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how to rebuild a broken relationship

How to Fix a Relationship?

Love is not only about romantic dates, roses, pictures with bleeding hearts and kisses under the moon. There are lots…

what is considered flirting for guys

What is Flirting?

Scientists have found long ago that the communication with friends pleases people more than communication with relatives. Maybe it happens…

meet vegan singles

Vegan Dating

Vegan dating is a great opportunity to meet people who are “on the same wavelength” with you. After the virtual…

Long distance relationship

Long Distance Relationship

There is an opinion that love has to be checked somehow. One of the toughest exams is long-distance relationship. Sometimes…

Date ideas for couples

Date ideas for couples

Many spouses or established couples want to renew their relationship, make a touch of romance or to add a “little…

Dating advices for women

Dating advice for women

The time when it was believed that a girl should not take the initiative first when she met a man…

Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships

How to create and save healthy relationships? It goes without saying, that none of us could walk, talk or read…

how flirt with guy

How to flirt with a guy?

Flirting is an approach to attract the attention of a man, to excite his interest and make him want to…