How long to wait before having sex in a new relationship

How long to wait before having sex in a new relationship?

It is impossible to imagine love relationship between a man and a woman without sex. Though, an every couple faces the question when to start intimate relations. What is more interesting, both parties see the situation in their own way.

Every girl seriously thinks about how long to wait for a sex with her new boyfriend. Girls are often afraid to frighten off a potential Prince Charming with a long wait for the intimacy, but also they do not want to become an easy prey for a collector of women’s panties. For many ladies the notion “Sex” is inseparable from the notion “Love”, that’s why they wait until they “feel love”. But how long to wait before having sex in a new relationship?

So, are there certain time limits for starting a new sexual relationship?

At the same time, men mostly do not care much about this issue, and it is understandable: they are, first of all, hunters, trying to do lots of efforts to get the first prize. But, nevertheless, the men’s point of view on the “time limit” question of sex can be completely opposite. Some believe that if an intimacy took place very quickly, from the moment of acquaintance, their partner is frivolous and vulgar, and except for a few sexual encounters, these relationships will not make sense. They even divide women into two categories “For sex” and “For relations”. Be it right or wrong, I am not going to judge them.

Other men are sure that if between partners there were romantic feelings and passion, then it is not necessary to prepare for sex for a long time. They think it is important to surrender completely to the emotions and to give each other lots of sensual pleasure. And they are not pushing to be intimate in a new relationship.

So what should women do?  How long should someone wait before having sex in a new relationship? How to determine that right period of time for sex and not to be seen like a frivolous girl or a prude? What option to choose – fast or long-awaited sex, and not to lose in your interests? After all, it is very easy to bring sex into the relationships that are being built, but it is almost impossible to guess what the consequences will be. Let’s analyze different options!

What about sex on the first date?

Is sex on the first date in a new relationship the norm of the 21st century or female promiscuity? Every girl knows the answer to this question for herself, and probably no one has the right to judge her, even if she considers sex on the first date being a norm. Maybe she simply believes in love after the first sex. This is her life, she is her own judge. She knows perfectly well what she is doing.

I wonder how men feel about women who are ready to have sex on the first date. I don’t think they appreciate such brave and courageous women. Of course, there are exceptions in life: accidental sex or sex on the first date can bring partners together for a really long time, completely changing people’s lives. But still, if you think sensibly, this is one case in a million.

Option two: three months for courtship

The most cautious women prefer to torture a man for 2-3 months, that is to say to check him out. And it’s a really great test. If a man stood it, then the woman is interesting for him not only as an object of the sexual desire, but also as a person.

If a man remained a relationship without sex for 2-3 months, then he is strongly in love with a woman and is ready to wait as much as she wants. It is clear that the man who wanted only a short affair, free relations or sex without continuation, won’t wait so much time. It’s easier for him to find another object to have fun.

 Third option: 36 hours for the foreplay

Famous American psychotherapist Dr. Barton Goldsmith, considering his psychotherapeutic practice, believes that the optimal period is no longer than a few weeks. According to the psychologist, after a month or two the strong attraction may disappear. There is scientific evidence that supports his point of view. One of his studies, conducted in 2012, showed that after the beginning of the relationship the sexual desire gradually fades away. Especially it concerns women.

Goldsmith states that to start a sexual relationship, it is sufficient to spend as much as 36 hours together. And it is not necessary to spend a day and a half together in a row. We can talk about a few dates or a weekend together.

How long to wait before having oral sex in a new relationship?

Oral sex is an intimate process between a man and a woman. Men dream of oral sex days and nights, women are slightly shy and feel awkward of this type of sex both to do and to give.

If you lie in bed, looking at a ceiling and thinking what to cook for a dinner while your partner tries to give you an oral pleasure, well, sex is not going to be awesome. If you don’t want to do it, say “no”, and wait for the right moment. Do not tolerate discomfort, even moral. Many women say that oral sex for them is a more intimate process than a vaginal intercourse. They need to know the partner really closely to do it. Some women reject doing it at all, even for a husband. So, this is a very personal matter.

Do not force yourself or your partner to have oral sex. Speak on intimate topics, expressing your deep hidden desires. Praise the lover for those manifestations of affection that excite you. Gently suggest what you want to have. Learn to have fun and give it, forgetting the idea of “how it should be”!

After all, sex is not an exam or a rule. It is an instrument of enjoyment…so, use it well!