. Its peculiarity is that visitors are served by blind waiters, and lunch or dinner takes place in the absolute darkness. A visitor can see neither his dish nor the neighbors on the table and receives the information just by listening. In such a situation between the interlocutors, there arises a kind of communication, free from external details. It helps you to evaluate the hidden qualities of the person. In the dark you will see no beauty, no smile, no signs of coquetry, and in conversation you can only rely on your knowledge, wit and eloquence.

This unusual setting was used by the organizers of the romantic dates evenings. For the meeting “in the dark” they invite 6-8 people who want to spend an extraordinary dinner, meet new people, and most importantly, get a portion of unforgettable sensations.

As you see, there is a number of ways to meet your love. You can find your Destiny almost anywhere and anytime. The only thing you must do is not to hesitate and take the initiative into your own hands!