Dating Polish Women: What is the Best Way to Meet Your Soulmate?

Polish women dating

Poland is a fantastic country rich in its history, landscapes, unique cities and megacities, and most importantly – the most beautiful Polish brides. Do you want to marry one of the Polish beauties? Then you are on the right track, in my article, you will learn everything about the dating of charming Polish ladies.

❣️ Online dating in Poland and around the world is gaining popularity every year, how to win the heart of Polish brides online in 2023? Read on, as a psychologist with many years of experience, I did everything so that after reading this guide you would have no questions about the dating of Polish girls.

Let’s talk about the culture of Polish brides dating in general. According to statistics, there are more women in this country than men. Therefore, a lot of girls remain single and come to the decision to try online dating. This is just one of the many reasons why Polish brides look for foreign partners. The most common way of online dating is through specialized matchmaking platforms. As an expert, I can say that this method helps people connect hearts even more effectively than dating in real life.

Some statistics related to the issue of dating Polish brides:

👍🏻 Best way to meet Polish girlsdating sites
💍 Success rate87%
💋 Average age of single women24 – 32 
👩‍❤️‍👨 Average age of marriage27 y.o
🕘 Average time to find a Polish bride on a dating site2 weeks

Polish Women 🆚 American: Main Differences to Know

Polish girls are a role model for many women of different nationalities from all over the world. Take for example the American girls who are not so popular and successful among men. I easily compared and wrote the main characteristics of the differences between these women since I have experience communicating with both of them.

🧘Beauty and Health

This is the first factor that strongly distinguishes Polish girls from American ones. In America, the idea of equality and feminism is widely developed, so women there believe that everyone should accept them for who they are. They do not try to look beautiful and attractive, which cannot be said about Polish ladies. Slavic girls always look well-groomed and charming. They have neat make-up, fresh styling, manicure, and an expensive delicious smell. Polish girls know a lot about fashion, they have a chic sexy look.

When it comes to sports and body care, Polish girls outperform American women in many ways. In Poland, girls lead a healthy lifestyle, regularly visit gyms and beauty salons, and eat healthy food. This makes them irresistible.

beautiful Polish bride
One of the ladies from Poland on

💒 Priorities in life

American women are the type of girls who have a career and work in the first place in life. They are purposeful and take this topic seriously. They will never agree to stay at home and not work anywhere, only to raise children to please their husbands. Polish girls, on the contrary, believe that a happy family is the meaning of life. They are real keepers of the family heart, most of them believe that a woman should be engaged in raising children and household chores.

👠 Self-confidence

American girls are guided by the idea of feminism and quite believe that they can live life without a man. They are self-confident and self-sufficient and have a strong and sometimes cold character. The center of their universe is themselves, their development, and their prosperity. Polish beauties have a softer and more gentle character. They are sensual natures with big kind hearts. These girls are more feminine and sophisticated, they want to be protected by their men. Slavic girls are sincere and cheerful, they know how to give warmth and joy to their loved ones.

👨‍👩‍👦 Relationship & Family

In relationships, American girls keep aloof from a man, do not show much care and affection, they are more focused on themselves. These women also do not bother about the fact that the relationship is serious and long-lasting. In America, girls prefer fleeting adventures or one-night stands. Slavic girls are in awe of creating relationships, it is important for them that a man treats them with respect. These ladies are real coquettes, they know how to flirt and make relationships romantic. American girls approach the issue of the family at 30-40 years old, but Polish girls at 23-26. As for the birth of children, American women are in no hurry with this, but girls from Poland believe that raising children is the main thing.

🔖 Interesting to know:

Citizens of Poland marry at an earlier age than other EU member states: on average, women marry at 24 and men at 26.5. Among the EU countries, Poles have the largest families.

⚡️ Money and Taste

American girls love freedom and money. They prefer not to deny themselves anything, they spend a lot of money on shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. These girls choose wealthy men, they look more at the wealth of a man than at his character and values. After all, they believe that you need to live in such a way that you do not deny yourself anything. Polish brides are more modest in this regard, they know how hard they get money, first of all, they strive to find a man for whom moral values are more important than material ones. With a beloved man, they agree to live even in a hut.

✈️ Meet Ladies In Real Life: Popular Cities For Dating Single Polish Women

If you prefer to meet girls offline, go on dates to restaurants or movies, then go where you can meet thousands of beautiful Polish brides. Poland is one of the most attractive tourist countries with a rich culture. Where can you meet the girl of your dreams?

Where to meet Polish brides?

🏙 Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, a huge metropolis inhabited by millions of single girls who are looking for relationships. This city fascinates me with its beauty and mystery. There are also many museums, and excellent shops. There are also many decent restaurants where you can taste Polish cuisine at the same time, as well as invite a girl on a date. I highly recommend one of the best restaurants in the city – “Warszawa Wschodina”. Warsaw connects the past and present of Poland, being a real symbol of the modern Polish state, where you can meet real Polish brides.

🌇 Wroclaw

This is one of the largest popular cities in Poland. By the way, it is called the cultural capital. The city is famous for its historical architecture, ancient castles, monuments, and museums. Cozy little streets are simply mesmerizing and create a wonderful atmosphere for romantic dates. Wroclaw is also famous for its huge spacious squares, such as “Rynek we Wrocławiu” – a huge shopping and entertainment center where you can wander for hours on end, interesting for walking. By the way, you can meet many charming Polish girls there and get to know them in an unobtrusive atmosphere.

