Eye contact flirting signs

Eye Contact Flirting Signs

We look at people every day, but we don’t always understand how important eye contact is. In fact, a lot of information about a person can be learned by merely participating in eye contact. Unfortunately, shy people are at a disadvantage because they tend to have difficulties with making eye contact. It has long been found that girls are more willing to get acquainted with guys who are confident in their actions.

There is a straightforward way to check the presence of this confidence. It is called eye contact. In general, a person receives most of the information thanks to the vision. Many girls declare that they agree to date only for the reason that the guy was making the right eye contact. Of course, if you just stare at a girl, then she can think that you are a maniac. And nobody needs it. That is why it is essential to do it correctly.

Eye contact when communicating

In fact, the right eye contact causes a girl to experience intense emotions, often similar even to the feeling of love, and therefore men all over the world continuously use this technique. Why does it happen? And why is it not easy for all men to maintain prolonged eye contact with an unfamiliar girl? You will learn some tricks that will help you in communicating with girls. The simplest explanation is that the direct and open eye contact is inherent in the courageous and strong male, and women feel this at a subconscious level.

So, if a guy takes his eyes away from contact with a girl, this doesn’t mean that he is courage. A real male does what he wants, and he is not afraid of anything or anyone. And the one who avoids eye contact hides his eyes, perhaps hides some of his complexes. In general, there may be many reasons for this, and maybe his mother brought up him in this way or something in his life influenced self-confidence.

Is it possible to train eye contact?

The main rule of eye contact dating is to look in the girl’s eyes until she looks away. However, if for some reason it is difficult for you to do this, then this skill can be trained. Moreover, you will have to do this if you want to become successful at communicating with a female.

It is very convenient if you are in public places every day, where many representatives of the opposite sex gather, for example, in a cafe near the university. You just have to look at all the young people passing by and try not to look away every time as long as possible.

eye contact attraction

First contact with a woman

Eye contact with a woman during a conversation should be calm and confident. To make it easier, you need to look only at one eye. At the same time, even if you worry a little, the girl is unlikely to notice it, because she will experience intense emotions herself. By the way, such skills will be useful to you not only when communicating with the fair sex, but also in other aspects of life, for example, in business when negotiating.

If you look at the person in the eye, a more trusting contact establishes between you, and therefore it is easier to convince the interlocutor about anything. However, you should not often resort to this technique with informal communication. Otherwise, your interlocutor may feel uncomfortable. In any case, his or her eyes must be controlled. In general, it is not bad to practice in front of a mirror.

How to make eye contact correctly

Not everyone can adequately maintain visual contact. One should not start looking at her from a long distance. Eye contact begins from ten meters, if you go towards each other, and ends about a meter from the meeting point. It is not necessary to turn your head. However, if she smiles, you can reply to her in the same way and say something affable to start an acquaintance. Often this reception also works in public transport. For example, the girl noticed that you were looking at her intently, and caught your eyes; in this case, you can not retreat.

Otherwise, if you “take away” your eyes first, she will feel that she has won and will not look at you again. Is it necessary to look into her eyes all the time if the acquaintance has already taken place? This is actually not easy, and therefore usually eye contact lasts eight to nine seconds, and for a second or two, you can shift your gaze a little to the side. Why does a girl look away when you look at her for a long time and intently? Of course, because you won this mini-battle of eye contact, and she is embarrassed or pretends to be embarrassed.

intense eye contact between man and woman

But almost always, if you come to her and speak after this, she is much less ready to be against talking with you. Moreover, the study entitled “The Impact of Eye Contact on Romantic Feelings” showed that men and women who looked at each other for a long time during a normal conversation developed “a much more elevated affection than the participants in the experiment, who less often used eye contact.” A look causes a sharp emotional state that is akin to fear.

If you carefully look at someone directly in the eyes, then the chemical process takes place in the body of a person, like the production of adrenaline, and they give rise to the same excitement that people feel when they are in love or are in lust! Psychologists who study love often use the so-called Rabin scale, determining the strength of feeling that people have for each other. The famous psychologist Zeke Rabin, who developed this scale, conducted the study “Evaluation of Romantic Love”. He found that people who are in love look at each other much longer than those who are not in love.

And here’s what you need to remember:

  • provoking an intense eye contact between man and woman is essential because this is how you demonstrate your confidence;
  • eye contact is a device for pick-up artists all over the world, which really often works;
  • if you take the flirty eyes first, you are unlikely to be interesting for a girl;
  • but even if you are shy, there are ways to learn to withstand the gaze of a woman and be confident in maintaining eye contact.