The 10 Most Stylish US Presidents Of All Time

The 10 Most Stylish US Presidents Of All Time

In spite of everything, Donald Trump is the leader of the free world. And despite the promises of the big Mexican walls and the cunning “chat in the locker room,” Lil Hillary was right that we owe him “impartially.” This is true, but no one should be forgiven for using scotch tape instead of the crossbar.

Fortunately, not all former presidents have been subjected to such serious testing. To celebrate / despair (if necessary, exclude) the 45th presidential inauguration, we look at the previous commanders of the White House in style.

Harry Truman

Harry Truman style

President Truman did not cut his teeth while interning on Capitol Hill, rather in a haberdashery in Kansas City. This could somehow explain the explanation of his skill in the wardrobe and his nickname – haberdashery. Truman not only led the large lapels, but he was also known for making the bow tie look good in the stifling conservative circles – a feat that even Roosevelt fought.


John Fitzgerald Jack Kennedy style

John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy – the regulatory standard in character and style. Perhaps the most iconic POTUS, the archive of great dresses with which we stayed, is as influential as the man himself. King Camelot style points were not simply earned during the campaign. The yacht trip in the Hamptons was accentuated with shortened cream pants and a pair of classic Wayfarers, while the knit polo shirt became one of the JFK business cards. I think we know who is credible with all these 54 years of inspiration.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln style

We will more likely see a recurrence of rubella rather than suffer repetitions of top hats and muttonchops (honestly, Abe). However, not all Lincoln’s wardrobe was bad. His well-trimmed beard was several years ahead of the hipster trend, and judging by this picture, he also predicted an increase in casual tailoring about 150 years ahead.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama style

Obama’s wardrobe leaves much to be desired: poorly chosen denim, thanks to which he received the nickname “President Mom Jeans,” tight-fitting voices and disappointing square jackets. Also, these problems are compacted only when your wife nails them on the world stage. But with all the big lows come great highs. A person can fill a dining suit like no other. Then there is his two-piece oatmeal safari, and who can forget the official jacket of the POTUS. Yes, he did.

Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur style

It’s not for nothing that the 21st president was called a “gentleman’s boss.” Possessing a large and somewhat ostentatious wardrobe, his coat with fur trimming ankle-high made him Republican Rick Ross of the 1880s. To celebrate his inauguration, Big C dropped more than $ 15,000 into shopping Brooks Brothers. MTV Cribs does not make presidents, but if they made …

George W. Bush

George W. Bush style

He probably had the lowest IQ in this series, but he was still very popular in the style department. The legacy of George W. Bush goes beyond legendary weapons of mass destruction. In his youth, G-Dub pretty much nails the elegant image of the Ivy League with Oxford shirts and parachutists-pilots, before going to the office and impose a dress code for casual clothing, always ending in a sharp coat.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt style

The FDR will always be remembered for the New Deal, but do not let the economic turn exceed its bold style and taste. The charismatic president had a penchant for yachts, mansions, and French cigarettes, and some said that he took off his morning dress better than any British colleague. Striking things for a man who was forced to wear metal braces to fight his polio-rich posture.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton style

Slick Willie was whether a sartorialist in his official days. However, from the moment the White House filed his wife’s request, the first gentleman made some turn. Many Windsor knots have bolstered recent television appearances and three parts worthy of Savile Row, proving you can teach old POTUS new tricks.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan style

Reagan may not have been solely responsible for the 80s Wall Street boom, but he is credited with sending sales of power suits up. Sharp lapels, stripes, and contrasting collars were Lynch-style Big Communicator and quickly imitated throughout the country.

Honorable Mention Joe Biden

Joe Biden style

It is unlikely that the sheriff will ever get to the office in America, but he finished second with an arsenal of style tricks worth mentioning. Vice President Obama laid the foundation for the most conservative outfits, be it a striped tie in the style of Ralph Lauren, Senate cufflinks or his personal favorite – a square pocket with a triple peak. Not bad for a guy, pretty adult, to be your grandfather.

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