blind dating

Blind Date

A blind date is a thing you must try at least once in your life. In today’s world, everyone at least once thought about dating through the Internet. Everyone has his own reasons for it. It may be shyness, lack of time or inability to get acquainted with the first comer. If you want to meet someone from the other country, the main way to do this, is to go on a blind date. However, going on a real date after Internet acquaintance scares almost everyone. The pros and cons of such a meeting are very diverse, and if a person decided on such a brave and responsible step, he (or she) must be fully prepared for it. With our best blind date ideas this won’t be an impossible mission.

But let’s start step by step. Of course, if you started a conversation with a random person at the bar, you can only hope that you will be lucky, and discover some common interests. When dating through special sites you have already had an idea with whom you go on a date. You have had at least a little talk with this person and made an impression about her on the basis of her stories or profile data. You exchanged a few letters, and the first impression has formed. Surely, this first impression may be false and at the real date you may get disappointed. Still, much depends on your personal luck and your own charm.

Blind Date

So, if you want to have a successful meeting, just remember a few basic etiquette guidelines for best blind dating.

  1. Learn to be natural. When you show her your warm attitude, she will feel comfortable with you. And as a result, you will both be relaxed and satisfied with each other’s company from the first seconds. So, go for a meeting with the thought that you are not losing anything. You can be yourself without fear and embarrassment. But don’t cross border with showing too much familiarity while first meeting! Even if you really liked the girl, you should not make a declaration of love. Many women don’t believe in love at the first sign, that’s why you may scare her off. And even worse, she might think that you are a heart-breaker and say such things to all women.
  2. Be polite. It is no need to pretend that you are from a royal family but you should control yourself and mind your manners. Girls won’t be impressed with a man who cracks vulgar jokes or speaks with his mouth full.
  • As you know the first impression is always very strong. Follow our blind date outfit ideas.
  • Make sure you have carefully picked up the wardrobe for your date.
  • If you feel comfortable to come in jeans and a sweater, do it. It is not necessary to look for special ways to impress the person.
  • Choose clothes appropriate for the place of your meeting. You should not wear a tuxedo for a lunch in a city cafe.
  • Warn the girl about the place of your meeting, so she also chooses the outfit to match the event.
  • Your clothes may be not brand-new, but they must be neat and clean.
  • Avoid extravagant things that may puzzle people around you.

The main blind date advice is connected with preparation and planning:

    1. What to do?
      Think of a plan what to do and say during your first meeting. You should have a few options. But still, you must be flexible and leave room for something unplanned. Don’t be shy to open to her. Maybe she has been waiting for a man like you for the whole life!
      It is also very important to mind the safety of a blind date. Blind date can bring a lot of joy and fun. Though, this is your first meeting. Unfortunately, there are many bad people in this world. You may come across some cheater or gold-digger. Therefore, it is better to take a few precautions. First, tell your friends or someone close to where you’re going, especially if you meet in a foreign country. It’s better to meet in a public place. Secondly, take your mobile phone with you and keep it on all the time.

Alternatively, you can invite another couple on a first date to feel more relaxed. It’s a double blind date.

  1. First blind date ideas for meeting place:
    a) Since your first date will be aimed to know each other, and you want to feel comfortable, choose a public place or entertainment. Consider the cost of such a date. It should be average. If you plan a date with a Slavic girl, it would be better if you pay for dinner (or lunch). These women are not feministic. They appreciate nice courting.
    b) Alternatively, consider the following fun blind date ideas for a place of meeting:
    – Eat together in some interesting theme restaurant;
    – Drink a Cup of coffee in a café with a cozy atmosphere;
    – Go bowling or skating.
    Whatever you choose, let the option be comfortable and affordable to both. Skydiving or visiting some exotic place is not the best idea for a first date. And mind one more thing – you need a place to talk. Going to the cinema is great but not on the first date. You have to find out if you may match and develop your relations. So, spending 2 hours watching on the screen won’t help you in this.
  2. Meeting.
    Come a little early. Though, keep in mind that your woman may be a little late. As a rule, women need more time to get ready for such an important thing like a date. At unofficial meetings it is acceptable to be up to 15 minutes late. Shake hands and smile at each other. It is important to look cheerful. Tell her that she looks fantastic. Women fall in love with what they hear. Devote your time only to her. You must not check your phone every two minutes. Otherwise, she will think that you are bored or in hurry. After all, this is your chance for a happy life; don’t waste it on social networks or even business issues!
  3. Mental attitude.
    So, in addition to physical preparation you need to work with your attitude to this situation. Be open enough, but don’t fancy high expectations and allow the situation to develop in its own way. Your main expectation from a blind date is to get to know each other better and understand if this person is interesting for future meetings. With such attitude, you will be more relaxed and get more pleasure from the date.
  4. Watch.
    Be careful and track all negative tendencies during the date:
    -The way she treats waiters and staff (rude or careless).
    -How she speaks of her friends, parents or ex-relations.
    -How she drinks.
    However you must be too prejudiced. We are all human and your chosen one may feel shy and nervous just like you.
  5. Bring a little gift or flowers.

Blind date gift ideas can be various. You may bring her a bunch of flowers or a single long-stern rose. It is no need to make any expensive gifts at the first date as the girl may feel awkward and obliged. First date gift is mostly a sign of attention. You can also bring her a soft toy or a box of good chocolate candies. It will be also nice if you bring some authentic sweets or souvenirs from your country. If you exchanged letters before your meeting, you will know her tastes and be able to choose something to her taste.
So, we can summarize our advice on blind dating.

1.Asking questions about her family and friends.
2. Learn what she does and where she works.
3. To show excitement about the date.
4. To be interested in her hobby, discuss music, movies and books.
5. Tell about yourself (but not all the time!)
6. Show interest in her stories.
7. Ask open-ended questions.

1.Discuss past relationships. Past is past. The girl is not guilty that you were disappointed before. And she might feel bad if you keep talking about your ex-wife or girl-friend.
2. It’s bad to gossip about other people.
3. Complain.
4. To say something stupid or sarcastic.
5. Focus the conversation on only one topic.
6. Ask closed questions (they can only be answered “Yes” or “No”).
7. Surely, you want to produce a good impression, but don’t boast! It is considered ill-mannered if you say how much you earn or mention the price of your outfit.

“Lying is no good”, as our mother said in the childhood, however, if the date failed, the person is dull or on the contrary, very unpleasant in some way, you can always leave under false pretenses (anything, even that your cat is giving birth) and never meet this person again.


This is one of the most important things to remember about blind dates. To be honest, you should always end a date this way. You should not leave a person in the dark about the impression that she made on you. If you liked the date and would like to continue the communication, it is necessarily to let her know it. Maybe you can even offer the next meeting in a couple of days. And if, in your opinion, you are not very suitable for each other, it should be said clearly, but friendly.

This is very important, because it will allow you both to understand mutual positions and avoid possible misunderstandings in the future. Blind date is a fun experience that is useful to get at least once in a lifetime. We do hope that our good blind date ideas will help you to make the date successful. Remember that an ordinary date can lead to something beautiful. We wish you to find your true love!

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