🌃 Gdansk

Gdansk is definitely worth a visit because it is far from being an ordinary Polish city, it is a legendary city with a thousand-year history that every tourist should see. Gdansk is a city of half a million people, which is called the sea capital of Poland. It is the economic, cultural, scientific, and tourist center of the country. From a tourist point of view, this is a unique place that, in addition to a lot of attractions, also offers a wonderful vacation by the sea, because the Gdansk coast is quite impressive. Gdansk beaches are always crowded and most visited from July to August. There you can meet hundreds of alluring girls in bikinis, and meet a Polish bride on a sunny beach – this is the dream of every man.

Polish girls in Gdansk

📲 Top 3 Services to Get Polish Brides Online

According to my observations, the most common and popular way to meet single men and women is online dating. You can find the perfect Polish bride and start chatting with her without even leaving your home. It saves time, allows dating in a comfortable environment, and offers a wide selection of girls for different tastes. What is the best site to use for online dating?

TOP best services for online dating


This is one of the very professional and effective dating sites, I recommend it to many of my clients, as I am sure that with the help of this platform, one can achieve good results in dating. The site is very popular and has been working in the field of love for 10 years. The most beautiful and worthy girls fill up the catalog of brides on They are all looking for a serious relationship. The site has budget rates and 24/7 support. I trust this site because I have many positive reviews from happy couples who met there.


This site has proven itself very well and is very popular among men and women around the world. Charming cute girls crave dating and want to be loved. They chat and meet on because this is the best way to find a partner. The site has a pleasant interface, a loyal payment system, and a security system. For single men, registering on is the first key to a successful relationship.

❤️ attracts men and women with its design, functionality, and customer support system. This platform is so popular because it has all the conditions for creating romantic communication for single people. Hundreds of men have found their love here. The platform offers various services such as SMS chats, video/photo viewing, video chat, and more. All this makes the site effective for dating. is absolutely safe and legal, all girls are real and looking for relationships.

Polish best girl
One of the Polish single beauties on

😍 How to Charm the Bride & Dating Polish Women Rules

Regardless of which dating method you choose – online or offline, in any case, you need to make the girl show mutual sympathy for you. There are some dating secrets with Polish girls that you just have to know right now 👇🏻.

💌 Try to understand the bride

Find out what she intends. What does she love? What is important to her? What makes her happy? To do this, it is better to ask “open” questions. The ones that don’t have a simple yes or no answer. However, do not ask too complex questions. It should be sincere interest and not interrogation with prejudice. It is possible that after receiving the answers, you will not want to further “fall in love” with yourself. On a date or in correspondence, be interested in a girl, find a heading on the Internet – “questions for a girl to get to know her better”. Remember some questions that interest you, then ask them to the girl. So she will understand that you want to get to know her better, Polish girls like it when men show interest.

💌 Make a girl laugh

Tell the girl funny stories or insert funny remarks into your dialogue. If you can get to the point where the two of you have your own local jokes, then that will bring you even closer together. There is a fact that for most women it is important that their potential partner can make them laugh. In addition, if at the moments of your communication, a friendly and cheerful atmosphere soars around you, then this can smooth out any awkwardness that arises at the very beginning of a relationship.

Dating Polish girls tips

💌 Ask her for favor

This is a secret tip that is a bit manipulative. Just ask the lady to do something for you. There is a psychological effect called the “Benjamin Franklin Effect” that goes something like this:

You ask a girl to do something for you, and she reciprocates, and immediately she subconsciously likes you a little more. You may be asking why that is. The explanation for this may be that our brain sees the reason why we helped, that this person is nice to us. Benjamin Franklin used this technique on his rivals and political opponents to make them like him more. It worked so well that they named the effect after him.

💌 Give her all your attention

In a world where a person’s attention can go anywhere, it is one of the most valuable things you can give a girl. Look into her eyes when she talks, answer her questions, respond to jokes and stories, and text more often.

The opposite advice is to pay no attention to it at all. Some girls will like you more if you don’t obey her will. It has been proven that women are more attracted to guys whose feelings they don’t understand.

But it’s a controversial topic in the pickup world, so the guys are about 50/50 divided on this one. You can choose which strategy is closer to you:

  • Be sincere and honest, and pay maximum attention to a pretty girl.
  • Being so “alpha” that you don’t pay attention to the girl at all.

✨ Final Thoughts

Dating Polish women offers single men the opportunity to build strong relationships and create a happy family. These girls are the most desirable among men from all over the world, with them you will feel what true love is. Meeting a Polish bride will open up a new world for you and give you an unforgettable experience. The first step for this is organizing a trip or dating through dating services. Start right now!


How to date a Polish women?
If you choose the online dating method, write to the girls first, start communication with original SMS, and be interested in them, but don’t be annoying. Dating sites have services such as calls, video chats, and virtual gifts. All this makes dating effective.
What are the dating rules in Poland?
Slavic girls love it when men take the initiative, take good care of them, and arrange romantic dates. On the first date, it is good to establish general contact with the girl, not to go over to intimacy. Do everything to get you closer for developing relationships. Everything must be done carefully and gradually.
Do Polish girls kiss on the first date?
Not all girls like kisses on the first date, you need to decide whether to kiss a girl or not according to the situation. If everything goes smoothly and you feel that the girl is interested in you, you can kiss the girl as a token of goodbye and gratitude for the time spent.
How to flirt in Poland?
The most important rule is not to be intrusive, if you met a girl, smile sweetly at her, compliment her, and start a conversation. Look at her reaction, then invite her on a date, joke with Polish girls, and make eye contact, if the girl does not mind, you can take her hand or hug her.
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