Best Girlfriends In The World

Best girlfriends in the world

To find out what kind of girl can be called ideal, psychologists and sociologists asked this question to men of different age categories. And then, after analyzing the answers, they identified the ones that occur most often. And on the basis of these answers, psychologists managed to compile a complete and exhaustive description of the perfect girlfriend — her appearance, character, lifestyle, activities in society, and attitude toward her beloved man.

The appearance of a perfect girl

According to men, the ideal girl cannot be not beautiful, because nature has endowed her with a good figure, sweet face, clear skin and thick, luxurious hair. And the ideal woman herself has learned to take good care of her body and emphasize the dignity of her appearance. On the opinion of men, such a girl necessarily plays sports and eats appropriately in order to preserve a slim body and a young, blooming look for a long time.

Since the good girlfriend is beautiful by nature, she doesn’t need to put on too bright and challenging make-up, so she either doesn’t use cosmetics at all or uses it in moderation. Her hair has a length below the shoulders and a natural color, since, according to men, the girl dyeing her hair in blue, red, purple and other “unnatural” colors is too eccentric to be perfect. And of course, there are no tattoos on the body of the best girlfriend.

The ideal representative of the beautiful half of humanity is dressed femininely and tastefully, but not defiant. And the girl should wear gorgeous dresses not only in order to go out to people but also at home to please her man with a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. And of course, the ideal girl never forgets about the rules of hygiene: her hair is always clean and shiny, her fingers and toes have a neat manicure and pedicure, and her clothes are elegant.

the perfect girlfriend

The character of a perfect girl

The opinions of men differ significantly regarding the character of top girlfriend. Someone considers an obedient and driven girl to be perfect. However, most of the men are sure that the ideal girl should have the following character traits:

  • A girl should be kind to a man, to his friends and relatives, and to strangers.
  • Men believe that the ideal girl is the one who happily takes care of her man: she prepares his favorite dishes for him, gives him the opportunity to rest after work, looks after him when he is sick, and creates coziness and comfort in the house.
  • Patience and pliability. According to men, uncompromising ladies, who are ready to defend their opinions until the last moment cannot be perfect. It happens because she should be soft, compliant and ready to turn a blind eye to the weaknesses of her lover, as well as to adapt to his desires.
  • Most men claim that they will never forgive their girlfriend if she cheats on him, and also believe that women who cheat on their partners are not worthy of love.
  • The ideal girl is a phlegmatic or sanguine person by temperament. It happens because people with these types of temperament have a calm and balanced character. And these traits must be present in the ideal girl because men do not like scandals, hysterics, showdowns and female tears.
  • Tenderness and femininity. The ideal girl is the one who is always ready to give tenderness and affection to her man and makes him feel secure and courageous.
  • Optimism and sense of humor. Men want to see a cheerful, optimistic girl who believes in the best, believes in her man and is always ready to dispel all his doubts and laughs when she hears a funny joke.
  • Independence and willpower. An ideal girl is able to make essential decisions herself and deal with her problems, and not to shift everything onto a man’s shoulders. In the case when her lover has a nuisance, she will be ready to help him with advice and deed. And will just help to survive a difficult period.

The lifestyle of a perfect girl

The best girlfriend in the world has many interests, and she is continually evolving and improving herself. Such a lady likes to attend exhibitions and theater, understands art and literature, dances well and regularly plays sports. Also, the ideal girl is a great hostess: she knows and loves to cook, and her home is always clean and comfortable. In everyday life, she prefers moderation in everything and is quite economical. The ideal woman has no bad habits, and she also does not like night clubs and noisy parties. This lady drinks alcohol very rarely, and she prefers  refined drinks.

The social life of a perfect girl

An ideal girl is nice and friendly, she has excellent communication skills and can find an approach to any person. Therefore, she has many friends, and she maintains friendly relations even with colleagues and acquaintances. But at the same time, this lady puts her lover in the first place and does not spend much time with her friends and acquaintances. And of course, the ideal girl always works, and her profession involves intellectual work and communication with people but excludes business trips, corporate events and overtime. The salary of the girl is such that it allows her to meet her needs sufficiently.

How she behaves with her beloved man?

The dream girl loves her man just like that, and not for his merits, material well-being or generosity. This lady is glad to see her lover at any time of the day, and always ready to support any of his proposals. She will be moderately jealous and faithful to her man, and if necessary, she will follow him to the ends of the earth without hesitation. And also she will not rush him to go to the registrar. The best girlfriend cannot have a great experience of communicating with men, and, of course, a large number of sexual partners in the past. In the presence of other people, she behaves like a true lady so that her man can be proud of her. However, in private with a loved one, such a girl turns into a relaxed and very sexy woman who loves sex and is ready for any experiments in bed.

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