10 romantic places in New York

10 Romantic Places In New York

In this article we will tell you about 10 romantic places in New York. There you can make beautiful photos for your Instagram account, arrange a date for your soul mate or, if you are a guest in this city, we suggest you visiting them to feel the special spirit of New York.

Central Park

When we talk about romantic places in NYC, Central Park is the first that comes to mind. It is a hallmark of greenery and wildlife among the stone urban jungle, where you can enjoy the singing of birds and bright nature in the warm summer evenings. This is one of the most popular locations to invite your soul mate on a date.

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We offer you some ideas how to spend time together in a romantic way:

  1. Have a picnic. The best time for this is a summer evening or an autumn day. Choose a beautiful lawn away from other people, so that you won’t be disturbed while enjoying the conversation and your time tete-a-tete.
  2. Go boating and admire the picturesque view of the Belvedere Castle. It looks really fantastic.
  3. Visit the winter garden, which will help you to arrange an unforgettable date in the cold season.

This is perhaps the most popular place for having romantic dates NYC. Therefore, if you want to conquer the heart of your chosen one, it is impossible to think of a better place.

Empire State Building

What is the most famous building that can reveal the spirit and character of New York in the best possible way? No doubts, it’s the Empire State Building. Its roof offers stunning views of the city. And it’s a great way to spend an evening together.

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Arrange a date on the roof of the most famous skyscraper. The Empire State Building has a wonderful panoramic view of the whole city. We recommend planning a meeting on a clear day so that you and love can fully enjoy the picturesque scenery from above. At night, you will discover a completely different picture, because New York is a city that never sleeps. Blinding lights, late-night noise and excitement, that surround you, will help to feel the pulse of the city.

And then you can finish this romantic evening in the nearest restaurant or a cozy café, where the quiet soothing music plays. You may go to a noisy trendy club instead. It all depends on your tastes and preferences.


This amazing building became the background for lots of photos in Instagram. Its shop windows will charm with the variety of exquisite jewelry that has become an object of desire for many ladies. If you have decided to spend a tidy sum on a gift for your soul mate, then make a surprise and take her to the “Tiffany & CO” store. We guarantee that her delight will have no limit.

romantic places in nyc

But it is not necessary to spend lots of money on a romantic date. We would like to offer you romantic getaways in NY based on the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Propose your girlfriend to become Miss Holly Golightly. Take a couple of pictures on the background of the famous store and its colorful windows.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

One of the most romantic things to do in NYC is to visit Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It is not a good idea to come here on Valentine’s Day, but in the spring, the place is a real blooming paradise, fragrant with cherry blossoming.

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It is in April that the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn becomes the most romantic place for you to walk with your love and even make her a marriage proposal. You have a chance to decorate the location in advance or hire people who can do it for you.

Also it is possible to give her a surprise photo shoot in the style of “a love story” as it will be a great memorable gift and a proof of your love. You can use the services of special agencies. The organizers will invite a professional photographer and bring decorative elements like flags, signboards with your names, flowers and even some furniture.

Brooklyn Promenade

Romantic things to do in New York are to see the city from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. You will have a stunning view of Lower Manhattan. It is the very place to invite your girlfriend on a romantic date. Also, this is a great way to demonstrate the beauty of New York City to a guest who arrived here for the first time.

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The embankment is a great option for spending time together because there are many places where you can enjoy the fine cuisine. For example, here is the popular River Café. Has your significant other a sweet tooth? Then be sure to check out Jacques Torres. It is the famous chocolate shop, where you can choose delicious desserts and hot chocolate.

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center is a great place where you can have a good time together to good use. Although in the midst of the season it is crowded, but you may plan your date on the time with less visitors, so you will not be disturbed. Rockefeller Center looks very presentable and picturesque. You can take beautiful photos on the background of the statue of Prometheus that was made in the black colour and looks very epic.

Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center

If your love does not know how to skate, then it is a proper time to learn.Support her during the first steps; grab her by the waist to make her feel safe and more confident. Afterwards you can drink coffee in the nearest café and have a hearty talk. Cooperative sport activities increase the level of trust in couples. So, do not deny yourself the pleasure to spend time actively, and especially in such a picturesque place of New York.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most interesting places in New York that is highly recommended to visit. It is here that many artifacts from Ancient Rome are kept. In addition, you will be able to see lots of interesting things associated with the various historical events.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

However, only a few people know that this is a wonderful place to spend a great time and enjoy talking in the bar, which is situated on a special balcony. The picturesque view is opened to the Great Hall. Also, starting from May to late autumn, you can visit the rooftop bar with your better half. It provides a beautiful view, so feel free to go upstairs and enjoy a drink in the company of each other.

Hudson River Park

If you miss the greenery and nature, living in an environment of stone jungle, then choose the time for a romantic weekend in Hudson River Park. This is a stunningly beautiful place where you can relax fully and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park has a large area, occupying more than 5 miles. You will have an artistic view to the Hudson and a part of New Jersey. For this reason, this place is among the TOP of the most visited ones in NYC.

Invite your girlfriend here to confess your love, make a surprise or marriage proposal. In the heart of this picturesque park the love words will produce a truly fantastic effect. You can decorate the place in advance or just give your soul mate a big bunch of flowers with the attached ring box.

New York City’s Waterways and Statue of Liberty

Romantic New York is associated with Manhattan. That is the right place to enjoy a great time together walking along the promenade.

New York City's Waterways and Statue of Liberty

We offer you a few ideas how to organize a cool date:

  • buy a ticket for a cruise boat. You can admire the picturesque panorama of the city;
  • if you like extreme sports then you can go kayaking. This is a great option to arrange an original and active date;
  • catch the ferry from Battery Park City. Its route passes the Statue of Liberty. This is the most popular entertainment among tourists, especially because the ferry is absolutely free.

On the esplanade you will find many cozy cafés and small restaurants where you can eat and have fun.

Lincoln Center

Don’t you know the place where to have an unforgettable and original first date? Just arrange a meeting near the fountain at Lincoln Center. This is a very beautiful place, especially in the evening, when the lights are lit and there is a special atmosphere all around.

Lincoln Center

Take a walk through Avery Fisher Hall. This is an amazing area that is sure to charm you with its unusual architecture. It is here that you should confess your feelings, and maybe say the most important love words, making happy your chosen one.

New York City is the city of romantics

So, New York is a beautiful busy city. It seems that in this stone jungle and the constant flow of people hurrying about their business, there is no place for romance. But there are enough picturesque areas where you can spend time tete-a-tete, enjoying the company of each other.

It can be a park filled with greenery and fragrant aroma of seasonal flowers, or a noisy promenade with the bright street-lamps and windows of cafés. Take a walk through the most beautiful streets of the city to make photos that will remind you of the magical moments together.

Travel by ferry or boat is also an original and entertaining idea for a romantic date. You will enjoy stunning views of New York and the Statue of Liberty. You will add cool selfies with your partner to your account at Instagram.

For this reason, do not postpone your plans for too long. Think right now about how to surprise your chosen one, or even make a proposal. Your soul mate will appreciate your efforts and declaration of love in the most romantic places of New York.