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Romantic Bathroom Date Ideas

A great opportunity to surprise your soulmate is to arrange an evening romantic bathtub. There are many romantic bathroom date ideas, think what can hit your partner. This idea, regardless of the decor, is doomed to success, because the romantic atmosphere will help you to relax and have a rest.

Romantic bathroom date ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you do not know how to surprise your partner on the day of all lovers, a full bath is a wonderful surprise. But if you want a pleasant surprise to succeed, it is necessary to properly prepare. Think over all the details.

    • Buy in advance all the necessary attributes, these can be:
  • cards in the form of hearts;
  • rose petals;
  • candles;
  • fragrances and other sexy bathroom decorating ideas.

Of course, before you start decorating, you need to clean up the bathroom. You need to be sure that all available surfaces are clean and tidy. Send an invitation to your darling, choose the right time for this event, if possible, warn friends and relatives, if you do not want to be surprised by unexpected guests who may appear on the threshold at the most inopportune moment.

romantic bath ideas

Romantic bathroom ideas for her

If you decide to prepare such an unexpected evening for a girl, do not forget about pleasant things. Such a secluded evening can refresh your feelings, bring a spark of passion into your relationship. Specify at what time the girl plans to return home, because it will not be very nice if she lingers at work. Arrange for a specific time and ask her not to be late.

    1. In the preparation of a relaxing event can be applied:
  1. Light relaxing music.
  2. Aroma oils.
  3. Sparkling wine.
  4. Bath foam.

It is important to choose the right flavors, it is necessary to decide what effect you want to achieve, relaxing or vice versa exciting. Great romantic bath ideas will be a light massage using oils.

    • The most popular is considered to be:
  • Ylang-Ylang is an exotic unusual fragrance, which evokes bright emotions, gives confidence. It is also an aphrodisiac. The use of such oil will help tune in to the desired wave of relaxation and serenity;
  • Bergamot – it is called the “oil of happiness.” It will help to relieve stress after a difficult day, relieve anxiety and bad mood;
  • Peppermint – acts as an excellent sedative. It will help eliminate overexcitement and calm down. It is a great stimulator of the whole body;
  • Rose – on the eve of a romantic night, this fragrance will give vigor and strength. Favorably affects women, has excellent properties of a strong aphrodisiac.

If you are preparing a romantic bath for two, do not forget to prepare a light meal for a snack. It can be ripe fruits, for example, apples, bananas, pineapple and any others that will be enjoyed by both. Food should be very light, depending on your preferences, there may be residual chocolate and wine.

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Bathroom designs for small bathrooms

The muffled light will help to create an intimate atmosphere in a small room. Type in water at a pleasant temperature, it should not be too cold or hot. It is better to choose a temperature of about 40 degrees. Add foam and special salt. It is able to protect the skin, will help give the water a magical aroma. Now there is a huge variety of cosmetics with moisturizing additives. In specialty stores you can buy amazing floating candles. They are completely safe, as they run on batteries, and there will be no open fire. Such decorative elements will help create an atmosphere of magic.

romantic bathroom ideas for her

This change in the interior will contribute to strengthening your relationship with the partner. If the area of the room is limited, it is better to remove all unnecessary from it. Blow away extra towels, shower curtains, shampoos and other hygiene items. Small romantic bathroom ideas depend only on your imagination. Even in conditions of limited space, you can create comfort and romance. Beat the area with color, with the help of visual effects you can add space. The decor of red color will look very impressive, it symbolizes love and passion. In addition, the contrast of white and red looks great!

Lay out a heart of candles or any other symbol, causing you a pleasant association. So you not only decorate the space, but also add a soft and pleasant light. Think about where and how you will place additional sources of light. It is better not to use the lighting of the central chandelier or lamp. Despite the fact that previously we recommended that you remove all towels, a couple should still be left. However, it is not necessary to hang them on a towel warmer or hooks, it is better to hide them in a secluded corner, where they will not attract attention. Prepare a tray with strawberries and champagne, this is the best snack this case.

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Keep in mind that the room will be warm enough, so put the bottle in a container with ice, which will help to maintain the optimum temperature of the drink. If space allows, prepare a small table for refreshments. You can prinkle flower petals, but it is important to do everything neat and tasteful. Do not overdo with the amount of decor. The music will play a very important role, add suitable compositions to the playlist, since you will not be able to be distracted by switching songs.

Columns or any other sound source will be better to move closer to the place of the date. Do not forget that everything should be decorated in one color – bathrobes, candles and other attributes. It will look very good and spectacular. Creating a pleasant environment is not really as difficult as it may seem at first. We are sure that you will be able to recreate the ideal model of a romantic meeting. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will succeed!

Examples of Romantic Bathrooms

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