Best places to take girlfriend on vacation

Best Places To Take A Girlfriend On Vacation

Every person wants to spend time with his soul mate in a romantic, beautiful atmosphere at least once in life. They want to relax together and to remember these days for a lifetime, as the most pleasant, filled with love and tenderness days.

The places that we offer are also for tourists, but still less popular, because the best places for lovers are those where they can be alone with each other or at least not with a massive crowd of people when you occasionally poke someone with a selfie stick in the back of the head.

Best places to take your girlfriend on vacation

Lake Garda, Italy

It is the largest lake in Italy and one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is surrounded by the Alpine slopes on all sides, on which olive gardens alternate with lemon gardens, flower gardens with vineyards, and the picturesque landscapes of the road along the lake give way to views of villages and towns along the coast.

The best towns there are Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Limone del Garda, Malcesine.  Also, there is Verona close to the lake that is the scene of the play “Romeo and Juliet.” In general, Garda is an excellent answer to the question “where to go to rest together.”

What to do on Lake Garda:

  • Ride a boat on the lake;
  • see the ruins of the castle of Arco;
  • drink local red wine in the coastal cafe of the town of Bardolino (the region’s most popular wine is made there);
  • meet the sunset on the observation deck of the Scaligers Castle;
  • climb Mount Monte Baldo (the lift is in Malcesine).

Bruges, Belgium

It is one of the most beautiful mini-cities in Europe and a great alternative to a noisier Venice (in fact, this Belgian city is sometimes called the little Venice). Old buildings, canals across the city, quiet narrow streets, the smell of Belgian chocolate are about Bruges.

What to do in Bruges:

  • Drink a Belgian beer in an outdoor restaurant overlooking the canal;
  • climb to the observation deck of the Historical Museum;
  • listen to street musicians at the Grote Markt;
  • take a boat trip on the canals of Bruges;

top places to take your girlfriend on vacation

Kazbegi, Georgia

Kazbegi is a mountainous region of Georgia and, according to the stories of numerous people who have been there, one of the most beautiful places in this country. Incredible landscapes and even more astonishing silence of the Caucasian peaks, mountain villages, ancient caves and monasteries are perfect for visiting with your love. It is excellent not only because of the views but also because of the Hotel Kazbegi.

What to do in Kazbegi:

  • Rise to the church of the Holy Trinity, near the village of Gergeti. There is a fantastic observation deck;
  • go to Sno Gorge for horseback riding;
  • drink Georgian wine sitting on the terrace of the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi (this place is really impressive and inspiring).

It is the best option where for you if both of you are active and crazy about mountains.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest quite recently began to gain popularity. For a long time, the Hungarian capital was, to put it mildly, not quite at the top of tourist routes, and this is unfair because Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

The Danube, ancient fortresses and castles, the night lights of the Hungarian Parliament are wonderful and romantic. In general, some people say that Budapest is “East Paris.” Yes, there is something in common in the atmosphere of these cities, but at the same time, the central city of Hungary is less vain and not yet crowded with tourists.

What to do in Budapest:

  • Climb Mount Gellert and enjoy the views of the city;
  • ride on the river tram along the Danube (it is advisable to choose a night ride when the bridges and the dam are highlighted);
  • visit the ancient castle of Vajdahunyad;
  • walk along the Quarter of the Castle in the Buda region;
  • relax in the open-air bath Gellert (there are 13 baths in the city, this is the most beautiful, but also the most popular).

Provence, France

From mid-June to early August (exactly at this time lavender blooms) it is difficult to find a more romantic place in the world than the French region of Provence. Infinite, horizon-lavender fields, castles, small villages, immersed in flowers, mountain roads, lakes is not a complete list of what can be seen in Provence. Here is the most photogenic route: from the coast towards the Verdon Gorge you can go Lake St. Croix, then to Moutiers-Sainte-Marie Village, the move to Lavender fields along the roads D8 and D6, and the last stop will be Lacoste and Gordes villages.

What to do in Provence:

  • Enjoy the smells of lavender fields. It is perfect for arranging a small picnic among them.
  • stop in the villages on the way and taste the local wine (in France, a small amount of alcohol is allowed in the driver’s blood);
  • visit the Marquis de Sade castle in the village of Lacoste;
  • take a boat ride and swim in Lake St. Croix;
  • walk through the city streets and labyrinths of the Papal Palace in Avignon.

Provence in the summer is the perfect place to go on a honeymoon trip or just to relax together.

North Iceland

Untouched nature, the power of the elements, the feeling that you are alone on the edge of the Earth – despite its harsh beauty, Iceland is an ideal place to relax together. At this place where not a single living soul can be seen, you begin to perceive the phrase “I follow you to the end of the world” in a new way. Going to Iceland without a plan is a risky business. So if you are not experienced adventure travelers, then you need to take a tour.

What you should include in this route:

  • The Godafos waterfall, also known as the “Waterfall of the Gods”, is not the largest, but the most photogenic on the island
  • Namafjall Hot Springs;
  • Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia

Еhis Indonesian island is practically the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to heaven on earth. Bali is one of the most popular places in the world, where you can spend your honeymoon or a wedding ceremony. There are beaches, jungles, temples, incredible beauty of the ocean, but in our selection, we decided to concretize and recommend the Uluwatu temple located on a rock in lush green bushes and washed by the ocean for a romantic trip.

What to do in the Uluwatu temple:

  • View traditional dance performed daily by locals before sunset;
  • meet the sunset over the ocean. It is possible to see the most beautiful sunsets in the world in that place.