What kind of flowers to give on the first date?

What kind of flowers to give on the first date?

Psychologists say that only 20-30 seconds is enough to form an impression about a new person at the first meeting. This rule applies to the first romantic date. Therefore, a man needs to try his best to make this impression right. What does a girl see and appreciate in these first seconds? These are clothes of the man, and a bouquet. The further development of romantic relationships depends on the correct bouquet and compliments. So, what kind of flowers to give on the very first date?

Do I need to give flowers on the first date?

After all, this meeting is a simple acquaintance. People just begin to recognize their interests in each other. But any girl will definitely appreciate flowers. Of course, gifts cannot be presented on the first date. The young man still does not know the taste preferences of the ladies. Therefore, flowers are the best option. Even one flower will show that a man is gallant and respectful to the entire female sex.

What does a flower mean?

Since ancient times, men expressed their feelings and impressions about a woman with the help of a single flower. After all, each flower was responsible for a separate emotion. Today, if the representative of the weaker sex does not know the meaning of the flower, then he will definitely find its interpretation on the Internet after the first date. Therefore, when choosing the first bouquet, a man can focus on the values ​​of the plant:

  • Narcissus. It is not for a first date. It indicates a desire to return feelings. Therefore, it is customary to give this flower as an apology.
  • Carnation. The flower can be given on the first date. Pink is a sign of love, and red is passion.
  • Callas. It indicates that the giver admires his lady of the heart.
  • Bells. It means that the guy was constantly thinking about his companion.
  • Lilies of the valley. They say that a girl can rely on a man.
  • Daisy. It indicates a faithful, true love.
  • Rose. It is a sign of passionate love.

Tulips, violet or lilac perfectly suit for the first meeting. In particular, the lilac symbolizes the first sincere love. It will be perfect if you out what flowers the passion prefers. After all, not everyone likes roses. And some girls love simple field flowers.

What are the best flowers to give on a first date?

Florists say that pink roses are the most suitable for the first date. They are widely available year-round. If you have a date in spring, a bouquet of lilacs, tulips, orchids, daisies is perfect. The main thing is the flowers should be white or pink. 

Tulips talk about pure love. In ancient times, it was believed that the closed, unblown buds of tulips focus on the love and happiness of a person.

A light bouquet of lilacs indicates the romantic intentions. Therefore, pink lilac is recognition in feelings. White is a symbol of innocence, and purple is a symbol of first love. Asters are suitable for the first date as well. Pink and white buds are a sign of sophistication, feminine beauty. The charm of this flower is that one bud can be saturated with many shades. The easiest flower for the first date is chamomile since it is a symbol of youth and romanticism.

How many flowers are given at the first meeting?

First, the bouquet should not have an even number of twigs. An even number of flowers is accompanied by a funeral procession. And of course, when choosing a quantity, you need to focus on your financial reserves.

But there is also floral etiquette:

  • 1 flower is attention gesture;
  • 3 buds indicate a respectful attitude;
  • 5 flowers show recognition and sympathy;
  • 7 branches are a sign of real adoration;
  • 9 buds are a sign of love;
  • 11 flowers indicate serious intentions.
  • More than 13 flowers are not recommended on a first date since it can be perceived as too vulgar.

Consider the location of the first date

Before you choose a bouquet, you need to think about where the first meeting will take place. A detailed plan of a date should be drawn up. You need to know at what stage the flower will be given, and whether the girl will be comfortable to walk with it. As a rule, the first meeting is appointed to the cinema, cafe, restaurant, or park. If a man plans to walk around interesting places, it is unlikely that a girl will like a magnificent bouquet of roses that she will need to carry all the time.

Meeting in a cafe or cinema 

You need to know about the taste preferences of the girl for the first date in a restaurant. By choosing a suitable cafe, you can proceed to search for a bouquet. A date in a cafe is very convenient because you can put a bouquet in a vase. It will not disturb anyone, but will only please the eye. In this case, such flowers as chamomiles, peonies, or orchids will work. If a date is scheduled in the cinema, it is better to give a one bud, so that it does not make it difficult for any woman or stranger to watch the movie.