How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text or in Person in 2020

How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text or in Person in 2020

Is there a girl that you like? Are you thinking about the best ways to make her notice you and start a conversation? Guys are often curious to know how to flirt with a girl without coming across as sleazy. To help, we have come up with proven techniques on how to flirt with a woman in person or online over the text. There are also some examples of what makes a guy creepy and what he should do instead.

So, let’s get started. Follow these instructions to win the heart of a woman you like. 

How to Start 

How to start your Flirt with a Girl Over Text or in Person 2020

One technique that often works is attracting a woman with body language. The thing that ladies find creepy is when a man makes an eye compact with them without eye clipping. To avoid this common mistake, it’s recommended for a man to focus on making the right kind of eye contact when flirting with a girl. Instead of standing and staring at a woman, you can make her attracted with a soft relaxed gaze that allows you to make more of her in.

One more trick that works on every lady is to smile with your eyes. This is absolutely the same feeling that you have after laughing really hard. When recreating an eye contact with a woman that you’ve never met before you can project friendliness and warmth. It makes that particular girl get interested in you.

We bet you do not want to be sleazy with a lady. Here are a few more tips on how to avoid this.

How not to be sleazy when you try to flirt with a Girl

  • Come across a lady like a guy who is selective and confident. Before approaching a woman, make sure that you do not have her up on a pedestal. It’s easy to do by simply asking yourself some quick basic questions, like: “Is she fun? How caring is she? What are her interests? Of course, you cannot know this for sure. Still, this technique will help you ease some approach anxiety and make an impression on the girl you like. 
  • Women do not like it when a guy appears to be fake. On the contrary, ladies are more attracted to men who are “real”, revealing their integrity and being honest about their actions and feelings. In fact, it’s much easier to reveal your real nature than playing games with a girl from the first day of your acquaintance. This is especially true if you are looking for a girl with whom you can start long-lasting relationships and even make a family. Be honest and you won’t need to keep in mind your lies. 
  • Don’t be afraid to disagree with what a woman says. A man who doesn’t have his own opinion will hardly attract a lady. There is a wrong assumption that you need to agree with everything a girl says to win her heart. By sticking to your own guns and being willing to express your own opinion (which differs from the one that a woman has), you become more attractive to a lady. She realizes that you are an independent and self-confident person with whom she can have fun and interesting time together. 

What to Say to a Girl You Don’t Know 

What to Say to a Girl You Don’t Know

As soon as you take the first step and catch the girl’s attention, you need to approach her and begin a conversation. 

When starting a conversation, it’s important to keep stick to social norms and the rules of society. Even if you do not follow social norms the everyday life, take care of demonstrating that you are the right person who understands them when you get acquainted with a girl.

You never know when and where you may approach an attractive girl. This can be daytime, which is not quite normal for such things. Still, you shouldn’t miss a chance to get to know her better. When starting a conversation, simply let her know you realize that meeting in the middle of the day is outside the norm, but you couldn’t let her simply pass by.

You may start off to flirt with a girl by saying something like “I know this is a bit weird, but I just wanted to come meet you”.  Thus, you can show that you understand the situation and you are doing something out of the ordinary.

If you are brave enough, you may start with a humor and use one of the pick up lines from the list we recently made.

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Flirt with a Girl Over Text

There is no doubt in the fact that many people around the world meet each other online and start dating virtually. There is nothing bad in this. On the contrary, looking for your perfect match on the web, you can expand the horizons and increase the chances that you find the right person.

Obviously, there are well known dating sites, like VictoriyaClub or TenderBride, that make it super easy.

Flirting online or using text messages uses the same basic principles as flirting in person. One of the biggest advantages of flirting over text than in person is that you can think over your message carefully before sending it. You need this time to pick the right words and use the right tone in your conversation.

However, when using text messages to flirt with a woman, be yourself. Sooner or later you will meet in person. It would be rather disappointing for a girl to find out that guy on the web and this one in front of her are two different people.

Using texts to find a girl and start healthy relationships, keep in mind some basic tips that have helped millions of couples around the world meet one another.

Start off by sending flirty texts 

Start off by sending flirty texts

Writing flirty texts is all about creativity and quick thinking. It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are several examples of cool flirty texts:

  • “You found me on the internet! Nice job, creeper :)”
  • “I wanted to wait a day longer to text you, but I couldn’t wait that long to talk to you again.” 
  • “Send me a picture so I can send Santa my wish list.” 

You need to be fun and entertaining when you text a lady. As a rule, ladies chat online when they feel bored or lonely. So, keep her interested and entertained.


When texting a woman for the first time after getting her phone number, make your first text message a callback to the topic you discussed in person.

Humor is important

Humor in chat flirting

Share funny things online. This will show that you have a good sense of humor. Ladies enjoy fun and sweet videos and memes. So, why don’t you exchange this?

Don’t forget about compliments

Ladies like to hear this. Complimenting a girl is one of the best ways to flirt with her over text.

There are different types of compliments that you can use, including the ones that speak about her appearance, character, success, style, sense of humor, etc. 

Over to you

It doesn’t matter if you flight with a girl in person or using text messages, you need to be kind to her. Show that you are an independent individual, with your own attitude to some things. Be kind, fun and interesting. A girl needs to feel attracted by you to continue communication.

Use the aforementioned tips and tricks in practice and the first results won’t be long in coming.

Happy flirting!