What are the best flowers to send a girl?

What Are The Best Flowers To Send A Girl?

Flowers is the best way for guys to express their sympathy to girls! Regularly boys and men have to choose flowers as a gift for a cute and charming representative of the world. It is not a secret that flowers can speak a special language. In addition, they symbolize one or another relationship. A competent choice of flowers will help to tell a lot about your feelings without words.

What type of flowers to send for a girl you are dating


Roses are the favorite flowers of almost all girls. They are given in any quantity, for entirely different reasons and without reason. Composing bouquets of these flowers, you need to give preference to fresh plants. It is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the leaves and petals and the cut of the stem. It is essential for the leaves to be elastic. This will allow the bouquet to stay longer. Great importance should be paid to the selection of colors. If the relationship is at the initial stage, then you need to buy soft pink flowers. If the relationship is serious and strong, then you can purchase red roses.


Gerberas are perfect for a cheerful and fun girl. Such flowers are colorful and bright. The bouquet will be excellent both in winter and autumn.


Lilies are beautiful and delicate flowers. They are well suited if you want to convey that you have quivering feelings. There is a considerable amount of different shades of these flowers so that you can create an interesting multicolored bouquet.


They do not expect a special occasion. You can choose different colors. They stand in a vase for a rather long time, thinning a pleasant aroma. Chamomile. Perfect as a complement to the main gift. Also, it is an excellent gift for a gentle and kind girl.


Girls like these beautiful flowers. If you present an armful of tulips, you can tell about your quivering feelings.

Decorative sunflowers

This bouquet will be bright, and most importantly unexpected. These flowers are like little suns. Such a bouquet will be an indicator of feelings, love, care and warmth. Extraordinarily successful for an optimistic girl with a cheerful outlook on life.


You should give it to a particularly meaningful woman. The guy demonstrates his passion and the need to continue the relationship with these flowers.

Criteria of choice

When you think about which flowers to choose, you probably make sure that the bouquet is perfect.

In order to make sure of this, one should pay attention to the following signs:

  • leaver should be green, fleshy, smooth, and not broken;
  • half-open bud, it feels dense to the touch, the sepal fits well with it; the average length of the stem, without bends;
  • the lower part of the stem does not emit stench and does not slip;

How many to give

what kind of flowers to send a girl

The guy may not think about how many flowers to present to his beloved. However, if he wants to learn about the symbolism of numbers regarding colors, then it is represented by the following values:

  • 1 – sympathy;
  • 3 – the beginning of the relationship, the development of which the guy hopes;
  • 5 – recognition of great sympathy, admiration for the girl;
  • 7 – the guy has serious views on the chosen one;
  • 9 and more – considers the girl unique, making plans for the future.

The number of flowers does not always mean something. For example, a guy may simply not have enough money to buy a bouquet of nine or more flowers. This does not mean that he does not experience true love for his chosen one.

How to convey a bouquet

If you purchase a bouquet in advance, you need to follow certain recommendations so that it can stand up to the moment of the meeting:

  • when you came home, take a knife and carefully cut the tips of the stem;
  • pour water into the vase, the temperature of which will be no higher than room temperature;
  • spray a bouquet once every five hours;
  • if you purchased roses, then add some sugar to the water, for example, two pieces of refined sugar;
  • if the flowers are not wrapped, they can be placed in a bowl of water overnight.

How to present flowers

If you have a long walk, it is not very appropriate to give flowers at the very beginning of the date. You need to understand that they can be damaged and freeze if it is cold outside. In addition, they can make certain inconveniences. In such a situation, it is better to stroll not far from the flower shop at the end of the date, leave the girl for a short while, run after the bouquet and return with a surprise. If the meeting is scheduled in a restaurant or cafe, you can present a bouquet at the beginning of the meeting together with a vase.

What to say to a girl when you send her flowers

Remember that you need to look the girl in the eye and smile sweetly. It is necessary to present a bouquet with the left hand, at the moment when you take girls’ hand by your right hand. In a situation where there is a lush bouquet, you can hold it with both hands. You can accompany a gift with a certain phrase, for example, you can say that you were walking along the road, saw this beautiful bouquet and immediately thought about her.

The girl will be very pleased that you compare her with such beautiful flowers. If you decide to send a bouquet by courier, it is recommended to write a card that will be attached to the flowers. This can be a declaration of love and wishes or just a quote from a famous writer. Flowers can be sent both to her home or place of job. There are no ugly flowers in the same way as there are no ugly women. However, not every flower is suitable as a gift for girls.

The psychology of flowers is so multifaceted that, among this multitude, any man is able to find the right solution. Choosing a bouquet of flowers as a gift, follow the alphabet of the language of flowers, because one wrong step can completely ruin the minutes of joy. Important! Do not give girls and young women carnations, daffodils, chrysanthemums and gladioli. Do not choose dark shades for a gift. All these flowers are relevant and good for another occasion. Now you know what type of flowers to send for a girl you are recently dating.