How To Find Out If Someone From A Dating Site And Is From Another Country Is Scamming You?

How to find out if someone from a dating site and is from another country is scamming you?

As a rule, users of dating sites who dream of marrying a foreigner become victims of fraudsters. The first letters of speculators are very different from all the others: they are polite and thorough. They will tell you in detail about their hobbies and work, hint about financial well-being, and make a few kind compliments. Then you will be showered with confessions of feelings and will be offered to transfer communication from the site to e-mail.

You should be alerted if:

  • The new associate promptly demands to leave the dating site and to proceed to convey by means of email or skype.
  • He doesn’t compose new stories and does not discuss how his day passed.

Keep in mind that occasionally fraudsters chat with a few unfortunate casualties in the meantime. They utilize similar layouts, even without trying to peruse the injured individual’s letter. The fundamental errand of the fraudster is to persuade you regarding his earnestness. The fraudster is prepared to put in weeks, and some of the time even months, to make you love him. He won’t approach you for cash until he understands that you are infatuated with him. Also, simply after that he will think of a bogus circumstance or issue and present it so that you quickly need to support him.

The most prominent techniques for extortion on dating websites

Expensive gift

The potential man sends an expensive gift to the person: a phone, a laptop or a bit of gem. At that point, the man “coincidentally” neglects to pay for the conveyance, because of which the present can’t achieve the recipient, and offers the woman to take these expenses on herself. Who might not pay two or three hundred dollars for a costly laptop, given that the man guarantees to restore the cash when they meet? The injured individual gets a connection via mail or SMS to the website, however, in the wake of sending the required sum, the fraudster vanishes alongside a non-existent blessing.

Notwithstanding the way that as of late the adequacy of this technique has diminished, a costly gift still one of the quickest and most well known approaches to trick a dating site client. Furthermore, it has been improved: presently the man can send a bundle of roses or a trinket as a gift, and then they the same as in the previous case. The sum for the conveyance of such a bundle, individually, is little, so individuals don’t presume anything.

dating site from another country is scamming you

Air ticket

On the off chance that there is a thought regarding joint get-aways over the span of your relationship, then eventually the topic of purchasing a ticket will emerge. Then the man says, for example, that he has a blocked account to constrain a lady to pay for her as well as for his flight. At the gathering, obviously, he will quickly give all the cash back.

As a help in organizing the trip, the bridegroom sends a link to the airline’s website to purchase a ticket, but unfortunately, the resource is fake. The money for the tickets will go to the fraudster, and the victim will not see either the tickets and the groom. Try not to bait regardless of whether the tickets on this site will be a lot less expensive than those that you have found. It is smarter to overpay than to lose cash at all.

Stuck in an unfortunate situation

Ladies love to help, and fraudsters are effectively utilizing it. They even make an arrangement and purchase the air ticket themselves. However, at last, the hotly anticipated gathering comes up short on the grounds that the man of the hour is stuck in an unfortunate situation: he is captured, not discharged from the country without paying a fine, specialists discover he has a horrible illness, etc. There might be numerous reasons. However, one objective is to approach the lady of the hour for cash. Never send even unimportant sums to an individual with whom you are not actually familiar.

Dating Site And Is From Another Country Is Scamming You

The officer

The fraudster impersonates a military man who serves in a hot spot. As in previous cases, the relationship begins with fervent letters and promises to marry as soon as the contract ends. After several weeks or months, the officer shares a find: allegedly he got a trophy antique, which he wants to send to his beloved for preservation. Regular mail does not help here because you need a diplomatic, which does not pass the customs control.

But the problem is that this will require a bribe of a couple of thousand dollars. The officer does not have this money. A similar scheme is used with a large sum of money allegedly received during the years of service. It is enough to do a search for a picture on Google to find out these fraudsters. As a rule, scam artists use photographs of real military, information about which can be found on the Internet.


The easiest, but nonetheless effective way to cheat is blackmailing. Most often the victims are young girls. The guy enters into trust, often sends messages and calls on Skype. After some time, he offers to go to a closer relationship, send him candid photos or dance for him during a video call. As soon as the fraudster receives a video or photo, the blackmailing begins.

The swindler threatens to send pictures to all subscribers of the victim in the social network or to paste them around the area where the girl lives if he does not receive the required amount. The best way to shield yourself from this isn’t to convey vulgar photographs and recordings to individuals with whom you are not by and by familiar.

The most effective method to shield yourself from tricks on a dating site

  • Check the data about the new companion on the Internet, enter the name and photograph into the web search tool. Regularly fraudsters use pictures of other individuals that they found on the web.
  • Try not to send private photographs to an individual with whom you are definitely not personally acquainted.
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