How to Date a Married Woman in 2020

How to Date a Married Woman in 2020

Looking for ways to date a married woman in 2020? She looks gorgeous and nothing you can do about yourself? Or maybe you are looking for new feelings? In this post we will sort out how to seduce a married woman and conduct dating pleasantly and safely.

Why Dating a Married Woman is a Good Idea?

Why Dating a Married Woman is a Good Idea?

It may sound weird for some people, but dating a married woman has plenty of advantages. Here are just some of them.

1. No usual obligations. In regular relationship you have some kind of liabilities. For instance, you need to remember important dates: her and her mom’s birthday, anniversaries, etc. Also, don’t forget about flowers and gifts from time to time. You no longer can see other girls. Above all, some day she expects you to propose.

You don’t have these problems with a married girl. She already has a family and a husband for this. Sounds like a dream right?

2. On the same page. Another great benefit is that you both understand what you want from each other. In most of the cases it’s about having a nice sex and spending 2-3 evenings a month together.

You both know that there shouldn’t be any commitment and relationship will last as long as you both are happy.

3. Diverse sexual experience. Since you have no obligations you can have a super active sex life. Moreover, you can get much more experience from her. The thing is that married girls try to please their lovers and show what they really can do in bed. Above all they will try to get what they don’t receive from their husbands. Usually they are more relaxed and liberated in bed.

It’s a really precious experience that you can use in your future relationships. Not only you learn a lot, but you also receive much more pleasure and fun.

4. Easy to stop. When you date a married girl you can stop relationship at any time. You have no problems. First of all, initially you both realized that it won’t last forever. And second of all, she will not chase you down.

Unlike regular relationship, married women are not interested in making your breakup public. On the contrary, it will be carefully hidden from everyone. You didn’t promise anything and you don’t have any common property. But obviously, don’t dump her as an asshole though.

Why Married Women Look for Another Man?

why women look for another man

There are several reasons why some married women look for a lover. It’s crucial to find out why exactly she is looking for another man. You will seduce her, if you give what she wants.

1. She got married too early. Try to imagine that she just finished a college and her boyfriend proposes her. She says “yes” with great hopes and expectations. But then harsh everyday life arrives. She works, cooks, takes care around the house. And one day she looks at her friends that have fun while she is cleaning her bathroom. Not that she doesn’t want to be married. She wants to have fun outside her family life.

In this case you need to offer her emotions and everything that she’ve missed. Bottle of champagne, fun conversation and ride on a car or motorbike can help you. The fact that her husband could’ve been her only man can be your weapon. Give her an idea that there are plenty of men and all of them are different. She will certainly be curious and interested in you.

2. She is neglected by her husband. It’s another unfortunate situation. She is a loving wife but receives no attention from her man. She needs tenderness, care and time spent together with her husband. But he either doesn’t have time or the desire. But she doesn’t want to get divorced.

In this situation it’s quite natural that she will look for someone who considers her as a woman. As long as you can appreciate her femininity and beauty, you can save her from the problem she has. Tell her compliments, praise her style and you will approach such a woman.

There are some more

3. She is successful. When you see a beautiful business lady in a luxury suit, you probably think that her husband is someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger or at least Brad Pitt.

But reality is that in most of the cases the situation is completely opposite. Usually this type of women have husbands that are weaker than they are. These women want to dominate in relationships.

But from time to time they get tired. In these cases they want to be protected and led by a masculine man. Obviously, her husband cannot offer this. She always makes decisions herself and he follows her. It suits both until she wants to be a simple weak woman.

As long as you are ready to be her Arnold Schwarzenegger you will be able to date her.

4. Unequal marriage. It’s a well known case when he is an older businessman and she is a girl from a gym or model agency. This is of course an exaggerated example, but you get the point.

Her husband is always on meetings or business trips. And she is a beautiful cheerful lady looking to have some fun.

In this situation she doesn’t look for anything specific. She will simply need a man that will be near her when she is bored.

