How to Escape the Friend Zone?

How to Escape the Friend Zone?

If you are interested in a particular person, and you are in the “zone friends”, do not worry. There is always a chance to develop the friendship into something deeper. In this article we will explain how to escape the friend zone and achieve mutual feelings?

What does friend zone mean?

Friend zone is relationship between two friends in which one of them wants something more than just friendship. Friendly area in the culture became popular by 2010.  There was a reality show on TV, where young people tried to communicate with their friends on a romantic note. When one person doesn’t want to accept the feelings of another, it means that some of them is rejected in the area of friends. This concept is frequently used among young people for refusing a romantic relationship. More often guys get in the friend zone.

Many of them believe that this is the worst place where can get a young man, who is in love. A person, asking to stay in the friend zone, often called the friend zoner. Feminists believe that the concept of the friend zone based on male narcissism. The good actions of men often require remuneration. If the representative of the stronger sex will be tied to the woman, she must reciprocate, otherwise it will be considered bad and ungrateful. However, Ellie Fogh thinks that misogynists are the only men with low self-esteem and confidence. Everyone perceives the situation differently.

For someone it means nothing and he stubbornly continues to achieve the target number. Second experiencing jealousy, hopelessness and defeat. Much worse when the person you like, tells you about his new love. But do not despair, if you are in a similar situation. It just says that your actions do not fit into the generally accepted rules of relations between a man and a woman. Maybe you can still fix something. After all, not every man can tell a woman what he wants. The ladies all quite simple to arrange. If the guy shows no signs of attention and interest, therefore, he becomes only a friend for her.

Why men fall into the friend zone?

It is not easy to answer this question, given that men and women absolutely have different views on the same event. Let’s find out what women think about this.

friend zone signs

1.The lack of determination and flirting. Modesty is a good quality, but in romantic relationships it does not always help, especially if you are a man. Constraint and restraint on your part shows that you are not comfortable. It does not help the girl to understand that you like her, because of what the lady identifies you as a friend. Great importance is flirting. It expresses your interest in her. If you are trying to seduce a girl, most likely you will travel to the area friends. It is a mistake to believe that a few compliments will be enough. Remember, ladies love an active, confident and ambitious young people. Shyness and restraint do not paint the man. In today’s world these qualities will automatically take the person to the category of weak losers.

2.You can’t make your own decision. Of course, girls love it when their opinions are considered, however, if you are constantly consulted on various details, it says that you can’t take the situation into your own hands. If you accept the terms of her game and she indulged, she will see you as a weak man who can command and control. You need to show your masculine qualities and take more responsibility for yourself.

3.You often talk about other girls. Talk about former girls or about sympathies to other ladies, makes the woman think that you are interested not only in her. Or, on the contrary, the lady will regard you as an alpha male, for whom she is another goal.

4.You are not attractive enough for her. Getting into the friendship zone does not always mean that you did something wrong. Perhaps you are not her type of man or do not attract her sexually. There is nothing to worry about, because everyone has their own preferences.

There is the well-known phrase: “If a girl says no, that means yes!” There are cases when women send men into a friendly zone only to fill their own worth and cause jealousy. But such an act, as a rule, is a veiled admission that you are not the hero of her romance.

 How to avoid the friend zone?

If you have already entered the friend zone, please read the information below if you don`t want this situation to happen again:

  • always be confident. Lack of confidence often makes a man a good friend, not a potential lover;
  • flirt with her. Carefully show her that you are configured for a romantic relationship, not a friendly one. It is important to control your actions in order not to appear too arrogant at once. But it is also necessary to act noticeably, because it will allow you to feel the boundary between romance and friendship;
  • Try to be more private to hint about your feelings, but without close physical contact. This will make the young lady feel that a spark has run between you, that can bring you closer together;
  • do not indulge her. You don`t need to be an errand boy. Do not rush to fly to her first call (if it does not concern something important) and listen to her complaints. In time, you will become a vest for a girl to cry on. Make an appointment when it is convenient not only for the lady, but also for you, then you will be more appreciated. Many men think that by fulfilling all the whims of a girl, they will be able to conquer her.  However, this is not the case. Your indulgence will only lose respect in the eyes of your soulmate, which is one of the conditions for attracting the opposite sex;
  • talk less about yourself. Do not turn conversations into boring monologues. Girls love funny guys with a good sense of humor;
  • do not be intrusive. You should not constantly initiate meetings and often remind of yourself. Try to leave a certain play of unobtrusiveness and escape. If you will be too much in the life of the girl, she will automatically want to get rid of you. And the effect should be the opposite – the interest and desire to communicate;
  • try to reduce her importance to yourself. You don`t need to make your object of sighing the center of the universe. The girl must understand that you are doing well without her. Make more time for yourself. Go to the gym, practice your style;
  • live a vibrant life. Do not immediately fall on the couch after coming out of work. So you will only get more into the problem. Look for an interesting hobby for you, start chatting with other girls, perhaps the object of your sympathy will feel the competition;
  • do not give her advice about other guys. If you think how to get out of the friend zone, do not advise how to behave with guys. Otherwise, the lady will surely take you as a friend, to whom you can always ask for advice. This does not mean that you do not need to provide support. Whenever possible, try to show how important she is for you and how happy she will be in relations with you.

If you do not want to be a friend, you still have to admit your feelings. It is better to do this when the opposite sex has at least some signs of interest. Even if after your confession you lose each other, you will know that you have done everything possible.  And this is much better than being aloof and doing nothing.

how to get out of the friend zone

You don`t need to deceive yourself and assure that you are satisfied with the friendship with this person. This often leads to a depressed state and a decrease in self-esteem. If your connection is still broken, do not be upset, concentrate your attention on other beauties. Perhaps you did not notice that some lady was in your friend zone.

   Friend zone signs

That you are just a friend for a girl, she may simply not say it. There may be a lot of reasons for this:

  • she is afraid of hurting you;
  • keeps you as a “fallback”;
  • does not want to lose you as a friend.

However, there are certain signs by which one can understand that the object of your groaning does not consider you as a partner. Remember how she presents you to other people. If she states with confidence that you are a friend, then that is the way it is. With such a representation, the lady gently lets you know that you are not the hero of her romance. Watch the behavior of the girl when you are out of the house together.  If she is afraid of being noticed with you, it means that she does not want her friends to understand everything as something wrong. In such a situation, you will probably receive refusals to frequent invitations to go somewhere together.

What topics do you usually talk about? If a lady easily tells you how she flirts with other guys and is interested in your taste preferences regarding girls, then she zoned you. Observe how your friend responds to careless touches. If she withdraws, then she has no attraction for you, and this is the direct road to friend zone. Another sign of a friend zone is when a girl doesn’t really bother with her appearance before your meeting. Since appearance is very important for many girls, going out without makeup means that you are her best friend, before whom she can safely appear “unarmed”.