Characteristics of the perfect woman

Characteristics Of The Perfect Woman

Every man wants to see the perfect woman near him. At a certain point in life, every guy has his own image of a perfect girlfriend. For some, a romantic and shy girl is the subject of the most considerable interest, while others dream of conquering the heart of a dynamic and active girlfriend. Regardless of the individual preferences of a particular man, there are several characteristics that an ideal girl should have.

The appearance of an ideal girl

It’s not a secret that appearance plays a massive role for guys. Male psychology is formed in such a way that after the first second of dating the guy begins to assess the external parameters of his companion subconsciously. A man imagines how the girl will look with him and decides if he wants to see her all the time. Many guys argue that for them the inner world of their second half is more important, but it is not. Men are visuals, so they more readily fall in love with those women who look beautiful.


Men do not like girlfriends who put a ton of makeup on her face. Although bright make-up makes others pay increased attention to the girl, no men would like these bright colors. Men are more attracted to naturalness. However, this does not mean that a girl with a gray skin tone and bruises under her eyes makes a more significant impression on them. Cosmetics need to be used wisely. Avoiding dark shades in make-up is necessary.

Men pay attention to this part of the female face first. Therefore, you only need to emphasize the natural beauty of the cut eyes, using a thin eyeliner and a small number of light shadows. Lips are also an enjoyable part of the face for men. Guys prefer owners of plump limps. There must be a measure in everything. No one will like the vast lips that a woman has made with the help of a doctor. Therefore, it is only necessary to emphasize and moisturize your lips slightly.


Hair is especially important in a list of attractive qualities in a woman. You need to pay special attention to your hair so that they always look healthy, silky and shiny. According to numerous polls, men are more sympathetic to girls with long flowing hair. Such a woman becomes a fabulous mermaid for them. It makes no sense to make an intricate styling or tighten the hair in a tight bun. If we talk about hair color, in this case, men also adhere to the rule of naturalness. The more natural the shade, the more attractive the woman. If you wish, you can lighten some strands a little to add more volume to your hair.

ideal girl


In this issue, men’s preferences differ significantly. But overall, most men prefer to see a woman with a toned body next to them. Do not forget about the abdomen and buttocks. Therefore, girls should think about visiting the gym, swimming or jogging. If a beautiful, slim girl is walking next to the guy, then he will experience great pride and joy.

Fashion style of an ideal girlfriend

Many men pay special attention to elegance and sexuality when describing women’s clothing. The guys argue that the girl should give only a small hint of her accessibility. And if she looks vulgar and defiant, then it pushes away most of the gentlemen. It is desirable that the clothes favorably emphasize the shape of the girl and hide her flaws. Guys prefer more elegant girls when planning a serious relationship. Male psychology is designed in such a way that any guy will be happy to see unfamiliar girls in mini-skirts. However, he will never allow his girlfriend to dress like this.

To become perfect for your man, you will have to use erotic outfits only at home. For everyday life, it is necessary to choose costumes that are more elegant. Lovers of sportswear should reconsider their preferences. Men do not like it when their darlings start to dress like guys. Exceptions include only those situations when partners are going hiking or jogging. If we are talking about a date, then the girl should in no case come to him in a crumpled T-shirt or an old tracksuit. Lovers to wear bathrobes at home should also give up this habit. It is necessary to use something more erotic so that a man can continuously enjoy looking at a woman.

The intellect of a perfect girlfriend

Current trends are taking shape in such a way that every man wants a brilliant and educated woman next to him.

In this case, there are several problems:

  • A self-sufficient and intelligent woman will never live by the rules that a man imposes on her.
  • There is a significant risk that the girl will be smarter than her man. In this case, he quickly loses interest in this girl. It’s much easier to build a relationship with a silly girl since it will be much easier to manipulate her.
  • Every man wants to live with a smart girl, but most often he builds relationships with those who are not distinguished by special intelligence. This is the paradox of male psychology, which is very difficult to explain. To become an ideal girlfriend for your partner, intelligent individuals need to learn to show weakness and not too actively demonstrate their intellectual abilities.

Gait and flirt

It is necessary to remember that beautiful and correct posture always gives more grace and sexuality. Therefore, it is essential always to keep your back straight. These girls look much more confident in themselves and always attract the views of men.

Lifestyle and behavior

Each guy will be more interested in spending time with the girl who is interested in various things and is ready to improve continuously. If a woman attends exhibitions, theaters, is well versed in modern art, knows how to dance, cook and plays sports, then this is the best balance of all qualities.

Therefore, best qualities in a woman include:

  • Take care of a house. If a girl throws things around the room, then this causes a man to be perplexed. The guy himself can quite easily afford to scatter socks wherever he wants. But a woman does not have such privileges.
  • Do not have bad habits (drinking, smoking and constantly walking at night discos and noisy parties). The girl is allowed to drink a little alcohol, but only if it is a high-quality drink, but not beer.