how to rebuild a broken relationship

How to Fix a Relationship?

Love is not only about romantic dates, roses, pictures with bleeding hearts and kisses under the moon. There are lots of challenges a couple faces beginning with the temptation of faithlessness and ending up with the daily routine of life as the worst enemy. For these reasons people have to think how to fix a relationship. The devil is in the details… Not long ago they loved and enjoyed each other’s company. But once there was one quarrel, then the second, and now there formed a whole bunch of misunderstandings and insults.

The situation can be compared to the avalanche – one small snowflake caused a disaster. Unexpectedly for both of them, the couple found themselves on the verge of a breakup.Why did it happen? The strong and happy couple now has to search for the ways how to rebuild a broken relationship. Is it possible to establish a relationship with your beloved one, if they are already on the verge of a break? First, you need to understand what the cause of the disorder is, and why the couple is facing a breakup collapse.

how to fix a broken relationship

    Most often, men and women quarrel because of the fact that:

  • one partner just stops listening the other;
  • they are not satisfied with each other;
  • one of them began to pay less attention to the other;
  • a man and a woman don’t count on each other’s opinions.

Do not blame your soul mate for all the troubles and misfortunes. After all, there are always both of you to blame. Therefore, in order to save your relationship from the collapse, you have to share the responsibility. It is important to answer honestly to yourself: “What was wrong from my side?”, “How did I contribute to the breakup? How to fix a broken relationship”? In order to answer these and other questions, you can spend some time alone. Perhaps, after thinking it over, one of the partners will understand where he made a mistake, and if he is able to find the right solution.

It should be kept in mind that the conflict situation between a man and a woman is a problem of their relationship. And it can be solved only when there are at least some mutual feelings and a desire to save the family or relations. That’s why, to save the relationship on the edge, you should make every possible effort and use all methods.

    There are some useful tips for repairing relationships in recovery worksheet.

  1. You need to be honest with your partner. This does not mean that you need to tell all the secrets hidden until that time. But certain frankness will help to understand each other better.
  2. You should clearly imagine your relationships with your partner, what they should be, and say about it to your soulmate.
  3. We need to be a single whole! After all, the goal of the couple in this case is common – to create relationship repair worksheets.
  4. It is important to accept your soulmate as she or he is, respect each other’s opinions.
  5. To learn to how solve problems peacefully, to compromise more often.
  6. You should solve problems as they arise. There is no need to provoke them or postpone their solving.
  7. Listen to your companion and hear him or her!
  8. You must learn to ask for forgiveness for your mistakes and forgive your partner.
  9. It is not necessary to abandon your partner of sex, as sex is one of the most important components in the life of any couple.
  10. Be sure to plan your future life together. After all, the belief that the couple has a common future will bring the two people together and strengthen their relationship.
    Sometimes a couple is on the edge of breaking up after infidelity.

how to save a failing relationship

Different people have different criteria of cheating. Is this just about sex? If Yes, what kind of it exactly? Is the sex with a prostitute considered as cheating? What if the love affair was absolutely virtual? If feelings are involved in cheating, is that an aggravating circumstance? What is worse – the fact of infidelity or that you have found out about it? It would be good for you to decide on these issues with a partner in advance, even before the start of a serious relationship.

If such questions emerge (and for many people it is not the matter of “if”, but ” when”), it will happen unexpectedly, and then there will be no time for balanced discussions. If there is a universal definition, it sounds like this: “Cheating is a violation of promises of romantic and sexual exclusivity by the partner”. Men and women are equal but not the same. That’s why the situation must be analyzed for both parties. Let’s go into the details!

How to fix a relationship after she cheated

Having cheated on the boyfriend and confessed to him in this, every girl should understand that the trust from his side will be greatly shaken. Even if he really tries to forgive his beloved girl and “to turn the page”, somewhere deep inside, he will doubt of her sincerity and suspect the repetition of the infidelity in the further.

Therefore, to know how to rebuild trust, you need to remember a few tips by psychologists:

  1. First, it is important to speak frankly and honestly with each other. To tell about your fears, to share doubts, investigate the reason why this has happened. And then a couple should think together about how to save a failing relationship, if they are important to both partners.
  2. Secondly, it is necessary to avoid situations that may be ambiguous. Not to attend parties without a partner, not to be alone with a friend of his boyfriend, not to spend time in companies that are not familiar to the boyfriend. All these factors can cause suspicion, even if the girl has no bad thoughts or intentions.
  3. Thirdly, a couple must spend more time together to refresh their feelings, to think about how to restore the passion of the first year of the relationship. If a couple is harmonious and strong, there is no place for cheating. It is important to pay time and attention to each other, to feel the needs and desires, to try to meet them.
  4. In addition, it is important not to hide from a loved one your phone, email, social networking pages. Any secret or unwillingness to let him into your world will cause another suspicion and distrust. A girl should not give any ground for doubting in her.

When speaking about the opposite situation, the things are similar but yet different. Very often a woman, after discovering cheating of her husband or boyfriend, starts feeling down and inferior. She thinks that the reason is in her looks or behavior. She compares herself with the other women, surely, not to her advance. It would be useful for women to calm down and think over ideas how to fix a relationship after he cheated.

How to fix a relationship after he cheated

  • Idea number one! Take care of yourself, no matter how illogical it may sound in this situation. Visit the beautician, hairdresser, buy some new clothes. Go to a massage, yoga, swimming, self-esteem seminars, and some master classes, do things that will help you to relax, have fun and teach something new. Where else can you get self-confidence?
  • Create coziness in the house, so that the man wants to come home. There are many components: you should look attractive, the house should smell good, there must be prepared some delicious food. And don’t throw tantrums, at least for now.
  • Make a hot passionate night of love, like you have never done before. Why not? Of course, it is unpleasant to realize that maybe a couple of hours ago something of this kind he had with another. But if you want some real relationship repair worksheets, it’s not a bad way. Still, you can use this method only if your self-esteem is all right.

Infidelity is a sensitive topic, and the main reason here is that we often (especially in love) apply extremely strict standards to ourselves and our loved ones. Find any statistical study on divorce. One of the main reasons is cheating. Most spouses (both men and women) cheated at least once while being married. But people are still waiting for absolute fidelity, and many believe this is “natural” (whatever it means) and should be given without effort and taken for granted.

The truth is that being faithful in a long relationship is difficult for almost everyone. So, in romantic comedies, we rarely see what happens after “I love you”. Dirty diapers disappear by themselves and everyone always has an orgasm. Let’s not pretend and just talk about it. The connection between two people shouldn’t end because of one mistake. There is a place for repairing relationships in recovery system.

Moreover, every case is unique and there is no exact answer for a question “how to rebuild a relationship”. Sometimes it is worth fighting for and sometimes you just have to let it go. If you still doubt, you must honestly sum up all pros and cons. First, when a couple has been together for years and have common kids, past and memories, it is one thing. In such situation living after breaking up can be impossible for both (even for the party that cheated!).

Cheating might have happened for a mistake, while breaking a family is like taking the heart out of the chest. In the opposite situation, a boyfriend or a girlfriend cheated on you after a couple of month together. Just think if the person cannot control himself when you are not tired with family routine, wrinkles, and financial problems, what will happen in the future? Maybe it is better to let it go? There is no need to fix what cannot be fixed. Don’t make fast decisions you might feel sorry for a bit later. Listen to your heart and love your partner. Love conquers all!