Meet vegetarian singles

Meet vegetarian singles

It is not a piece of cake to find your True Love. Things are even more complicated if your search criteria is a bit different from others. I mean if your list of desirable features includes more specifications than “a hot model-looking girl who is smart and caring”.

If you want to go green and looking for a like-minded person, you should specify a place where you can find this kind of girls. Vegans and vegetarians can also be lonely people who want to be in happy relations. So, the question is where to find such matches.

First of all, you must decide what kind of a person you need. There are dozens of different movements in veganism. Some people are absolutely strict about that. They avoid any kind of animal products, including not only food but also leather as a material and so on. Others take the things a bit more easily. They don’t consume meat and meat products but can eat fish, drink milk and milk products, eat eggs.

Obviously, you must decide for yourself if you want to find a person who totally shares your views or you are ready to compromise a bit by avoiding new products or, on the contrary, consuming new. Having made up your mind, you can proceed to the next stage.

How to meet vegetarian singles?

Surely, you can run onto your dream match in the supermarket or on a bus or anywhere. There are thousands of absolutely accidental acquaintances that led to a happy love story. Nevertheless, you’d better concentrate your attention on the places with the high probability of meeting a person who shares your ideas. Do all that you can, and come what may. Let it be your motto!

Here are some places where you can meet vegetarian singles.

  • Yoga fests and healthy life-style communities

Among the followers of yoga and healthy life-style people you are likely to find someone who does not want to harm the nature…just like you!

What to do:

  • Join yoga classes
  • Collect information about yoga fests in your city
  • Get information about healthy-lifestyle communities in your city. They often organize different events to share their ideas with other people.

You will be surprised to know how many singles feel deprived by the family and friends. They join such communities, seeking understanding and support. That is a perfect chance for you to find your love.

  • Vegetarian cafes and restaurants

Most of the cities can boast having a couple of vegetarian restaurants. The menu at such places includes items to satisfy different kinds of vegetarians.

What to do:

  • Go to a veg café or a restaurant in the morning or during lunch time. Spot singles eating alone
  • Use your best pick-up skills. For example, send a glass of a juice to a person you liked. Choose a product that can be eaten by a person keeping to any kind of a vegetable diet. It will make your chances higher.
  • Dating sites and communities in the web
  • Veggie Date

Steve Yurov founded his site in 1999, when vegetarians did not have a common Internet resource and failed to search like-minded people. Now there are 13,000 people in the community, and annual membership costs only $ 20. Mr. Yurov explains that money is not the main thing for him. The main goal is to unite people on the basis of their love for fiber and rejection of animal protein. So, you can try your luck at

  1. Green Singles

Another great place to find your love is Green Singles. It unites people who value eco-friendly life style, vegans, vegetarians, animal and human rights, yoga, environment, alternative therapy and so on. The site boasts having over 20 years of experience and a number of successful love stories. You can choose your match on the basis of your sexual orientation, religion, diet, spiritual views. In short, visit to find out more.

  1. Dating Vegetarian

It is a site to join if you want to meet your love from Britain. It is a fast growing community that joins people on the basis of their food preferences. You can meet here people with different sexual orientation, interests, and even their nationality. But it is better to check everything yourself at

  1. V Love app

There is a new entertainment called V Love. This app is created especially for single vegans and vegetarians. To register, you need to fill out a personal profile, as well as to reveal details about your taste preferences and daily diet. There is an option for those who are not ready to completely abandon the meat, but dreaming to try this. Such people are in the category “willing to go green”. Though, avid meat eaters cannot be found here. You can download V Love for free, but you will have to pay $ 5.99 monthly for the search for your love.

What to do if you are just willing to go green now?

In case you are not a vegetarian at the moment, but you are strongly interested in this way of live, you can try finding a girl with the same views. You will certainly be interested to explore the inner world of the lady and understand what prompted her to abandon the patties and pies, adopting the philosophy of nonviolence over animals.

Remember that vegetarians do not tolerate banal questions, stupid jokes and phrases that periodically pour on their heads from the people around, regarding their views. Turn on the censor button for the next comments:

  • In our country you just freeze without meat.
  • Man is a predator by nature.
  • Where do you get protein from?
  • Why don’t you feel sorry for the plants, they’re also alive?
  • Will you eat meat when you get pregnant?
  • You’re still young and stupid. It will pass.
  • Without meat you will die, do not give birth, your heart will stop and you will crumble into small pieces… Take a meat pie and eat it immediately!
  • My mom is a doctor, and strictly forbids…

You should always keep veg products at home for her. Feel free to try her food. If you do not like something, she will prepare another dish. But not meat! Most likely she won’t cook meat. Never ever.

In short, nowadays you can find a partner that is a perfect match for you. Dating sites, social communities will really help you. But remember one thing: being like-minded does not guarantee 100% success. You can share same views and ideas, but there won’t be chemistry between you. Relations are not like a supermarket that sells a ready-made product. They require a lot of work to become really happy ones. Be persistent and loving!