10 Richest Fashion Designers

10 The Richest Fashion Designers and How They Got That Way

Celebrity stories will be a great motivation for ambitious people. If you aspire to the heights of world catwalks, be sure to check out the history of life of famous fashion designers.

To succeed in any endeavor, it is important to follow simple rules:

1) To love what you do.

2) Make every effort to achieve the objectives.

3) Be persistent.

Examples of well-known couturiers prove that productive work for a long time made their names famous in modern society.The fashion world is one of the most dynamically changing segments. People who spare no effort and time to develop a brand will certainly receive a high income.

In order for your name to become recognizable it is necessary to work long and hard.  Some young designers mistakenly believe that it is enough to develop one thing, successfully sell it, and it will bring a consistently high income. Let’s try to figure out the secret of the success of popular fashion houses and their creators.

  1. Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Fashion house Dior was established on October 8, 1946. An interesting story happened to Christian in childhood. At the age of 14, the fortune teller predicted to the young man that at first he would hardly make ends meet, but he could get rich thanks to women. Of course, he did not believe her, because at that time his family was quite wealthy.

In 1930, the fateful prediction came true, his mother died from a serious illness, and his father was ruined. In order to get at least some money, he began to sell his sketches. His talent was noticed by Robert Piguet and he offered to work together. In 1946, Dior managed to organize his own business. His work was a stunning success. He was the first person who applied license agreements in this business segment.


  1. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

The eminent brand was founded in 1975 by a medical student. Initially, the work of Armani was to design the windows of one of the shops in Milan. He worked as an ordinary seller, before setting up his own business, he gained experience working for Nino Cherutti.

The acquired knowledge base has become a clear advantage, having passed all stages from an ordinary worker to a manager, an understanding of the basic work processes has come, which ultimately made it possible to conquer the whole world. To date, the state of Giorgio Armani is about $ 7.5 billion, and the company’s assets total $ 9.6 billion.


  1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

How do you think, who had an honor to create a dress for US First Lady Melania Trump to mark the inauguration of the President? Yes, it was the fashion house of Ralph Lauren. He began his career with the production of ties, which he himself sold to school friends.

Up to 25 years, he was engaged in this small and not particularly profitable business, until he met Neyman Marx. He became his first major client, thanks to whom he managed to reach a whole new level. Laurent from his youth sought to be a millionaire, and he achieved this. His capital is $ 8.2 billion.


  1. Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada

She is a heiress brand founder Mario Prada. She came to the management of the company in 1978, since then it has headed for success. Exquisite taste and business acuity Miucci contributed to the launch of such projects:

  • Fendi;
  • Helmut Lang;
  • Jil Sander;
  • Miu Miu.

Styles of clothing from the usual classics and restraint, to bold and avant-garde decisions can attract the attention of the consumer with different preferences.


  1. Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Dominico and Stefano met during their joint work as assistants in the same atelier.  In 1982, their small studio began to function successfully and became famous among Milan fashionista. A collection called Real Woman presented at the Milano Collezioni show, brought them real success. Their target audience were self-confident women without a model appearance. Nowadays, D&G produce such lines:

  • women’s and men’s clothing;
  • accessories;
  • scarves, ties;
  • underwear;
  • beachwear;
  • perfumes.

Each of their collections is a discovery and a challenge to modern society. The yield is $ 1.7 billion.


  1. Valentino


The atelier of Valentino Garavani was opened back in 1959. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first eminent clients who preferred Valentino clothing. A kind of red color can be still considered a distinctive feature and business card of the brand. Jacqueline Kennedy was married in a dress by Valentino, which made his name known around the world.

Not once the fashion house was on the verge of bankruptcy, but the company managed to maintain its leading position and still has a huge number of fans.  According to official figures, the company annually earns $1.5 billion.


  1. Diana von Furstenberg

Diana von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg is the head of CFDA (American Council of Fashion Designers). All representatives of the fashion world in America rely on her authoritative opinion. The dress with the smell saw the world thanks to the skill of Diana. The simplicity and convenience of the product instantly received recognition among the fairer sex.

The modeler out of modesty said that this is just a piece of material with sleeves. The successful style perfectly masked the figure flaws and at the same time did not hinder movement during everyday wear. This woman has become a legend, she has many awards and distinctions.  Recently, she was awarded the title of honorary resident of her native city of Brussels.


  1. Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

Name Cardi associated with refinement and sophistication. Young Pierre at the beginning of his career managed to combine creativity and entrepreneurial acumen, which made him more than successful. This extraordinary person first proposed a ready-to-wear collection.

He is called the trendsetter. The designer said about himself: “Real talent should shock others. 40 years ago I created black stockings, and everyone thought they were ugly. And now such stockings have become a classic”.


  1. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Everyone knows the style of “unisex” appeared thanks to the creative ideas of Laurent. Creativity of the boy was able to consider his mother. Thanks to her efforts, at the age of 17 he was able to move to Paris and start his activities in the fashion world. Laurent’s career began in the walls of the studio of Christian Dior, where he was able to get a wonderful experience. His extraordinary ideas attracted widespread attention.

Popular and practical vinyl raincoats his invention. The first collection of YSL saw the world in 1962. Geometric drawings in combination with an unusual cut made a real sensation. The novelty of the collection are A-silhouette dresses, in which fashionistas of that time instantly fell in love and they are relevant to nowadays. Couturier offered the girls to dress in the usual men`s costumes that looked defiant and sexy. The annual turnover is 357.3 million euros and continues to increase every year.


  1. Vera Wong

Vera Wong

The full name of the woman who became successful and rich thanks to her perseverance and titanic efforts is Vera Ellen Wong. Since childhood, she was brought up, instilling accuracy and punctuality. She began her creative activity at the age of 23.  Vera received her first experience as a senior editor at the famous glossy magazine Vogue.

The next step in her successful career is collaboration with Ralph Lauren, where she developed accessories. At the time of preparing her own wedding, Vera determined for herself a further type of activity, which not only began to bring serious profit, but was also to the liking of a young designer. A wedding dress is an outfit that, with lucky circumstances, every woman wears once in her life.

Of course, it fits her choice with particular trepidation and has a number of requirements for its appearance and quality. Nowadays, famous ladies and socialites have become clients of the brand of wedding dresses. The owner of the brand personally meets with renowned customers and he is engaged in the individual selection of a suitable style.

The success of Vera Wong is in her delicate taste and the ability to create a special dress that will fit the customer’s idea of ​​the dress of her dreams. Almost all owners of a successful business started it from scratch, having nothing but their own ideas. Only talent, true sense of style and perseverance helped them to be the top. You also have a chance to fill up the list of successful people. The main thing is to choose your own development strategy. Follow up with the most recent news.