How to flirt with a girl?

How to flirt with a girl?

For many adults and experienced men actual question is: “How to flirt with a girl?”. Unfortunately, in high school there is no discipline that will teach us how to do it. We are taught physics, mathematics, chemistry and other subjects, but nobody will teach to build relationships with the fairer sex.

It is very important in the modern world to understand, if some spicy hints of the opposite sex mean something.
There are three types of flirting that we use nowadays:
• physical- body language and gestures. This method is suitable for strong and confident people;
• gaming- use a lot of jokes, try to position the interlocutor to yourself, to tune in to a positive wave;
• traditional- it is difficult to recognize it, with such a reception you wait for the presentation by third parties, but do not hurry with an independent acquaintance.

By using the basic flirting tips, you will become an enviable chevalier:
1) Well-groomed view. Girls appreciatively look at the appearance of a man. You must be stylishly and neatly dressed, then no doubt women will pay attention to you. Choose stylish accessories and shoes that can complement your wardrobe. Pleasant perfume will be a great completion of the image.
2) The manner of speaking. If you are the owner of a soft, velvety voice, you undoubtedly have a chance to become a favorite among women. Competently delivered speech will be able to distinguish you from the crowd of other fans. The timbre and speed of the conversation is also important.
3) Visual contact. It is very important when you send flirting signs to look directly at the object. Your opinion will be able to say everything for you, it will show your interest.

Take care of your appearance, as you know, presentation is vital.
You should feel the situation and, depending on the case, understand how to flirt with a girl. You can render various flirting signs, such as:
• winks;
• call the girl by name during the dialogue;
• inquire if the interlocutor has any hobbies and interests;
• light touch, you can touch the hand of the partner;
• sincerely smile.
Try to get your partner interested and make him want to see you again. There is a simple and reliable method how to flirt with your crush. In the process, use a lot of compliments, make tactile contact, frequent touches will help you get close, use flirty things to say.
Do not forget about the rules of good tone and etiquette. Do not go too far in your hints that your coquetry will not be taken for harassment. Observe the scope of what is permitted.
The psychology of flirting is a complex science. Surveys and studies have shown that not all cases, and not all women, understand that men showed them signs of attention. Not always the young man decides to come up and invite the person he likes for a cup of coffee or ask for a phone number.

Obviously, everyone at a subconscious level is afraid to hear a rejection in response to their courtship. If you still dare to take decisive action, pay attention to the response signals:
1. Body movements. The inclination of the direction indicates the location and interest in your person. Such a movement is manifested unconsciously, but it says that a spark flashed between you. Also, to attract attention, a lady can playfully correct her hair or blink her long, fluffy eyelashes.
2. Use certain phrases in a conversation. If you hear reciprocal compliments, your feeling of sympathy is mutual.

If you still do not know, what to say to a girl you like, be sincere. Say what you want, what you really feel. Self-confident men can cast a confident look at their beloved, showing the seriousness of their intentions. You should try to create an image of a courageous and strong person. Do not forget about naturalness.

How to flirt with another girl?

Your task is to cause bright and unforgettable emotions. You should be looking for the next meeting. Good mood and easy casual conversation are the key to success. You must be a leader and lead the conversation in the direction you want, fostering interest with suitable words.

To choose how to flirt with another girl, try to learn her better. You can chat on abstract topics, maybe you will find common interests. Ask if you like the same movies or music. Feel free to ask questions, and it’s not necessary to discuss her answers. So you can get close and reach a new level of communication.

On her questions about you, you should not immediately reveal all the cards, straightforward banal answers are not interesting to anyone. It is better to tease a girl with ambiguous answers. Intrigue is a great helper in this situation.

A lot of people like this tantalizing style, but not everyone, so it’s important not to “overreact”. Try to highlight what you liked most from her appearance, and do not hesitate to voice it. Feel free to interrupt the conversation with a compliment. This technique works flawlessly.

There are topics for conversation that enjoy particular success:
1. Cinema, theater, musical preferences.
2. Fashion and style.
3. Relationships and hobbies.
Many representatives of the weaker sex love everything unusual, mystical and mysterious. Of course, they believe in horoscopes and compatibility signs of the zodiac. Therefore, you can prepare and study several astrological forecasts in order to surely surprise her.

Try to create the impression that you understand even such things that are not peculiar to men.If a girl is able to see something interesting for her in your character, you will not confuse her interest with anything else. She intuitively tries to reduce the distance between you, to establish tactile contact. Thus, the distance between you will be reduced, and she will let you into her personal space.

