Best Way To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her

Best way to tell your girlfriend you love her

Most people believe that love relationships are an expression of loyalty, love, and care. However, there are cases when a person thinks differently. It begins to seem to him that he is not loved at all. He begins to look for signs that love has passed instead of enjoying a relationship with the second half. He wants to make sure that he is really loved, and the feelings he experiences are not fiction. Erroneous conclusions are pushed to quarrel with loved ones.

In this situation, it is essential not only to prove your feelings but also to be able to establish a dialogue, learn to trust and listen to each other. Everyone knows that women start loving men even more if he uses proper compliments. However, not everyone can use this knowledge. Therefore, many men are interested in the question of how to say sweet words for her correctly. It makes sense to memorize a few bright phrases or even compile your own vocabulary of special romantic things to say and suitable compliments for her. However, it should be borne in mind that there are specific nuances in their use.

Best way to tell your girlfriend you love her

Most men think that in order to conquer a woman, he needs to say beautiful compliments. However, they do not take into account the fact that such words must be spoken sincerely. Otherwise, they may sound false or even funny. A man should not be afraid to express his sympathy verbally. Most girls like the most common words: With these simple phrases, if you utter it with a penetrating, sensual, slightly leaning towards your interlocutor, looking into her eyes, stroking her hand, you can express all that any woman would like to hear from a man.

Yet you should not bet on a single phrase. It is desirable to have several units of another “weapon” in the arsenal. If your communication with the girl is just beginning, then in order to win sympathy, you should surprise and make her laugh. For example, keep remembering some non-standard greeting phrases; memorize a few witty and relevant jokes. And you need to use in conversation.

Worthy compliments

A girl should know that she is the best for you. You need to confirm this statement in any situation continuously. If you want to compare her with someone, then do it very correctly and without much specificity. For example: “No one but you can cook dinner so tasty.” Do not forget to say kind words to the girl when you are in the company of friends. Step over your timidity and do not skimp on compliments. She will appreciate it (especially when she sees the envious glances of her friends).

romantic words for her

In general, all you need is to make sincere and straightforward compliments about her slim figure, beautiful eyes, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, she will think that you are merely dismissing her. There is no precise algorithm for recognizing or pronouncing compliments. It is not so challenging to say kind words to a girl. The need for such words arises spontaneously, under the influence of the moment. However, it is necessary to follow simple rules.

Determine the right moment

It is pleasant for girls to receive compliments and to hear that people treat her with sympathy and tenderness. But you should pay attention to the environment and take into account the relevance of the expression of tender feelings. If after the words of the man the girl feels uncomfortable, then the male eloquence is in vain. Women have different attitudes to the tender nicknames from the lips of a beloved man. Some of them consider these phrases to be sweet words for her: “little darling,” “kitty,” “baby.” And others don’t like it.

A man must understand where and what he says, otherwise it can leave an unpleasant aftertaste. For example, if a couple comes to a high society party, the girl will be embarrassed if the satellite starts to pour favors in the presence of unfamiliar people. Another thing is when a couple is alone or in the company of close friends and family members. In such a situation, a gentle appeal to the beloved would be appropriate.

The choice of words and voice intonation

Even beautiful words will not please the chosen one if they are spoken casually or with humor more than is permitted. This does not mean that it is time to write a speech and rehearse every night before going to bed. It is enough to show respect for the woman he loves and not demean her dignity.

romantic sayings for her


Every woman understands when a man is lying. Therefore, it is better to express warm feelings with real but straightforward words than to invent flowery lyings.


You can compose romantic sayings for her in verse and prose. Each girl will be delighted to receive verse compliments. In such a case, a suitable passage is borrowed from the classics. And in prose, you can find a considerable amount of ways to find suitable words. At bedtime, in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, you should calmly talk heart to heart, and dream together. It brings people together and destroys any fears. The girl will trust the young man more.

You should ask the girl how she sees her future, whether she considers herself happy. The guy should ask what she expects from life. This will show that the chosen one is serious; he really cares about what the beloved is dreaming about and wants to achieve in the future.

Ways to say compliments for a girlfriend:

  • Eyes to eyes. This is the best option for a warm compliment.
  • Mobile phone. If the people are far away from each other, then telephones and other gadgets come to the rescue. Wishing good morning to the girl will give her a positive mood for the whole working day, and gentle and pleasant words before the sleep will make her smile happily before going to bed.

If you noticed that your wife is sad, then you should talk to her, pull her close and calm her down. Hugs, kisses, and soft strokes will help. Proving love is planning of future together. If there are no children in the marriage, you should talk about them, express a desire to become parents. Serious conversations and the ability to listen to each other are the keys to a healthy relationship, where there is no place for misunderstanding and resentment.

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