First Steps to Pick up a Married Woman

First Steps to Pick up a Married Woman

So, let’s imagine the situation that you are in a pub, club or shop. You’ve met her and found out that she is married. You either see the ring on her finger or she tells you directly. But she doesn’t escape and you are not scared away either. What are your first steps?

As it was mentioned before, first, try to identify the type of married woman you deal with. This will give you an idea how to behave further.

Next important tip is to be ready that her marriage will pop up in your conversation from time to time. This is quite natural. Don’t be afraid of that.

If you really like a married girl from your job don’t hurry up to pick her up. The thing is that you must be 100% confident that she is looking for someone and you fit her needs. If you fail or break up, it will be rather awkward to keep working in the same office. So, be careful with your colleagues.

Another crucial tip is to be confident. Don’t think that she is “too beautiful”, “too young” or “too successful” for you. If you see her hungry eyes looking around, go for it.

Your Next Moves

Your Next Moves to meet a girl that has a husband

Obviously, you shouldn’t use any stupid pick up lines. Also, don’t rush up. What you want to do is to move slowly.

For example, offer her to grab a cup of coffee. Next, if you have pets you can suggest walking the dog together. Also, you can have lunch some time.

Your main goal here is to spend some time together. It’s good for both of you, since you are also interested to get to know her better. Even though she may be looking for someone like you, she will be very careful.

When you already spent some time together you now can use compliments about her appearance. They should be gentle and soft. “Amazing dress!” or “Nice haircut!” will be enough.

When you know each other

Note, if a married woman spends several evenings with you, you can be sure she likes you. Now you can think about the dates and close personal conversations. However, try to focus on her. Ask questions about her and what she likes to do, to eat, to listen to, etc. This way you will let her open herself. In most of the cases they really miss this in their lives.

When you know enough about her and her needs you can impress her. For example, if she is missing a masculine energy, be her Hercules. Radiate confidence and ability to protect at any moment. If you know that she feel lack of romantic things, be her Petrarka, etc.

When you feel a commitment you can invite her to your house. Since married girls don’t want to make your relationship public she will agree. When you are at your place, where nobody can see you, you can get an ultimate intimacy.

Crucial Rules for Dating Married Women

woman warns

There are several unofficial rules you must obey not to have troubles when you date a married woman.

  1. Make it clear. You both must understand why you see each other and when it stops. Be on the same page with her.
  2. Set rules and margins. Since you have no obligations towards each other you can agree upon some rules. For example, about communication, dating frequency, commitment level, etc.
  3. Don’t compromise her. One of the main rules in dating married women is to keep it in secret. Don’t do anything in public, Facebook, Instagram, messengers that can make people think you are together. Moreover, if you know she has to be at 9 PM at home, don’t  hold her.
  4. Don’t arouse deep feelings. Most likely she is not looking for commitment. She has her family and a husband. So, don’t try to make her love you. You can lose her if she doesn’t likes this. Or you will break her family if she falls in love with you.
  5. Stop when it’s time. When you no longer want to see her just stop seeing her. Also, if she doesn’t need you anymore, don’t try to convince her keep dating. But do it carefully, with respect. And when you break up cease all contacts.

The Pitfalls of Dating a Married Woman

The Pitfalls of Dating a Married Woman

There are some things you should be aware of when while dating a married woman.

One of the main drawback is that cheating in family is publicly blamed. She may feel guilty from time to time. You will have to deal with this.

Also, another thing is that you have to hide all the time. You cannot post photos of each other on Instagram or visit public events together.

Next pitfall is that some feelings may appear. This can ruin the entire concept and cause lots of troubles.

And the last but not the least is that the man cannot have a full-fledged family.

International Dating with Married Girls

International Dating with Married Girls

It’s been a real trend in 2018-2020 when guys from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia use International Dating sites to meet married girls from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

The thing is that indeed, due to various reasons married women from Slavic countries register on dating sites. For example, on VictoriyaClub site some women are actually married and looking for some love affair. Which is quite safe and convenient for both.

Basically it made all the above mentioned pitfalls disappear. Both parties definitely know what they want and what they need. Communication there is mostly via chats, so here are some tips how to flirt with a girl over text correctly.