Fake relationship

Fake Relationship

Fake relationships are unreal relationships that usually have one heartfelt and loving person who wants everything to be perfect. At first, his or her partner seems to reciprocate, but over time these feelings disappear. And while the first is trying to save the relationship to which he has already become attached, the second is indifferent. Love obscures judgment and makes it difficult to see the real picture. Everyone had such a wonderful feeling as love. It is a great gift, which allows you to plunge into a storm of emotions and enjoy each other.

However, there are times when love can bring suffering and pain. In the modern world with an appallingly fast rhythm of life, people are not particularly aware of their feelings and are immersed in the relationship as a whole. This haste and unwillingness to remain alone in life pushes us to rash acts, from which we often experience unpleasant emotions in the future. It happens when love is unreal. But here are a significant amount of signs of fake relationships that cannot be ignored for the sake of your own happiness.

Signs of a fake relationship

Many psychologists and sexologists identify a number of signs of a fake love relationship.

He is emotionally distant

Is your partner trying to keep in touch when he leaves? Does he answer your calls and messages? Fake people in a relationship are usually not very willing to communicate. They do not talk about what is happening in their lives and are not interested in yours. And they always have excuses for this.

You almost have no romance in your fake relations

And relationships are impossible without it. When a loving partner tries to initiate sex, all these attempts are often wasted.

You cannot solve your conflicts

Conflicts occur in every relationship. But in the right relationship, it is possible to find a compromise. If only you are trying to solve the problem, then your relationship and their outcome are not important for your partner.

You see no effort

Do only you always plan everything? Do you pay for everything? Do you do all the housework? So why do you need your partner? Relationships consist of two people. And if he or she does not make any effort for it, then you are faced with pretend relationship.

signs of a fake relationship

He or she is not interested in your thoughts and feelings

In real relationships, people understand how important it is to know what a partner thinks and feels. When was your partner last interested in how you feel?

You do not discuss the future

Discussions about the future are inevitable. If one of the partners avoids such topics or says nothing when you ask, apparently he is not interested in the future with you, or he just does not think about it.

He or she is indifferent to many things

Real relationships are not just sexual passion. A fake relationship is full of indifference. If your partner seems indifferent, detached, then there is no chance to talk about any real feelings.

Your partner never gives you compliments

We live in society and are forced to deal with many problems in the professional and personal sphere. When we enter a relationship, we look for peace and happiness. Sometimes we need compliments from our loved ones in order to feel that we are valued and loved. Compliments inspire and cheer us up, and if they are said by a loved one, it can brighten up even the worst day.

In a healthy relationship, partners occasionally compliment each other, thus expressing how happy they are with each other. If you do not receive compliments from a partner, then you are faced with one of the most critical signs of fake love.

You feel as though you are being judged all the time

In loving relationships, partners do not condemn or criticize each other. In particular relationships, people try to accept each other as they are, even if they see each other’s shortcomings. Each of you is a person in a relationship, not a suspect. And if you feel that you are being condemned all the time, this is unreal love.

fake love relationship

You have communication problems

Communication problems are one of the essential elements in a relationship that requires immediate attention. How many times have you felt that you could not say something to your partner? With true love, two people sometimes understand each other without words. If this is not the case, then you may have to accept the bitter truth.

You feel uncomfortable

If you are afraid to be yourself, there is no point in this relationship. Wearing a mask, only to keep someone close, who do not want to be with you is the violence against yourself.

You know something is wrong

It is terrible if you feel that something is wrong for a long time. Be honest with yourself. Are you wasting your time? Do you waste different precious resources on someone who never reciprocates? Pack your bags and leave him or her. Some women believe that if a man does not help with housekeeping, then he is indifferent and does not love her. There is some truth in this. It is worth thinking about the seriousness of the relationship if your man did not touch dirty dishes for more than six months or did not wash the floor.

Think about the secrecy of your partner. Constant omissions and avoiding the question should be alarming. Indifference and even aggression to the opinion of a partner are always unpleasant and suggest the idea that there was no love at all. Moreover, if the partners look in public as completely alien people who are in search of their love, then definitely there was no love.

Gifts are not from the heart

If a partner gives gifts, not from the heart, then you should also think about whether it is the relationships you want to have. And, of course, the leading indicator of unreal love is that partners do not talk about it. In the world of psychology, there is such a term as “neurotic love,” describing the state of fear of loneliness. Such people are not looking for love in principle, but trying to find a person just not to be alone, to feel protected with the perfect partner. However, there are no ideal people, and in this connection, accusations fall on his or her beloved and misunderstandings arise.