An excellent technique that will help you get closer to the selected subject will be the “mirror” method. In this case, you should reflect the facial expressions and movements of the partner. It is not surprising that the adult male is trying to give non-verbal signals to the surrounding women. Each alpha male considers his duty to conquer as many hearts of lovely ladies as possible. As soon as a suitable “female” comes into view at the instinctive level, the man tries to look better compared to the others.

Flirting with women is a complex science, which is not easy to master, but it is quite possible. Most importantly, for the successful development of this skill that you need to practice more. If you can figure out and discover the secrets of this doctrine, you will easily shine in any company and you can easily get acquainted anywhere, on the street, in a cafe, in the office and other random locations.

If you learn to do it right, you will never be shy, you will not stop yourself from wanting to approach a pretty girl. Do not be afraid to translate dialogue into a more romantic environment, add humor and jokes. You do not need to fear that the first attempts will not lead you to serious results, perhaps you will have a new good friend who will share your interests.

Determine for yourself what kind of relationship with a new acquaintance you want, maybe you will become excellent comrades, you can have a romantic relationship or a new acquaintance can develop into a strong feeling. If you see a charming lady at a party, you may be tormented by questions, how to speak with her, where to start, what words to choose? What if she doesn’t like me?

And what if she does not reciprocate and many similar dilemmas that will not give you peace of mind. Do not be afraid. Fear stops us, does not allow us to develop and go through life forward. You will never know if there can be a continuation of dating if you stop or discourage yourself. Put your doubts in the background, relax and act! Each of us is afraid of something, but in order to our desires, it is necessary to overcome our doubts. Tune in to a positive, add positive emotions.

The interlocutor will feel your self-confidence, and the acquaintance will pass like clockwork.It may seem strange, but there are some kind of accessories for flirting, it can be a bright piece of clothing, a magazine in her hands, any bright and unusual decorations. With their help, you can much easier to start a conversation, to interest the interlocutor.

At the party, make yourself at home, your confidence is your assistant. You do not need to be constrained and behave like a shy teenager in a disco, who quietly stands in the corner and waits for someone to approach him. Do not be afraid to take the first steps, sometimes it is enough just to say “hello” in order to start a relaxed and interesting conversation.

Pay attention to the information that says the woman and try to remember her words if you are set to seriously continue this dating. Your goal is not a passing acquaintance, it is a mutual desire for a second date. If you managed to get her phone number, do not miss the opportunity to play around with her in messages.

Call her name, it will set her on a friendly wave. You should not start communicating with everyday phrases such as “Hello”, “How are you?”. Try to surprise her at the very beginning of the dialogue, ask an unexpected and bold question. It is important not to overdo it with the number of messages, you do not need to overwhelm her with a huge number of massages.

Also, check them for grammatical errors, it is unlikely that an ignoramus will be of interest to anyone. Everyone knows that girls love by their ears, consider this fact. Use “sweet” words during a conversation, but do not forget to avoid flattery!
If you can create an aura of mystery around your soulmate, you will surely achieve the attraction of your interlocutor at a non-verbal level, because it is always interesting to solve difficult puzzles.

Flirting with your girlfriend is a little different from flirting with a stranger. Here you will feel more relax and decisive. Don’t stop telling her how great she looks, confirm this with your admiring glance. Your wide open, full of delight eyes are able to conquer it. Think of naughty and funny nicknames, for example, “honey”, “kitten”, “bunny” or any other that will suit your taste. Make it clear that you are flirting, it will fuel interest even more.

Find a reason to cuddle. This method can destroy any barriers, it is especially effective if there is any dispute between you. It is safe to say that hugging is not only pleasant, but also useful. Scientists have conducted a series of studies, during which it was found that with long hugs, the level of such a hormone as endocrine increases and blood pressure decreases. So hug with pleasure and health benefits.

Speak more with your partner, flattering, use kind words, because they are nice to hear to anyone. Feel free to tell why you treasure the relationship with her.
Spend time together carefree, perhaps it would be appropriate to demonstrate one of your talents?

Even if you decide to flirt in the company of her friends, do not be shy, be relaxed, say believable things. You can be sure, girlfriends will envy her! And the last tip for today. Don’t be obsessed with the rules, be yourself! Find a feature that can become your calling card.

Invent your unique style of communication, do not try to be like her friends and acquaintances. A bright personality is what attracts attention better than any popular and hackneyed chips of well-known partners. Do not hold back your emotions and do exactly what your soul requires and desires at this particular moment, because it will not happen again. Be attentive to the little things and then you will understand that everything is going, as you planned, but do not be afraid to improvise. Be confident!

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