How to make her fall in love on the first date

The first meeting with a new person is something special. You always expect a beginning of a happy love story. But because of your natural shyness you cannot often produce a good impression. As a result this first date becomes the last one. Not everyone believes in love at the first sight, maybe it does not exist at all…who knows? But it goes without saying that the first impression really means much.

What to do if even the thought of the first date makes you sweat with the tension? To overcome your hesitation and shyness, you need to gain more self-confidence and, of course, use our great tips on how to make her fall in love with you on the first date.

How to make the right impression: a complete guidance

The truth is that you cannot force someone to love you. However, you can do your best in showing your positive sides to a girl you like. Surely, if you come for a date in a shirt with a food stain, dirty shoes and messy hair, you should not be surprised when she runs away before the evening ends. Remember that most of girls prepare for a date in advance and spend minimum 2 hours to get ready. Respect her efforts and try to look in the best possible way.

  • Good looks

Neat clothes, good manicure, clean-shaven face or nice beard, clean body and pleasant perfume must be inseparable part of you every day and not only on the first date.

As for the outfit, choose something that is comfortable for you and appropriate to the situation. Keep in mind that even the best formal suit will look ridiculous in the cinema or during a walk in the park. The opposite is also true: you should not wear trainers to a café.

Useful tip: warn your girl about the place of meeting because she needs to prepare for it. If she thinks that you are going to drink coffee in a cozy little café but you bring her to a fancy restaurant instead…well, you will have the opposite effect. She will feel awkward because her outfit and make up are not matching this nice place. As a result, she will be angry. So, it is not a good beginning of the relations, is it?

  • Necessary attributes

Women love flowers. Accept that as an undisputable truth. It is better to know what flowers she prefers, so you can bring a bunch of her favorite ones. If for some reason she does not like flowers (rather impossible situation), bring her another symbolic gift. It can be a soft toy, box of tasty sweets, some cute souvenir connected with her hobby. Don’t bring anything too expensive. Remember, “Money can’t buy me love”. If you give a very expensive gift on the first date, it makes the girl feel awkward. She may think that you want something bigger from her in return (like intimacy straight away after the dinner). Such situation will not add you points in her eyes.

  • Never stop your self-development

Read, watch movies or intellectual and humorous programs, always learn something new or develop your existing skills. Be a good interlocutor. Girls love successful and smart men, and if you constantly develop yourself, it will be interesting for her to communicate with you. Even if your love story won’t work, you will turn into an educated and successful man after a while.

  • Love and respect yourself

If you do not love yourself, how can anyone fall in love with you? Remember that it is you who take decisions and carry the responsibility. That’s why you must understand your power. Do not get into relations that disgrace you as a man.

  • Be confident!

It happens, of course, so that a girl can fall in love just because of the sense of pity. That’s sad indeed. Will such a union be a happy one? Surely, not! So, you must be self-confident, knowing that you deserve only good relations.

  • Be a cheerful optimist

Learn to be an optimistic merry fellow, who even in a tricky situation can remain positive, who knows how to laugh at anything, be it even his own salary or the size of his man’s pride (God forbid!). Remember: with the help of optimism you will be able to cover a lot of your own shortcomings.

How to make her fall in love on the first date

  • To make her fall in love on the first date, use your imagination

The main thing you should know about your dates with her is that your meetings should be emotional, various and interesting. Don’t organize your every date in the same place, doing the same things (for example, a walk along the same alleys of the park or drinking beer in the same café at the same table). Such approach may get anyone bored, to say nothing of the girlfriend.

  • Don’t pretend!

The temptation is really strong. You want to show the best of you and maybe add something to your image. But if you behave like a heart-breaking macho, while in the real like you are a quiet geek, things will not work. Of course, she may be hooked by this fictional image, however, one day the truth will be revealed. She will realize that she has loved another fake person who is not you. This will be very painful for both. Be yourself, and it is the best solution.

Love is a very tricky thing. We cannot explain what made us fall in love with our partner. Was it a cute smile or dimples on the cheeks? Or maybe you liked the way she looked at you… nobody knows how it works. That’s why just do all that you can and come what may!