Best Tinder Openers: Why is the First Phrase So Important?

best tinder openers

Online dating has become one of the most popular ways to get acquainted. According to statistics, by 2027, there will be 440 million people seeking love through online platforms. But in order to have success in dating, it should be interesting. For the girl not to ignore your message, she needs to be intrigued in your first message to her (best tinder openers in our article). After all, the first impression is the basis of any acquaintance.

How to interest a girl? Try to be interesting and original, intrigue her so that she has the desire to continue communication.

It is important to think ahead about what to write to a girl and what are the best Tinder openers for guys to start communicating. No matter what you get into trouble with, we have already prepared texts or messages that can lead you to the goal – meeting with the girl you like.

How to Find the Right Words to Start Dating a Girl?

best tinder openers to use on guys

Successful first phrases for communicating on the dating site are something that is very important to know, regardless of the purpose for which people get acquainted: for light flirting or something more serious. After all, in any case, we want to remember the acquaintance with pleasure and with a smile.

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The first words should be funny and original, but not vulgar since most of the fair sex do not want to start communicating with a person who immediately shows his intentions. In addition, they believe that a lot of not-very-smart guys use vulgar phrases.

What is a good first message on Tinder? To successfully start dating a girl, you can:

  • Compliment her appearance, noting some features, while the phrase “Hello, beauty, let’s get to know each other!” should immediately be blacklisted; Instead, write to her this one of the best Tinder openers reddit: “Your eyes are so sincere and tender that I can’t take my eyes off the photo in your profile for 15 minutes! Let me clarify just one more thing: are your eyes green or light brown?”
  • To say some charming nonsense, for example, that at the sight of a girl one wants to become a dog and serve her faithfully;
  • Jokingly ask her out on a date.
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Be sure to construct the phrase in such a way as to give the other side the opportunity to respond in a fun and interesting way. And it is important to avoid one mistake – excessive familiarity and rudeness. It happens that an overly shy guy tries to seem rollicking, but as a result, he only makes an unpleasant impression.

Three pillars on which the first phrase for dating on the Internet is built: lightness, originality, and charm.

Is Hey a good Tinder opener?

Almost all people use this opening phrase use, instead of one boring and uninteresting “Hi”; you can use many different original phrases to start dating a girl. Choose one or more from our list, write to the girl you like and you will see her reaction! We are sure that you will start an interesting dialogue.

15 Best Openers For Tinder

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  1. Hello! The weather is beautiful today, what kind of weather do you like?
  2. Do you like guys who know what they want in this life?
  3. Do you think you can find your other half on this site?
  4. Hey. I think you are interesting. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. As for the best openers Tinder, you can use this one: “Hello. What do you think is the most important thing in a girl: intelligence, beauty, or femininity? Which of the following is your strongest quality?”
  6. What is your level of happiness today on a scale of 1 to 10?
  7. “I went for coffee, what do you want?” A phrase immediately with a proposal to take something on a date is considered successful.
  8. I have been thinking for 15 minutes about what to write to you, beautiful stranger.
  9. Only today it became clear to me for whom I registered on this site.
  10. Good openers for Tinder: “I am from the future. My mission will save you from loneliness. All I need for your beautiful smile is a phone number.”
  11. My name is… I saw your photo with your pet. I am also a dog person. Let’s walk them together.
  12. I have already managed to plant a tree, and build a house, but the main thing is not there. I saw a photo where your gaze is fixed in the distance, and I realized: we are looking in the same direction.
  13. I am writing an article about our acquaintance. Will you give me an interview?
  14. How do you feel about blind dates?
  15. Please help me. What do you need to write to a beautiful girl in order to get to know her?

10 Openers For Tinder That Every Girl Likes

  1. What’s a good icebreaker for Tinder? Consider this one as a first opening phrase: “What is your favorite food? I want to invite you to spend the evening together.”
  2. I never write to the first strangers, but when I saw you, I decided to change the principle.
  3. Fate has given us a chance. Maybe we can use it and get to know each other?
  4. I invite you to take a walk on the roof in the evening and see how beautiful our city is in the dark.
  5. Do you get bored sitting at the computer? I invite you to the cafe for a cup of coffee.
  6. Let’s make a deal. You have a magical smile and a cocktail from me.
  7. Today is great weather. Maybe it’s time to get offline and take a walk.
  8. Let me change your plans for tonight.
  9. Can you tell me how to cook dumplings?
  10. Today I need antidepressants and relaxation, so I am writing to you.

General Rules For Dating On a Dating Site

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The most important thing is the friendliness and a demonstration of a pleasant disposition. In a normal conversation, they could be demonstrated with a smile, but on the Internet, this will not work, which is why it is so important to choose the right words. This applies to both the first phrases (best Tinder pickup lines) for meeting a girl on the Internet and what is said to the representative of the stronger sex.

In the vastness of the world wide web, you can always find the top interesting expressions to start dating. It is worth taking the advice of more experienced people who know exactly what beautiful words will make the heart of the person you like beat faster or what will make them smile. At the same time, you should pay attention to the original phrases, and not to those that can be found on every advice site. This is especially important when it comes to a beautiful girl – there is always a chance that other guys have already written to her something similar.

It’s a good idea to come up with your own first line, as well as a dialogue script, and use them as a working template. Use your imagination, while you can act by analogy. Believe me, your main assistant is not an article on the Internet, but your mind, which in this context does not even make much sense to strain.

Final Word

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Online dating is a special art where words are used as tools. If you choose interesting and unusual best tinder openers, it always helps to attract attention. After that, the matter will remain small – just successfully continue communication. It’s amazing how often serious happy relationships start with a good first message at the very beginning!

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  1. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! This opener “Hey. I think you are interesting. Correct me if I’m wrong.” helped me meet a beautiful girl on Tinder!

  2. Oh, come on) Your opener is a bit weird, but I use this “What is your level of happiness today on a scale of 1 to 10?” and girls respond to me about every third message.

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