dating advice for men

Dating advice for men

Men and women are just like two different worlds. You need to take this as a fact if you want to sail in the same boat with your love. Useful relationship advice for men will help you understand everything.

Useful relationship help for men in family life

Men seem to have accepted the fact that they will never understand women. The make jokes about these difficulties with their friends, and they avoid talking about it with their women. But they also do not want to live alone, so they wonder how to adapt to family life.

The first dating advice for men is that you should arise the problems in a dialogue with a woman. Do not run away from them to friends or someone else. You have to remember that you want to continue the relationship with your girlfriend. Keep your word, otherwise, a woman will be disappointed in you. Also, on your dates, you need to be generous with compliments, gifts, and help. Spend more time with your woman, and tell her more often that she is gorgeous. When you have to meet with her, then you should come on time. They get angry when they have to wait for you.

This is what a man should do in relationships with women:

  • To lead a woman through life because of its natural dominant position
  • Make important decisions
  • Not to command, but to take responsibility for the family. Many women dream of taking it off their shoulders.
  • To protect a woman from any external evil

Only on such natural principles, harmonious family relationships are built.

But what about the notorious male freedom? How to combine it with responsibility? There are also contradictions in female psychology. On the one hand, they want to experience influence on their man. But on the other, if he obeys and adjusts, then they lose interest in him. A reasonable way for a man is to behave confidently and positively, but with a certain degree of self-restraint. This is a secret of dating rules for men. The same is required from a woman.

Dating advice for guys

In most cases, people with a different temperament, upbringing, and life experience meet each other. Not all the details of their relationship can be taken into account, so there can be no universal advice. But there are important points that are useful to consider if you are planning to build a strong and long-lasting relationship. If you want to build a relationship, it does not mean that a woman is obliged to immediately begin to do everything you want. It is selfish to hang these obligations on each other. Do not wait for something that she cannot give you. The unfulfilled expectation is a direct path to a conflict. There will have to choose – either you abandon selfish claims, or live in uncomfortable relationships with quarrels.

There are natural needs of men and women for which they start relationships: care, help, protection, communication. Meeting these minimum needs cannot be ignored. This should be taken into account with full responsibility. If you do not want to do anything for a person, then you do not need these relationships. Take care of your loved one, and do not be aggressive with her, because you want to continue to live with her. Women, all as one, want to have protection and support. They want to have a real man nearby, who will make the necessary decisions.


Communication is one of the main needs of people. It should be fully satisfied in the relationship between a man and a woman. You need to know how to talk to women, even if your interests and tastes are different. But indifference to the interests of your couple is unacceptable. You should discuss everything you can, and try to find something common between both of you. If you are able to create such an interesting communication, then you know one of the most important things about dating tips for boys. Partnerships must necessarily bind a couple, especially if it is already a family. This little part of the world should be a team. The family should develop common goals with which both agree. Both of you should determine the ways to achieve these goals. A relationship in should involve support, help, and it should give each other a feeling of being supported at any minute. In this case, there is a lot in common that binds people together, makes them interested and useful to each other. This is the most important date tips for guys, and this, as you may see, is more important than emotions.


Sex is one of the basic natural human needs. People build relationships in order to get physical satisfaction, to continue the race, to exchange emotional energies. That is why you have to be great at sex. Do not be selfish and pay a big amount of attention to your women when you do sex. Make her understand that you care more about her satisfaction, and not about yours.


The next love advice form men are that it is impossible to have strong relationships if you always quarrel. Psychologists, on the basis of practice, say that scandals need not a reason, but a habit. If you do it several times because of a big reason, then later you will quarrel even because of small things. If you try to understand the causes of a particular conflict, then you will understand that they are usually insignificant. But it makes you feel so much anger and negative energy. Here lies the reason – people feed on this negative energy, throwing out their aggression in response. These are more problems of education and intelligence.


The fundamental principle of guys rules for dating is the primacy of the man. This is the conclusion reached by many areas in psychology. The main thing is about nature, men are born being leaders, and it is better not to dispute it. So, you should be leader but never control your girl. Caring for each other is one of the main principles on which relationships are built. Without this you cannot create them, they will collapse from the very beginning.

All these moments are important, but it is impossible to observe them soullessly. The foundation for strong relationships is love. If you love, then it will be enough to get some simple knowledge and advice. And if there is no love – no advice will help. Man and woman are very different, but they are also two parts of one holistic world. They are destined from above to be together. To achieve harmony in relationships and be happy, adhere to the simple principles of peaceful coexistence.

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