7 Online Dating Trends we should expect in 2021

The 2020 applied changes to our date habits. It wasn’t the year when we could go out, meet new people in a club or other places. Most people tried to stay sane during lockdowns. You want to deny, dating services helped a lot as that was the best way to fill the romantic gap in single people’s lives. It is difficult to say what we should expect from 2021, however, there are some projections that we want to share with you today. Check out 7 online dating trends we should expect in 2021. 

1. Scheduling

7 Online Dating Trends we should expect in 2021

This trend is caused by lockdowns as there is no need to plan your online dating in accordance with a season. It is possible to stay active during lockdowns and prepare the ground for further offline dating with the most interesting candidates online. It is an excellent option for shy and shaky people to get extra time and know a partner closer before a meeting offline.  

2. Non-scheduling

That is the type of people with opposite intentions. Such people won’t skip the offline dating part and use online dating for creating new connections. They are ready to wear 3 masks and shower with sanitizer to meet people in person. Any lockdown won’t stop a non-scheduling type from dating new people in person. 

3. Smooth dating

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There is a time gap between communication via online dating services and in person. The smooth dating type is going to use this gap to set a deep connection by chatting and emailing. They don’t want to rush and use this time properly to make your further real-time meeting unforgettable. 

4. Explorer

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We have spent 2020 at home and analyzed our dating needs. An explorer knows exactly what he/she wants to get from online dating in 2021 and ready to leave all the stereotypes behind. Explorers don’t believe in the importance of common interests or specific appearance requirements compliance. They will be happy to meet different people. 

5. Flirty

Nowadays, there are numerous people that are ready to chat via different devices and services. They send videos, messages, especially voice messages. They use sexy voices to keep the online dating experience as spicy as possible. That helps to spread vibes of intimacy and feel closer to a partner. Voice messages flirt is one of the top online dating trends.

6. No-filter – One of the Online Dating Trends

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We are all tempted to spend lockdowns in loungewear or pajamas, let’s face that. Some people believe you should be as honest as possible, even when it comes to online dating. They do use no filters for videos, apply makeup for video chat sessions, and dress up. The No-filter category doesn’t want to make the best first impression of a nut trying to stay real and enjoy the comfort of online dating. 

7. Digitized lovers

These people are okay with having a booty call or using video chats for hot online meetings before the actual meeting in real life. Virtual sex is the future of online dating as it is the way to get a release for so many. 


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There is no chance to meet someone offline in the context of self-isolation, so online dating is the only chance to get connected to other people during a pandemic. Lots of interaction forms have transformed into digital ones, for instance, there are online bars, zoo sex meetings, online dance parties, etc. Providers of online dating services do their best to keep people entertained. One of the new online dating techniques is speed dating, which is the ability to go on 3 short online dates that take no longer than 10 mins in total.

Dating services became massive as the number of people that require help to meet people during a pandemic is infinite. They provide new opportunities for everyone. Online dating is an excellent way to find a friend or lover from a different country, exchange experiences, discover a foreign culture and meet people with relaxed morality. 

Online dating is the way to have fun. A less-expectations attitude makes this activity much more chilled than actual dating.

Changes in Online Dating

We can’t tell for sure if a pandemic can change the way we date and communicate with people in real life. The one thing we know for sure is that online dating has changed.


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We may go back to a normal life flow in a few months. Still, we all can use a fresh online dating experience to use newly acquired skills to our lives’ best advantage. We all now kind of experts in remote communication which is perfect and highly appreciated by employers that want to extend their remote employees team during a pandemic.

Online dating seems less creepy to those, who were skeptical about that type of interaction. There are lots of people that find online meetings less stressful and much more pleasurable. Even if you don’t believe in the possibility of online dating to develop into something real, you should still try it to cheer yourself up these difficult times. Collecting likes, comments, and compliments are a nice way to boost self-image and to find new faces of your attractiveness. 

Some people are not very into new rules and think there is nothing wrong with breaking rules and escaping self-isolation. Please don’t be provoked by such people as a person that has a deep interest in you would never push you to take such a risk. 

If you want to meet someone with serious intentions online dating works great as well. Most people that use online dating services believe in the success of their online activities. They want to switch online dating offline more and enjoy meetings in person.

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