How to Forget Your Ex-Crush?

How to Forget Your Ex-Crush?

How to Forget Your Ex-Crush? This question was asked by everyone. The pain that we feel after parting with a partner does not pass instantly. The emotional shock that we experience in this period can ruin the life of anyone. Let’s try to understand the effective methods of overcoming this crisis.

 Action plan

  • The list of our councils will be headed by the most important point. First, deal with your emotions. Admit to yourself that you still love this person. Denying your real feelings can play a cruel joke. Your task is to let go of broken relationships and move forward. Survive betrayal is very difficult. This pain, seemingly insurmountable at first glance, lives inside and destroys all positive memories.  You can cope with it in simple, but effective way is to give emotions to go outside. Feel free to cry, you need such a discharge. If you can entrust your pain to a close friend, try to speak out. You will be much easier.

Another way to get rid of this “burden”, to pour out your pain on paper. As you begin your story, you will notice that it is difficult for you to stop. Do not pay attention to grammatical and punctuation errors, because this is not a job for evaluation. Upon completion, destroy the writing. Psychologists recommend this technique and consider it effective. After you break or burn a piece of paper, you will feel more relaxed. We want to warn you against ill-considered actions. Just do not send your story to your ex!  Your goal is to turn this page of your life as soon as possible.

  • Release your grievance. Of course, it will not be easy for you,  but try to cope with this task.  Analyze where all the negative feelings come from. If you can understand their nature, you can handle them. If you have to see the former, do not expose your despair and bitterness of separation.  Pretend like you don’t care. Soon your indifference will not play out, you really will feel relieved. Perhaps the partner did not meet your expectations. Honestly look at this situation. It is possible that you pinned too high hopes and made grandiose plans for a person who simply was not ready for such a rapid development of events.
  • Evaluate whether this person was really perfect or did you make him like this? Think about the negative features of his character objectively.

It is possible that some of these qualities were characteristic of him and irritated you:

  1. boasting;
  2.  not punctuality;
  3.  arrogance;
  4.  the presence of bad habits.

These analysis will help you to look at the situation from the other side. Ideal people do not exist.

  • Try to be alone with yourself and calmly think about what happened. You can retire in any quiet and peaceful place:
  1. at home;
  2. in the park;
  3. go for a walk out of town.

Forget Your Ex-Crush

At the moment, you just need the personal space in order to focus on the problem and find the best solution. Thus, you can be alone with your thoughts, sadness and anger.
Make a general cleaning in the apartment, away from all the things that remind you of past relationships. Relocate the furniture otherwise.  Such a trick will give you a sense of something new.

  • The challenge to cope with a sense of injustice.  You have invested a lot in this relationship. This is not only a moral component, but also valuable time, as well as money. At first, it may seem that all your investments have completely disappeared, but this is not quite true. You got something more valuable – it is an experience! Any difficulties that occur on the path of life make us more resilient and temper character. Try to mentally thank the ex-lover for the time spent together. Resist the temptation to make a fatal call. This way you will only make matters worse. It’s not easy, especially if you were lovers for a few years. Get rid of all possible contacts and avoid casual encounters. For a while, postpone communication with common friends, because they can also be connected with not the most pleasant memories.  You will need to explain the situation to them so that they have to complete information and can draw the right conclusions. Do not visit the cafe where you like to spend time together. Try to saturate your life with new bright impressions, look around and you will see that the world is still beautiful.
  • Think about yourself. We recommend you to objectively evaluate your strengths. They can be put on paper by you. Make a list of achievements that you are particularly proud of. You can tag activities that attract your attention. Maybe you have not previously found the opportunity to do this passion seriously.

It can be:

  1. playing sports;
  2. reading books with a fascinating plot;
  3. the ability to do something with your own hands;
  4. active leisure and much more.

It is possible that in past relationships you could not afford it because your half did not share these interests. Now you have more free time, feel free to devote yourself to an interesting and exciting hobby.

 How to start a new life?

After the passion has subsided a bit it’s time to start from scratch. Take care that your ex-partner cannot disturb you again. If communication continues, it’s time to end it. Calmly and confidently say that it makes no sense to call or send messages, they remain unanswered.

Prepare for the final talk:

  • Think over the speech in advance. Keep your distance and be calm, explain without rudeness;
  • Do not change your decision, do not fall for various tricks and manipulations;
  • Do not give clear answers about the pause framework you need. After all, it is possible that you do not want to see this person again.

Arrange for a rest. If possible, go on vacation away from places where everything is filled with painful memories. Being able to have fun is a great remedy for spiritual wounds. Active sports will not only distract you, but will also have a positive result. Work on self-improvement.  The stunning appearance and rich spiritual world is interesting to everyone without exception. You can change the image, completely update your wardrobe or hairstyle. Make others and yourself look at you from the other side. Put it all on the shelves. Start planning your life, you can start a diary in which you paint a program not only for the long term, but for every day.

Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Clean up your own thoughts and actions, follow your plans and make efforts to achieve your goals. Spend more time in cheerful companies, it will help to cope with the feeling of loneliness. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and take on the role of party organizer, there is no reason to be sad at home. Do not be afraid to meet new interesting people, we do not offer you to rush into the maelstrom of new relationships. Openness and friendliness will help you to find new friends. Try to flirt and make harmless conversations with the opposite sex.  This will raise your self-esteem and give confidence.

Keep developing and working on yourself.  After all, the time will come when you will be ready for a new attitude. If you do not remember the last amorous failure over the long term, this indicates your readiness for new feats. Do not stop your choice on the first comer in order to have fun or distract. Think about your experiences and do not play the feelings of other people. Start building new relationships when you realize that you need it and you are ready for this step.

When you meet the best candidate for the role of a life partner, do not hesitate to show your best qualities. Be sincere, kind and open person. It is important not to rush now. Make sure you understand each other perfectly. Listen to what your intuition says, and you will not go wrong. Do not stop and keep moving forward. We are sure that your efforts will be rewarded according to merit.