What to do after the first date? 5 Must-do things

What to do after the first date? 5 Must-do things

You had the first date. She looked amazing and you spent a wonderful time together. You had a lot of topics to talk about and you definitely felt the chemistry between both of you. You took her home and hugged her goodbye. What’s next? What steps should be taken to invite her for the second date? Let’s see what particular actions you need to take to make her accept your invitation and come for the second date. 

Give her some time to get excited about you 

What to do after the first date? 5 Must-do things

Wait a little bit before your second date. Now that texting has replaced everything, you shouldn’t wait for three days before you give her a call or drop a line. If you met with your woman at night, then text her something sweet next afternoon. If you had the first date in the afternoon, wait to message her the next morning. Why? These are the basics of flirting with a woman, i.e. the steps that should be taken to make her accept your invitation for the second date. 

This is done to give her time to get excited about you. Instead of telling your lady that you like her and would like to meet her once again as soon as possible, you’d better give her some time to realize that she wants to see you once again. 

Send a follow-up message 

Send a message

If you had a quick first date, it’s always a good idea to send your lady a short message. This can be something simple, like:  “It was great to meet you today. Would definitely like to see you again.  Want to go have a cup of coffee sometime?”

When sending this kind of message to a lady, it’s important to keep the language casual. There is no need to send a long message that talks about all the things that you like about your lady and how much you admire her. Instead, a low-pressure text will put her on edge. 

When sending a text message that’s full of enthusiasm, you face the risk to get a “No” answer from your woman. There is no need to be pushy. If she likes her, a short follow-up message should be enough to confirm that she is also interested in you. 

Take the initiative

Take the initiative

Boys and girls can get stuck when being the planners at the beginning of new relationships. As a man who is interested in a lady, it’s important to take the initiative. A woman needs to feel comfortable as she makes the decisions. So, suggest some plans and watch her reaction. But do not be too pushy as women hate it when they are pressured to give a quick response about the second date. 

Girls like it when a man takes the initiative. When thinking about the ideas for the second date, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. This can be a classic second date in a movie, sports event, live music show, etc. There are so many places that you can visit and where you can have a good time together. In fact, any classic date can become special as you learn more about each other. A simple conversation can help a man learn the interests and tastes of his woman.  

Take it from there

Take it from there

So, you’ve sent her a short follow-up message or suggested a place where you can spend your second date. What’s next? Wait for her answer and take it from there.

If she agrees for the second date, then decide on the date and time when you will see each other.

If she says “No” – don’t be angry with her answer. This was your first date and sometimes it happens so that no chemistry happens right away. It will be so much valued if she writes you an honest message that explains her feelings. Read it carefully. This would be useful if she gives you some constructive criticism. Listen to what she says and learn from your mistakes. It’s likely that there are some things that you thought are not important, but they could be the key to acting on your first date. Take this into account and do not repeat your mistake on your next first date with another lady. 

5 texts to send her after the first date 

start with a truth

As you can see, the things that you say during and after your first date play an important role in how your love story will develop in the future. Texting has fully replaced the need to make phone calls. Depending on the words you say and the tone of your message, we can suggest the possible outcome of your intentions. 

There are many things that you can discuss in the text messages after your first date. Here are some of the most effective ideas that can end up with a second date.

  • Suggest doing something together that came up in the conversation during your first date. Following up on something that was said or done during your first date is a great way to make your lady agree for the second date. 
  • Reference to something special that came up on the first date. You can begin the conversation saying something like “I had a really great time with you last night. That tequila bar was lit!” You can simply comment on the place where you had the first date. This will let your lady know your preferences and she has a green light to ask to go out to a similar place over again. 
  • If you feel bold and want your lady to know about your intentions, then write a message that would make a clear statement that you’d like to meet her again. Include some cute emojis. Make your text short and clear so that no guesswork would come on her end. 
  • Compliment her. Women like to receive such kind of messages from their men. Something sweet and flirty would make her melt. 
  • Thank her and let her know when you are free. This is always a good idea to thank your lady for the sweet time that you spent together during your first date. If you’ve already talked about the possibility of the second date, then your text message may be something like this: “Thank you for last night, I had a really great time. This coming week is a little busy, but I’m free Friday night.” 

Ready for the second date? 

2nd date

That’s pretty much it. We hope that the trick and recommendations that we highlighted in this article would come.in handy to you and your woman would agree for a second date. 

If you did everything right on your first date, then chances are that the second time you see your lady won’t take too much time to come. Get ready for it! Sometimes the second date has even more important than the first time you meet each other. Be honest with your girlfriend and do not play games. Chances are that your story can grow into long-lasting happy relationships. It would be sad for your woman to find out that you are not the one who you wanted to be.

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