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Why Can’t I Find a Girl?

Difficulties associated with finding the second half arise in almost all people at a particular stage of life. Experts associate such problems with the personal qualities of young people, the characteristics of the choice and requirements for the potential second half. To facilitate the process of finding a man, you need to determine why it is so difficult to find a girl.

Based on the established reasons that impede the building of personal life, you can find many ways to find a girl for a serious relationship quickly. To do this, it is not necessary to study the techniques of a pickup and to study psychological forums and articles. It will be enough to understand yourself and also change your attitude towards the girls themselves. The reasons for the difficulties of finding a girl are not always in the man himself. Sometimes it is in the female part of society.

When the reason lies in man

Psychologists advise looking on your own personality first. When the situation comes to a standstill, all friends and acquaintances have long found their halves, and there is a complete crisis in your own personal life, it is crucial to analyze yourself and your lifestyle objectively. Reasons can relate not only to his external data but also to nature, degree of maturity, and prospects.

Inability to take care of yourself

Many men, first of all, think that the main problem is their appearance. Psychologists say that such complexes are rooted in imposed stereotypes and patterns from society. Practice shows that most attractive men have complexes about their appearance.

In fact, women look at several indicators of external male beauty:

  • tidiness and accuracy;
  • cleanliness and personal hygiene;
  • nice smell;
  • stylish outfits;
  • well-groomed haircut and facial hair.

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Each woman has their own individual notions of male beauty, and most women choose men according to the sexual sensations they experience next to them. A man just has to follow the rules of hygiene, dress according to fashion trends, use perfumery, and promptly put in order the condition of hair, and nails.


Many men in search of answers to the question of what to do if you can not find a girlfriend, do not notice that there are girls around who show interest and signs of attention. The reason lies in the banal self-doubt, which slows down and does not allow a man to take active steps. And even if the girl herself takes the initiative, the man will only push her away with his constraint, uncertain and confused speech.

There are several ways to overcome self-doubt:

  • training;
  • searching for new hobbies;
  • playing sports and active recreation;
  • reading books and obtaining new knowledge;
  • development of communication skills through constant communication with different people.

Psychology also considers a radical way to eliminate fears, and complexes are overcoming them. If a man is afraid of something, he needs to look fear in the face. This will show a man the unlimitedness of his abilities.


For any girl in choosing a partner is important, his maturity of personality and consistency. This is not about financial well-being, but about the opportunities, goals, and achievements of men. In the eyes of a woman, an ideal partner is a man who is absolutely independent and clearly understands his life for years to come, who is able to solve not only his problems but is also ready to take on any difficulties in a woman’s life. A wealthy man is defined in several areas of his life activity: in work, intellectual development, excellent stability, sexual and financial terms. To become close to such an ideal, a man must clearly understand what he is moving and striving for, in what ways he will achieve his goals, what he wants from life, what he can give to his woman and family.

why I can't find a girl

When the reason lies in women

Many guys, even with a great desire to get acquainted with a girl, can’t manage their personal lives. Psychologists point out that problems that lie in girls often cause difficulties in finding a girl. Excessive demands on oneself can be unjustified.

High criteria

Many girls, by their nature and character, simply bend the excessive demands on a potential partner. This is due to distorted moral principles and stereotypes imposed by society. Many women want to see next to them a knight in armor, ready to literally fight for his love. Others wish to the man to be financially secure, but at the same time, young, attractive, and romantic. In pursuit of ideas, such girls often repel decent guys.

Unwillingness to have a close relationship

If a girl is not morally ready for a serious relationship with the prospect of building a family, a young man can simply scare her with his global plans. It is not enough to meet a good girl. It is much more challenging to find one that is already ready for serious relationships.

External beauty is more important than internal

Modern society imposes many patterns and stereotypes that drive people within certain limits and boundaries. The same applies to appearance; many men are chasing girls with the parameters 90-60-90 and a doll’s face. As practice shows, the race for outer beauty leads to long loneliness.

Fear of parting

It can be challenging to find a soul mate because of the girl’s fear of separation. Such a phobia is often found among modern women who in the past have had to deal with painful unsuccessful experiences of relationships. Someone is afraid of betrayal and cheating, and someone refuses to enter into a relationship, knowingly programming herself to break up.

Where to look for a girlfriend

Psychologists call the top list of the most popular places where you can meet a girlfriend:

  • There are different dating sites and social networks designed for dating.
  • Interest clubs. This may be the gym, pool, library, and other places frequented by people.
  • They can be devoted to cooking, dancing, singing, and other activities.