Dating advice for women

Dating advices for women

The time when it was believed that a girl should not take the initiative first when she met a man has passed. Now in the age of emancipation, a lot of men, on the contrary, welcome the active female position.

We are not talking about behaving vulgarly and making ambiguous hints. In the article “Dating advice for women” we will tell you how to attract the attention of your soulmate and how to behave on a date to stay interesting for your partner.

Signs of attention

Question: how to attract a guy? A lot of women are interested in it. Of course, short skirts, plunging necklines and high heels will do the trick, but how long will a challenging outfit help to create a decent impression of you? And not all ladies are ready to wear such clothes.

Let’s analyze the everyday situation: you came to a cafe and at the next table you liked a nice guy. How to get his attention and demonstrate that you are not against dating, but to do it elegantly and unobtrusively. Recommendations of experts:
1. Try to make eye contact with him. Hold his gaze for a couple of seconds, and then lower your gaze. You can smile shyly, showing that you like this man and you do not mind that he sat down at your table. You do not need to look intently into his eyes, such persistence can frighten off.
2. Smile is one of the communication tools. You do not need to portray the joy of “all 32 teeth.” Stretched and unnatural smile looks, to put it mildly, unpleasant and funny.
3. Play with your hair. Oddly enough, the usual gesture with your hands through your hair, if you are straightening your hair and slightly tilting the curls back, this is one of the non-verbal signals to the man that you are located to him. The same rule applies to twisting strands on your finger.
4. Connect body language. Slightly stroking your neck or slowly sliding your finger over your lips is also a kind of sign of readiness for communication. You don`t need to replay and pretend to be Sharon Stone in the film “Basic Instinct.” A little more naturalness and you get a flirtation.

In some cases, tips on «how to attract men» may not work. This happens when the subject of your interest is already in a relationship, so he may simply not react to your signs, or he is not set up to get to know you. It happens and therefore should not be upset. If eye contact did not work, your rest of the attempts should not be continued, not to be too intrusive.

Dating behavior

So, you met a guy and agreed on a date. How to date a man if you do not want your meeting to become the last. It is very important to make a good impression of yourself, so it will not be superfluous to prepare for the event.
Dating secrets for women:
•Appearance. If you want to make a good impression, you should look as natural as possible. Of course, bitten nails with peeling varnish, stale clothes and dirty hair are guaranteed to turn away a man. But you should not sign up at the hairdresser to build an evening hairstyle, if your date is not scheduled in the opera. Choose a wardrobe and make-up accordingly to the venue;
• You do not need to test the smell of a man, so do not pour the whole bottle of perfume on you. A few drops on the neck and on the wrists will provide you with a pleasant loop and emphasize your individuality;
• Take a small handbag or clutch bag with you. Bulk shoppers will give the impression that you are going to look on the way to the grocery store. If you have a picnic or a walk in the park, a small backpack will be suitable option;
• Do not be nervous, as excessive nervousness can negatively affect your date, especially if you are constantly embarrassed. You can drink tea with chamomile or mint before going out to relieve raging nerves;
• Turn off the gadgets or put them on a vibrating alert. Even if you are a business woman and are very busy, this behaviour will be impolite towards your partner.
Dating a new guy – it is always very exciting and the result sometimes brings disappointment. The fact that many women are too idealized of a guy you recently met, drawing in the imagination of almost wedding. It’s only communication when interlocutors understand, whether to continue the acquaintance.
And a few more dating tips for women:
• Maintain conversation and be interested in your interlocutor. But you should not make an interrogation, especially to avoid questions related to his salary, if it is important for you to know the level of income, then ask him to tell about his work;
• Do not gossip or talk about your former relationships;
• Flirt, but do it unobtrusively. This may be a glimpse into his eyes, a swaying shoe, or an accidental touch on his hand.
You do not need to invent fiction about yourself to make a good impression. Any, even a small lie, can negatively affect your communication in the future, so tell the truth. Many women who have children are silent about them, or, conversely, speak unnecessarily, showing a ton of photos.

Such information should be presented in a natural way, you do not need to be embarrassed that you are raising a daughter or a son by yourself. Even if you are a rather brutal and emancipated woman, you do not need to drag the “blanket” over yourself. Our dating advice for successful women, based on the recommendations of psychologists, suggests that even if you have achieved a lot in life, then in any case, let the man be masculine.

He will appreciate your merits even if it does not cause him stormy enthusiasm. Many guys fear excessively successful girls, believing that their masculinity is at risk. Show that you really don’t mind being gentle and shy, but you also need a strong shoulder. Otherwise, why are you looking for a life partner?

Advice for single women

Let’s talk about where you can meet a man, if you are tired of being alone and want to find a life partner. A lot of women do not know where to meet that one, well, do not miss the hand of the guy you like right on the street? We will tell you about the TOP places where you can meet your love:
1. Cafe during the lunch break. No matter how funny it may seem, but either bachelors go to a business lunch, or to meet with a business partner. For the rest, dinner is most often prepared by a caring wife or lady of the heart. Of course, there is the option that the guy can cook very good himself, but that’s another story.
2. Dating sites. Not always the network is teeming with perverts and scammers, an absolutely positive man who is embarrassed to get acquainted with persons of the opposite sex or he simply does not have time to fill out the questionnaire. In addition, this is a chance to meet a foreign prince. But be careful while choosing a companion!
3. Night clubs. Lonely guys often come here to make acquaintance with the girl and at the same time have fun from the heart.
4. City parks. Yes, you can meet your love there too, because in the summer evening many people want to enjoy the good weather, and at the same time start a relationship.
5. Gym. This is a place where you can put a figure in order and “shoot” with your eyes, so dare and sign up for training more quickly.
6. Attend more professional seminars and trainings. There you can make not only useful contacts, but also find a soulmate who is also passionate about his work, just like you.
7. Go to a sports match. You can take your girlfriend with you, who is also not averse to flirting or will agree to join you.
Do not be afraid to be the first to take the initiative when you go “on the hunt.” But do not over-attract attention, putting on defiantly short outfits. First, you can be mistaken for a girl on “one night”, and, secondly, frank styles are often very uncomfortable.
We also recommend paying attention to non-standard ways of dating. This could be a parachute jump. A desperate and courageous girl will attract the attention of a representative of a strong half of humanity. You can sign up for an evening of dancing in the style of sambo.

Incendiary movements will help you get closer to your partner, as well as continue your acquaintance in a more intimate setting. Trips to the resort can also lead to a pleasant and long-term acquaintance. Even if you do not develop in the future, a pleasant vacation in the hugs of a man is guaranteed for you.
Let’s summarize
A date is only the first step to understand if it is your partner or not. So you should not build sand castles and be given to fantasies. You must be always natural and don’t be afraid to make the first move.

The time when the girls humbly waited for them to be invited to dance, or even to be given in marriage has passed. But do not overdo it with signs of attention, show that you are interested, and let the man take further initiative by himself.

You must feel yourself comfortable on a date. Therefore, select clothes for a particular event and do not experiment with revealing outfits. In any case, do not waste your mood and always smiling. Positive people attract attention of the opposite sex.

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