How to Make Your Girlfriend Forgive You

How to Make Your Girlfriend Forgive You. Life Hacks to Save Your Relationships

No relationships can go without this. At some stage, you will ask your girlfriend or wife to forgive you. This may not be easy to do, especially when you know that you were wrong. However, it’s important to learn how to make the first step and apologize. 

If you are reading this piece, then it’s likely you did something that upset your girl and now you need to ask her for an apology. Asking for an excuse is easier than you may think. There are several common things that every woman wants to hear when she is looking for an apology. This is what we are going to talk about in this post. 

But first, before we keep moving forward to the life hacks that will help you save your relationships, it’s worthy to mention that you need to be patient with your woman. Do not expect her to forgive you right away. You should give her time to accept your apology and get back to rebuilding your relationships when you realize that she is ready to move forward. 

Steps on how to make your girlfriend forgive you

 how to make your girlfriend forgive you

Understand what went wrong

Before you say that you are sorry, you need to know what exactly made her mad or angry with you. The key to a good apology is letting your beloved person understand that you know what exactly went wrong and that you are really sorry that ever happened. 

Apologize in person

It’s a bad practice to apologize via a text message, a public social media post or Instagram stories. When you realize that it’s time to have an apology talk, make sure that you can apologize in person. If you are far away from your second half, then you can call her on Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, etc. to ask for an excuse. A face-to-face communication (even if it’s done virtually) is better than a text message apology. You can also ease the tension while bringing her favorite flowers, bringing a tasty dessert or a cup of coffee. 

Make sure to actually say sorry

It sounds simple, but it’s not an apology if you do not begin with the words “I’m sorry”. Then, you need to say it in words what exactly went wrong. State what you did wrong and let your woman realize how sorry you feel that ever happened. You may say something like “I didn’t mean to heart your feelings and I’m really sorry that I did.” It’s important for your girlfriend to feel heard and understood. 

Take responsibility for your actions

Don’t put the blame on your girlfriend. It would be absolutely wrong to begin your conversation saying that “I’m sorry that you go mad when I…” Instead, make it clear that you understand that you are the one who did something wrong and her reaction to your actions is absolutely normal. If you’ve messed up, don’t make it sound that your girlfriend did something wrong.

Be honest as you apologize 

Be honest as you apologize

If you want to be forgiven, then you need to be honest with your lady when talking about the things that made her feel sad. If you cheated or fooled her, say the truth. You do not need to recollect everything that happened in tiny details. However, saying the partial truth will only make her feel angrier with you. If you do not tell the truth (and your woman clearly understands that you are lying to her), chances are that she won’t forgive you and break up your relationships. 

Be ready to answer her questions

As you initiate a sincere conversation, be ready that your woman would ask you some questions that you wouldn’t ever want to answer. However, you need to discuss everything that worries your partner. Do not leave any of her questions without an answer. Also, don’t be sarcastic as you answer her questions.  

Ask her to forgive you

Depending on what you apologize for, your lady’s forgiveness may not be a given. You may say something like “Do you think that you can forgive me and trust me after the things that have happened?” This will show her that you respect her and don’t take your relationships for granted. She may need some time to accept your apology. Give her time to make the decision.

Be patient

How to Make Your Girlfriend Forgive You. Life Hacks to Save Your Relationships

You need to be patient and not put pressure on your woman. It’s you who made a mistake, so you need to be patent and respectful to her opinion. If your girl doesn’t want to spend time with you or even talk with you for a while, do not overwhelm her, or she would get even more upset. Tell her that you will be waiting for her forgiveness for a long as it’s needed. 

Don’t try too hard 

While you are waiting for her forgiveness, do not try too hard to win her back. If you are putting on an act, she will notice your unnatural behavior. If all the things that you do or say make it obvious that you are acting to get her good graces again, then she’ll feel that you are not real with her. Instead, you can be more helpful and kind than you normally are. You can give her some gifts and flowers. However, if you give her too many gifts, then she simply won’t feel like it. 

Get back to doing the things you love together 

hug after fight

As you and your woman work together to return to your normal relationships, you can slowly get back to doing the thing you both enjoy. This can be everything starting from watching your favorite movies to going in for sports or hanging out with friends. You shouldn’t force it. As soon as you and your lady realize that you are ready to get back to your old routines, make her feel that you are happy and grateful to start things over again. 

What if the fight was over the text?

Quite a popular things nowadays is to get your girlfriend angry over the text in a messanger or on a dating site.

According to VictoriyaClub research text fights are much more serious than fights in person. The main reason is that you cannot pass the tone of your voice via your message. You can say the same text absolutely diffirently.

Forgive me!

If you text this, she will never know if you say this regretfully or purely formally. Therefore, if you got her angry on a dating site it will be hard to fix that.


It’s inevitable in every relationship. As you get to know one another better, there may be things that your girlfriend doesn’t like or something that she wants to change. You may also forget about an important date or say something inconsiderate. Whatever happens, you need to be ready to ask for an apology.

Most importantly, you must be always sincere with your second half if you want her to forgive you. Even if you think that you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s important to learn to take the first step and say that you are sorry. You cannot change the past, but you can build a healthy relationship in the future. 

If you follow the steps that we have highlighted in this article, you will be able to learn some valuable hacks on how to build healthy relationships. As you ask for forgiveness, do it in person and make eye contact with your second half. 

Also. keep in mind that you need to be honest and sincere in everything you say and do. Do not ask for an apology only for the sake of not making your girl feel mad with you. If you did something wrong and make something that hurt her feelings, then you need to realize that it might take some time before she forgives you.

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